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The Real Me - ( Part-3)


( The Good from everything )

During these four months , we have learned that , whatever happens to us , will bring something good , may be not today , may be not tomorrow , but will be some day.

So finally , my sister in law went to home town , we have decided to go and drop her at home town, we have also decided that , we will stay there for few days , so that we can cut our expenses and spend some time , so that we can use whatever left with us , in later stage , when needed.

So , like 10 days we have stayed , and suddenly in one morning , I got a call from a company saying , they need a person for a manager position , and they have gone through my profile and they have sort listed , they want to meet me in 2 days time , I have firmly said yes , cut the call , and dialed to my wife , I told her about the call , we were happy , but because of last experience we were not that much sure , so we have decided that I will go alone , meet them and if everything is finalize , I will call her else I will come back to hometown and tell everything to our parents and we will shift to home town.

So as decided , I went for the interview , generally , I never faced any kind of problems of hesitation for facing interview and I was quite amazed when I see people saying , it was a tough interview , they have asked normal stuff but I couldn’t answer , and I was like , is there anything like tough interview ? But I was not aware , that interview can’t be tough but the situation , the pressure you are in , make it tougher or even worst…

So , in the morning , I reached at the company as per the schedule , they have given me a form to fill , why filling the form , first time I have observed my hands were shivering , I was feeling nervous , all the thoughts creating such a situation that I am not able to concentrate , every details in the form , I have to check it in my profile , even the others who came for the interview were laughing .. and I thought , life has put me in that kind of situation where anyone can laugh on me and what I can do is just sit and smile them back ….

Finally , I have finished all the formalities and was waiting for my turn , suddenly my phone rang , I got a massage from my wife asking , how was it ? have u done with interview ? is it positive ? , I have replied that still waiting for my turn .Meanwhile a Gentleman entered in the room and asked , who is Mr. Bihag ? I raise my hand , he said you are next…

I still remember that time , I got goose bump , I was tensed , feeling a lot of pressure like never before , my heartbeat was like racing car , all kind of thoughts started coming like , what they will ask ? what I will answer ? how I will perform ? and lot more…

As mentioned my turn was next , so I entered in the room and I saw 3 well dressed persons sitting for interview , I can imagine the experience they have got from their age , from their communication , I can feel , they are the best in their field. And I was like , I need to impress them , I have to do it for my family, I need this job anyhow , for self respect , to gain the confidence , and make me feel that there is something still left in me , in all this thoughts , I have entered , shook hands and sat on a hot seat…

The interview starts , questions , answers , technical , personal , everything they have asked , and finally the big question came , “ where are you working now ?” and I was like , what should I answer , should I answer company name , which was closed 5 months back , should I tell them lie ? but suddenly the words came from my mouth , that “ I am jobless right now and looking for work ” , I don’t know how , why I spoke that , but I came out and all 3 were looking at me , silently . Interview finished anyhow ,and they have told me to wait outside .

I have thought waiting can be this much hard , now I can understand the state of mind of people who used to come for the interview , and I used to tell them to wait , each minute is like a day , I have waited almost 1 hr till they have finished all the interviews , the oldest guy came out with a list of persons who are sort listed , and my name was there , its last but at least I have made it. They gave us a time for lunch and also told us that 2nd round will start after lunch.

I don’t want to leave that place , so I sit there for another hour , meantime I have massaged my wife and told her that I have clear 1st round , now waiting for 2nd . I was shocked I didn’t got any reply from her , I thought might be she is busy somewhere or sleeping .

2nd round start , they are taking less time , just 10 to 15 minutes , and we were 4 , so within half hour or so I got called inside. The lady was sitting inside with a old person , HR head and assistant , they have just asked me one thing , straight away. How much salary u want ? I said them my expectation and they start laughing , they told me that “you are jobless , you are not earning anything than how can you expect these much salary ” , and I smiled and told them back , “yes I am jobless , but that doesn’t mean I have lost my ability, my knowledge and most importantly my confidence , I am asking for my these things , which your company in looking for ” , the room become silent , and in next second they laughed , I laughed and they told me “we will inform you , you can go” . And I though, on the way back home , if you have a ability to find something good in everything , you can win definitely. I was confidence enough from my experiences that , I will get this job this time , because I have learned to find good from everything……



Very next morning , I got a call from wife asking I had tea , snacks , and routine talk . I suddenly remember that shed didn’t replied me back , and I have asked her , she told me that if she was praying at that time. And I got it from where , I got the energy , the confidence to reply in interview. I haven’t told her though , but from inside I know that , when something good happened with you just think that someone , somewhere is praying for you…

So by the time I finished my routine , I was about to left for the placement , I got a call a from the same company where I went for the interview , they told me that their MD wants to meet me today only within next 2 hours. I literally jumped in the air like a kid , I was like a I am in dream . I cut the call , dialed to wife and told her . we just become speechless , though its not confirmed but I know it is coming….

I reached there before time , I set and waiting to be called , I have observed a confidence in me , I don’t know why , but I was getting a positive vibe , I was feeling that when I will go out from this door , I will have a good news , I will be no longer carrying a jobless tag , I can be normal again , no tension , no worries , and in all this thought I heard someone calling me ..

I came out from thoughts , and went inside , The MD of the company was sitting infront of me , we shook hands , and he started the communication. He has asked me everything again from my basic information to my last job , how I have lost it , what I am doing from last 6 months , everything , I have told him everything , and I don’t know but I was feeling relax , on that day I have realize that if you can find someone who can just listen you carefully , when you are in some trouble , your half of the problems will be solved automatically , and for remaining you get the solution from your end only , but what we need is to someone who can listen us..

So after a discussion for almost 1 and half hours , he told me one thing , he can offer me this job , but the remuneration will be less , he told me that I will get what I was getting in my last company , if I am agree than he can give me letter of appointment on the spot , without any hesitation , I have said yes , as I need it badly , and more in this , I was comfortably running my home in my last salary , so I don’t find any problem .

I have accepted the job , I got the letter , and within a week time I have to join them , I have called my wife and told her , I don’t think we have been this much happy before , not even at the time of our marriage .

And at the night while sleeping on my bad , I tap on my own back and murmured “ FINALLY ” …….