Imperfect Flowers - chapter 2

" You should have persuaded him Ravi!!" She adviced.

Huh! I did so many things to make him understand Sia! And you know what he says at last?

What will he say?she questioned him waiting for his answer.

He was quite for some time and replied, " I should just ignore him and his fields."

What? She gasped.

Yeah, I don't know what is happening with dad!! I think he is misusing grandpa's money! He stated making her stare at him.

" What are you talking Ravi?"

Common Sia, I'm serious about my dad. He isn't like before who used to be jovial with everyone. Now I see him like he is a monster.

Hey! You can't say that uncle is monster, he is your dad Ravi!

But... Sia!

Shut up Ravi!! Don't talk so low of your dad before anyone. I'm telling this because, does anyone talk like this about their parents?

Sia! I'm not making him bad here, I mean that he isn't like before., He spoke with frustration which Sia have already understood.

Don't worry Ravi! Maybe he is coping up with some stuff! She Patted him, making him nod at her words. the way you came early to class?! Anything special? He questioned making Sia froze.

Ugh...that I got up early, and finished home chores, so I came early,she answered hesitantly.

"But you weren't a early bird! Though you wake up early, you have so much work to do and you are tardy to class, so it's a surprise to me to be here early."

Common Ravi! It's nothing, you are making it big! She commented.

Me?! Am I? He said cleaning the desks and blackboard.

Hmm.. yeah, I guess there is no one named Ravi other than you? She said with a smile on her face.

Of course, but ...oh yeah! I forgot,are you going to do science project? He fired another question.

" Yes, she is." Rima entered.

Oh really? That's going to be great then, he added.

Catch this! Rima threw some papers to Ravi, making him stumble on the floor while catching the bundle of papers.

Rima!! Sia shouted making her run away from class,as she is scared of Sia.

Ravi! Are you fine? She asked with concern while helping him to stand.

" It's okay Sia! I'm not hurt, where did she go?"

Ugh... She ran away, she answered.

One by one students filled in class. The class was noisy as there was no teacher. Teacher Suman entered in the class making all the kids go silent.

Not wasting a minute he spoke," students! This year we are sending Rima, Sia, Ravi and to the science project competition."

All the class appalled as they stood up. 

Sir! But there are some mistakes in the project as I examined, Sia said.

Yes sir, Ravi added.

"We will do it now, and class, there will be no calsses today, so please be quiet and help us to do the project well," Suman ordered.

Yes sir! They all shouted in unison.

Ravi and other guy left to bring the project while Rima and Sia started to discuss about the project with their teacher.

All the students were quiet following their teacher. They were quite doing their work. Some kids studying, while some played and some others drew beautiful paintings.


Sahil!! Sahil!! Get up dear!

It's getting late, Sia already left to school, his grandmother was making him wake up but he doesn't get up from his deep slumber.

Naani!! Five minutes and I'm going to be getting the black Benz car, he murmred in asleep.

Huh! This kid have so much obbesion on this car these days! She spoke to her self shooking her head.

Sahil! Get up!!

"Your so called car went off picking up Sia!" She shouted near his ear.

Arghhh...Gaurii!! How many times I told you not to shout near my ear!! He groaned as he ran his finer in his ear with the pain.

Do you think I wasn't waking you up? See the time, it's late! Sia left early!! She shouted making him notice it was getting late for school.

He ran to bathroom and did his chores as fast as he could do.

Naani!! Give me towel!! He shouted from bathroom.

Sahil!! How many times I told you to take towel along with you? She scolded while drying his hair with towel.

You are there na Gauri!! He said while kissing her cheek.

She smiled at his guesture and pecked him on forehead, while ruffleing his hair.

Go and dress up! I will get your breakfast, she ordered and walked in to kitchen, while he dressed up.

He started to eat pancakes while she packed his bag and carrier. Then she gave milk for him to drink while she started to comb his hair.

He drank half of it and spoke in middle, " Naani! While dad was going to school, did you dress him like you did to me?!"

Gauri was surprised at his grandson question. He was curious always to know about his father.

She gave a small smile and answered to the little boy who was waiting for her response," of course Sahil, he was just like you asking so many questions," and showered him with kisses on his face remembering her decesed son.

School van came horning. He got into the bus biding bye to his granny.

She stood there waving at the bus which disappeared.

Gauri! Some one called her. She turned back to see neighborhood woman who was in the same age of her.

What is it Lakshmi?! She asked.

Why are you struggling at this age? Suman is there right? So why do you struggle! She asked.

She sat on the platform which was made little high on both sides of the door.

