The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 3







All the characters, places, incidents and adventures narrated in this novel are totally fictions. It has been totally imaginative of the author.

There is no any resemblance of anything of this novel to the history.

This has been created for entertainment of readers only.

Summary of the last chapter

Mahaveer Shah was having the painting of Goddess Harsiddhi in his office. It was the painting made by his forefather the great merchant Sheth Jagdu Sha.

Somewhere in the city the person name Yuvraj Sinh Khuman claiming to be the decedents of The Raja Bhoj was interested in the activities of Mahaveer Shah.

Mahaveer Shah entered in the hall and at the same time one person with strange suitcase also entered in the hall.

Now read forward…..


The man was having the strange long suitcase in his hands.

Rather than the suitcase, it was looking like a case or holder of some long objective.

That person has wear blue jeans and white T-shirt with the Nike cap on his head.

He would be easily mistaken as the Hall's maintenance staff.

He took his position on the last raw of the hall and waiting for the suitable time for his actions.

“Please have a seat Mr. Shah “The dean indicated to a large VIP sofa.

“Thanks “said Mr. Shah. They seated on the VIP sofa.

The hall was now occupied with the students and parents. They were eagerly waiting for the program to start.

The dean looked little anxious and little tense.

“Are everything OK Dean Sir?” Mr. Shah showed his concern.

“Oh nothing. I am just waiting for the anchor of our function. He has not shown up yet. He will start the show “The dean said and looked at his wrist watch

“Who is the anchor?” Mr. Shah asked

“The Professor Dev Raval. The famous historian” The dean informed him.

Think of devil and devil appeared. Professor Dev Raval was almost run towards them.


“Dev, meet Mr. . Mahaveer Shah, the well known businessmen. “The dean started the conversation.

“Who does not know about him? It’s my pleasure to meet you sir “Professor Dev Raval showed his gratitude.

“And Mr. Shah, meet Professor Dev Raval probably the youngest historian of the country" The dean introduce him.

Professor Dev Raval was on his early thirties. He was tall and bright with solid body physics. 

“Yes I hear about him from Poorva. Nice to meet you Professor Dev" Mahaveer Shah also greeted him.

“Poorva is very intelligent and clever student. She is developing good interest in the history of Gujarat “Dev complimented about Poorva.

“Yes. Indeed she is and thanks to you for taught her excellent class “Mr. Shah gave him appreciation.

“Please don’t. It’s my duty to teach" Professor reacted quickly.

“Apart from the historian, he is also having his reach in the area of linguistic and cryptography “The dean informed.

“Wow that’s excellent Professor “Mr. Shah looked surprised.

“Oh thanks. I have developed my knowledge in the cryptography as my hobby. I am just trying to learn some different things which I liked apart from the history." Dev answered

“I wonder how one can have excellence in such diverse fields “The dean patted professor's shoulder. He looked at his watch and said,

“Dev please start the function”


Professor Dev Raval went to the center stage with portable microphone in his hands. He adjusted the volume button and opened the ceremony.

“Dear Students, Parents and other respected invitees, on behalf of our college; I Professor Dev Raval welcomes you all on this day.

The audience applauded.

“We are very fortunate that we are having the great Mr. Mahaveer Shah is present with us “He paused and resumed his narration.

“We would open the function with the lessons of business and management by the city's most famous businessmen Mr. Mahaveer Shah" Professor Dev Raval gave the agenda of the function.

He could hear the loud sounds of claps and cheers from the audience. Especially the loud cheer came from the group of students were Poorva was seating with her friends.

“Then we would commence our annual function “Professor Raval informed.

“Now I would request Mr. Mahaveer Shah to step up on the stage and share your wisdom with us " Professor Dev Raval requested.

“The Shah Sir can you please come on the stage? “

Both dean and Mahaveer Shah rose from their seats and started to walk towards the Center stage.

After noticing that he is coming on the stage, the man seated on the last raw came on attention. He put his suitcase on his lap.

The dean escorted Mahaveer Shah towards the microphone.

Mahaveer Shah took the charge. 

“I am really grateful to the dean Dr. Bhardwaj Mehta for giving me this excellent opportunity of knowledge sharing among the bright youngsters." He paused and resumed his speech “I am feeling very privileged”

The audience applauded in response.

The man seated in the last raw has opened the case he was carrying. He was pretending and acting like to arrange the floor lighting. Each one was paying attention to the speech. It was his good luck.

Mahaveer Shah was in the real flow with his speech “In this modern era of business the mindset of young businessmen and women like you is changing drastically, but at the same time one should not forget the basic and thumb rules of the business"

Each one in the hall was paying attention on his speech with great interest.

The man now has arranged the weapon inside the case. He was ready to execute. HAt the same time, his cell phone vibrated. It was the text massage “Plans have been changed. Come Back” 

He shook his head. He did not believe. But he was supposed to take the orders and not to argue so he closed his case and left the hall.

At the same time Mahaveer Shah has finished his speech. The audience was clapping loudly.

The dean thanked the Mahaveer Shah and escorted him to his car.


Instead of going to the home Mahaveer Shah went to his office.

The office hours were closed. The security guard also surprised to find him in this odd hour. 

Mahaveer Shah was feeling little upset since he has noticed some bike was following him.

He had also noticed a suspicious man with strange suitcase present in the function hall.

So he directly went to his chamber.

He was feeling very hot. He was catching his breath.

He sat on his chair. He took long breath. 

He remains seated on the chair and turn towards the painting of the Goddess Harsiddhi.

He closed his eyes and recline his head on the chair. 

The thought process was rapidly churning in inside his brain.

After some time he heard the loud voice outside his office.

Before he could react, someone entered in his office.



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