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The real me ( Part-2)


( The so called HAPPY DAY )

It has been proven and even surveyed that if you ask a salaried person about his / her favorite day , the 90% will say that , the day when they got the salary in their account is their favorite day. We have called it HAPPY DAY. As every time when the salary got credited , we used to do have a day out , we go for shopping of groceries , we will have our dinner , a long drive with full on masti n music , spending a quality time with friends. We used to spend 3-4 days like a we are the richest in the world , and ones we realize we have come to our limit , we always think , was it necessary ? , but frankly speaking this is the best part of life , I still remember , spending your own earned money in your own way with the person whom you love the most , these things are just like the piece of cake , and if you & your partner are having same kind of hobbies than its just like a cherry on a cake .

For all whole month , we all working people , work like a hell of the time , to just spend 3-4 days lovely , I am telling this because I was doing it , and as far as I know , everybody does like this. Everybody has their own HAPPY DAYS , and all knows how they want to spend , because we all plan from the same days whole month.

But now the biggest question is how can I bring those HAPPY DAYS ???????????????? , what I will tell to my better half on the salary day, how I will tell ? and what will be her reaction ? , believe me , I haven’t felt this much pressure before , even the nail biting cricket match between India and Pakistan is just like nothing as compared to this, they all will understand , who gone through this..


( finally The HAPPY DAY )

I couldn’t stop the time , the calendar , the date had started rolling , and finally I came to the salary day , so called HAPPY DAY. Generally we have a fixed day for salary , every month we get salary on the fixed day or before that , so my wife was waiting for the salary. We had a system that ones I got the message from the bank , within a minute I sent her the same , so by the time I reach home , she can be ready, and we go out .

But this time , I know it won’t come but she was as usual waiting from the morning. The day ends , I came home , and she asked me “ you didn’t get the salary today ?” , and I nodded , she told me ,may be tomorrow we will get . I have put my bag down , hold her hand , hug her and told , no we will not get salary now.

The room become silent zone , eyes become wet , we cried , we cried a lot , and we cried. ……………

I had told her everything , how I had lost the job , where I was going from 3 weeks , what I was doing and I was expecting tons of questions but what got is a smile , you can clearly see the confidence she has on me , she hug me and told me , everything will be fine , don’t worry , but if you had told me before than I have start finding job for you , I could have stopped some expenses . but now we will both start all these together , don’t worry , god will be with us. And I was just looking at her with my wet eyes and amazed from where she got this much guts. Any other girl has reacted totally differently , but she just started cooking as she though we will go for dinner as I will get my salary . after all it was a HAPPY DAY. After finishing the dinner , I was feeling like a pressure was released , we sat and we started planning. We have these much saving left , and we have these fixed expenses which we must have to do and others can be avoided till the time I get job.

The next morning, we both have started a job hunting process , she has worked with the placement agency before , so had called there and asked if they have something for me and I have started searching job online. After spending half of the day in job hunting , by the time of evening , we have a list ready with the jobs and also the things we have to do and avoid. We went to the grocery shop and bought what is necessary. And we were ready to fight the battle of survival.

Few days pass , we were feeling the heat in winter , as our pockets were not able to afford what we used to , so me and my wife made a plan. We have decided to split our selves , she will stay at her father’s place in the name of vacations , and I will stay alone and find the job as soon as possible , so that we can be to gather again.

We have followed that plan , she went to her father’s place , and I have started hunting the job like never before. We both know , we need each other badly in this situation , only two of use were knowing about the battle , but life hasn’t gave us any option… but to stay away ..

After lot of effort for almost a month , I have started losing hope , I was feeling like I am nothing , I am losing my confidence , I was thinking to tell everything to my parents , and started shifting to hometown with them . I was in process of telling , and my phone rang , it was my wife . she told me to calm down and think everything again , and she also told me that , she will be with me within 2 days , so that we can plan something , but the thing what she told me next was like a hammer..

She told me that her cousin sister ,who was staying in hometown is coming with her to stay here for a week ,and than a silence in phone conversation. And I said , we are always ready for guests , aren’t we ? and she says everything will be fine , don’t worry…


(Togetherness )

She come home with her cousin sister , I went to receive them at station , I was in joy that after almost a month time we are again together , but a bit of worried as well as I was not sure , how we will survive ? how we will hide the problems behind our smile ? we haven’t done it before , if we had than also not for so long , and we were not sure that do we enough strength left to withstand the load we are going to get…

We came home , had our dinner and we set together , me and my wife wants to talk about several things , how to manage everything to how much left and how long we can survive , all these questions were bombing in our mind , but as my sister in law was around , we couldn’t do anything accept smile .. finally , she went for sleep , and we have taken a chance to discuss everything.

We have decided everything , including our day to day schedule so that , we can hide all our problems easily . but we were not aware that , from what we are running , the same thing is running faster than us to reach us , to beat us , and make us realize that “picture abhi baki he” ..