Heaving a deep sigh she spoke, "I'm not against his will Lakshmi! But until my last breath I will do work and help my children."

This isn't struggle for me, I'm happy doing this for the kids. They are so pure and caring. I got these two gems from God, I'm grateful for it, she spoke.

Lakshmi was quite and she was emotional too as she knew Gauri from 40 years.

" Yes, they are really pure hearted Gauri, Lord Shiva, he did blessed you two beautiful flowers. She Patted while Gauri nodded with happy tears. "

They both talked for a while about the problems and some village fest which was near in a month.

Soon it was afternoon. Sahil was angry as his sister didn't wake him up along with her. He didn't have his lunch and walked towards his sister's classroom holding the carriage.

Hey Sahil! Did you come to talk with Sia? Someone from Sia class asked him.

All his classmates knew Sahil as he always used to come to her class in lunch break.

He turned to see to look who he was. It was Satish. Yes Anna! He answered.

She is in the class, he said and and ruffled his hair before leaving.

Ugh... I don't know why everyone want to make my hair messy!! He murmred eying at Satish who left already.

Sia!! Sia!! He shouted while entering into the class.

Hey, look your brother is here, Rima said to Sia who was in deep discussion with one of her classmate.

She turned and greeted him.

You came to school? I thought you won't come as I left early, she spoke as he sat beside her.

"I don't want to get scoldings from you!"He said making Rima chuckle at his cute face.

Did you had your lunch? She enquired in middle while concluding the discussion with her classmate.

How will I eat if my Sia won't feed me!! He replied sweetly.

You are grown up and still Sia should feed you? Ravi commented while ruffleing his hair again.

Arghhh.... Sia! Why does all your classmates want my hair to be messy?! Does they envy my hair?! He half yelled making all her classmates laugh at his words.

Ravi was taken aback by his words and he chuckled and spoke, " you are cute Sahil, that's why we do this." He said softly.

Sia turned to him and said, "Sahil! Is this the way to talk?"

Sia! Let it be, he was just frustrated as we did like that, Ravi spoke.

But Ravi....

Sia! He must be hungry! Look at his pale face! Rima commented making her glance at Sahil who was holding his stomach.

Sahil open the carriage I will go and wash my hands, she said and went to wash. She came back after few minutes and started to feed him.

Sia! Aren't you hungry? Sahil asked while she fed him.

He took some in his little hand and fed her making little bit of it fell on her lap. She smiled and kissed his cheek.

Sia! I want to tell something to you, he spoke while chewing.

What is tit Sahil! She asked confused as what he wants to tell. 

In the morning while Naani was dressing me, I asked about papa.

Papa?! What did you ask about papa? She enquired again feeding him.

He swallowed some and answered," I she aslo rushed to do chores while papa was getting ready."

Oh, then what did she tell Sahil?

" Naani said, she used to do like me and asks so many questions," he replied with huge smile as he resembled like his father.

She fed him last time and closed the box. Cleaning up the food grains which fell on the floor she washed her hand and came back to see Sahil examining their project.

He noticed his sister coming, he asked," Sia! Is this the project you are going to present?"

She stood beside him placing her hand on his shoulder and spoke, " yes it is."

Wow!! It's cool, he said with exitement filled in him. Just then bell rang making him frown as the lunch break was completed.

Sahil! I will get the box to home, and listen, I maybe late after school. If I won't come to you, go home, don't wait for me! Okay! She intimated before as once he waited for her till it went dark.

Okay Sia! He nodded and bid bye to her giving a peck on her cheek before he leaves.


Sia! Come we will finish of this little work until sir comes to class, Ravi called her.

She nodded and went to their work place. It was hectic for them as the due date was around the corner.

They were immersed in their work while the other kids in their class we're discussing about the feast which was in next month.

After some time Suman came to the class. All the class stood up and greeted him. He again asked them to do their respective works and walked towards the little group.

Sia, Rima and Ravi! This time we are going to be compiteted with the most prestegious school known as "Liberty-High."

As our school stood in second place last year in the science project, this year we all have hopes that we should get first prize. Though Liberty-High is the authority and finalising the projects, this year they announced that those who gets first prize they give some money and a good opportunities.

For this so many schools are preparing their children for the project, so this time it will be stressed and pressured,he announced.

"But, sir, I heard that they only first accept the projects which are best and then from the best they select how they explain it and they see the presentation," Ravi spoke.

"Of course, what you said is correct Ravi! But this time they have changed the process but they see presentation and the project," Suman added.

They all did some little changes. Their discussion went on for some time about how they should explain and present their project.

All the students left to home as they were immersed in the project.