Sanjay Panchal 1 day ago

each and every word is nicely planted by the author. I should say it's a literature of today's era.

Susmita Ridima 2 days ago

nice story

neel Tailor 2 days ago
Debadrita Paul 2 weeks ago
Bibhudatta Bhatta 2 weeks ago
Gopal Singh 2 weeks ago
satya anand 2 weeks ago

I can't explain with my words..all the best Saheb..

Saheb Das 2 weeks ago
Amit Samanta 2 weeks ago

A story which has never told before.

Jayee Saha 2 weeks ago
Kunal Kevat 2 weeks ago


Irani Bhattacharya 2 weeks ago

Very pleasantly written.

Tanusree Das 2 weeks ago

it's a painfull horrifying story, the elaboration is wonderful just like I can see the incidents. This kind of incident really happens when we are in addiction. It's really a up to the mark must read story.

Bapan Das 2 weeks ago
Dipa Chakraborty 2 weeks ago