Next morning , first I went to bank, actually my wife has brought some money , from hometown which she got in her savings. We have deposited that in common account so that we can get clear idea that how much is left. One thing I have realize is that , women are better in financial management as compare to men in every situation , either you are earning well or not , if you give your financial management to her , you may be get surprised to see her savings , which you can’t even imagine , they have a habit of saving like 10-20 Rupee from everything they buy , and they can turn this small amount into quite a big one .

So , when I was coming home in the evening , I got a call from my wife , saying my sister in law wants to go out for shopping and than dinner. We were like , we are running out of sugar , tea , even we have told to the milkman to start giving milk on monthly basis so that at least for a month or tow we don’t have to worry about that particular expense .

I have asked what kind of shopping she wants to do , so that we can plan accordingly , but my wife told me suddenly that , I will tell her that I am not feeling well , so we will go for shopping after 2-3 days , and we can escape from that expense. She did it , when I reach home , I have seen my sister in law was watching TV alone , I asked her about my wife and she told me that , dee got fever , and she is sleeping in bedroom. I have acted like a shock , I ran toward room , and checked her , she smiled and asked , m I a good actor or not ? and we both melt down in tears …

I came out of room , and I told my sister in law that , today I will cook something , she said no but I insisted her that I am very good at it , I can cook anything and as it was rainy outside , we all have decided to eat pakoda with tea. So I have cooked pakoda , we had our dinner, we went outside for just a ride and we came back .

At that time I realized one thing that , if you want , you can enjoy yourself without having anything , or in other word , you don’t need money or some lavish things to enjoy your time , some good company , good people and some rocking time can help you to forget the worst time of your life in less than a minute , but if you want to enjoy than , if you can live that moment , if you can leave everything behind , nothing can affect your mood if you don’t want it to affect , and we ended our day by watching Tv , playing UNO and eating pakoda. And almost after 2 and a half month , I have smiled , in other word , after long time I felt I am alive just because of togetherness…


(The war)

Nooo , its not about our fighting , our relation is way beyond that , we fight , we fight like crazy couples , we use bad words to each others , but whatever happen , we always keep it between four walls . I don’t remember we have ever involve anyone in our personal matter , not even our parents and friends , for them we are always a perfect couple , and in reality we are a perfect couple. Yes we also have some issues with each other , some habits of mine she don’t like still and the vise a versa , but we have come out of it way back , and at that time I have realized the reason why god made us mature before our age as he wants us to fight a war as a team . Sometimes the question is not that how you have fight but what matter is , who stood by your side when you are fighting ? The answer of this question can define your relationship. So our war with the life, with the god, with our self and most importantly , the war of survival begin…

So , next day as per my routine I went to meet couple of placements , now even they know that ones in a day I will visit them , though they have clearly told me that , they will inform me if they have something for me , but than also for my satisfaction I used to visit them daily. And I want to see how many like me are fighting with time , with situation so that I can tell my self that ,common BIHAG you are not the alone .

Suddenly ,I got a call from a company saying that they got my reference from a placement and they are looking for a junior engineer , if you are interested than you can come for the interview. And I was like , I will not allow this opportunity to slip from my hand , whatever the position , whatever the package they will offer , I will accept it until and unless I will not find something I am looking for.

So , I went to the company for interview , they told me that they are looking for a junior engineer , I said its ok for me , I can do it , they have started looking at my resume and they have asked me few questions and asked me to wait outside.

After , 15 min or so they called me again , they started discussion about my salary , and they have offered me the lowest salary , and asked me join them within a week . at first I was happy that I got a job , but on the other hand I was thinking that how can I run my house , with this salary ? but than another though came in my mind that rather than sitting at home and doing nothing , its better to join them so that I can earn something. So I have told them yes and told them also that within a week , I can join.

I came out from there , and I was feeling like I won a battle , like I was awarded a man of the match , I was feeling like so relaxed . I have called my wife that finally I got the job , yes the salary is low but at least I become the earning man again. I have told her that we will go out for dinner today as my sister in law was at home from few days and we didn’t take her out . in short we have decided to celebrate a small point of success.

I came home , I can see the shining on her face , I can see the relaxation , I can feel that she is happy , so we thank god for giving us the strength to fight against the time . And we got ready for the small party . we went to beach , we had some pics , some joyful time , some shopping (obviously my sister in law did )

And we had a good food , we can home happily with a bright smile and after so long I was feeling so much sleepy.

But it is to be said that , god gives the problems to them who can fight. We were not aware what is waiting for next morning .

Next morning I was about to go for a market to buy some groceries , I got the call from same company saying that , as per their management I am over qualified for the post hence they can’t offer me this job. And I was like …. Am I overqualified for job ? if a person wants to work in the given situation by company with given remuneration , you called them overqualified ? I cut the call , tears rolled down from my eyes , now what ? all again ? , should I tell her ? should I hide everything ? in this thought I went out from home.

I came home without buying anything, I have decided that I will tell her everything, I went to her and told her about the phone call . she just smiled and said “ I am ready for a new WAR ” ………..