Moan - 1 by Kishanlal Sharma in English Moral Stories PDF

Moan - 1 book and story is written by किशनलाल शर्मा in English . This story is getting good reader response on Matrubharti app and web since it is published free to read for all readers online. Moan - 1 is also popular in Moral Stories in English and it is receiving from online readers very fast. Signup now to get access to this story.

Moan - ( Part 1)

by Kishanlal Sharma Matrubharti Verified in English Moral Stories

"A bullet would kill me too---Hamla was shocked to hear the news.She couldn't believe that her son could do this too.Her son zaheer was a player.A player of the cricket.He used to go out of the village, whenever he ...Read More