A betrayal love

This a story of young boy,  Aryan,  belonging to a middle class family,  who tend to find a true love but all he gets is betrayal,  and this betrayal transformed him in to a demon from a very sensitive boy. 
December,  30, 2006
The clock read 2.00 am,  and I was still waiting to fall asleep,  but i wasn't able to sleep as I was still in dilemma how should I confess my love to ankita,  because I never had a talk with her.  We have only exchange of glances on the roof.  I couldn't go more than that as my very introvert,  very weak in expressing my feelings. 
Ankita is my front door neighbor. Actually she was a tenant in the house which of in front of my house for 20 odd years,  her father was posted as a teacher in middle school in danapur,  which was approximately 5 km away from patliputra colony. There are five members in her family:  her father,  mother elder sister and a younger brother,  her mother is also a teacher in private school in patliputra itself. 
My father is a manager in a bank,  my family consist of eight members which includes my father, mom two elder brother and eldest sister,  elder brother and elder sister are married,  and I am the youngest one in my brother's,  eldest brother has a 8 year old daughter,  her name is priya.  My father and ankita's father has been friend for close friends,  so her family use to come in my hose and vice versa,  but I had never had guts to talk to her,  as I was very shy in nature,  and when it comes to talk to a girl then it would be more difficult task.  I wanted to talk to her but couldn't just because of my weakness.  Even she has try to talk but it was me who always take one step back,  but I knew this she also likes me. 
She and her elder sister used to stay in banaras and I used to stay in hostel  in gaya,  100 km away from patna.  Our holiday schedule were different,  so some times I would come earlier and some time she would come earlier.  If I come earlier then spending time at house would be different in spite of having a lot of people around there would be an emptiness inside me and I had to wait for her. As she come home my face starts glowing,  her voice was enough to light me up,  by listening her voice a kind of energy would start running in my body. I don't know what,  but there was something in her which attracts me towards her,  her voice acts as dopamine for me.  I have no dictionary to define my feelings for her. Her presence was enough for me happier even sound of her walk would makes me happier. It doesn't matters to whom she is talking to but it was me who only get enjoyed by listening her voice,  may that was for few seconds but those voice were enough to deloght my heart. I was still lying on my bed,  constantly turning from left side to right side and then again left side.  I was still thinking about making plans but after every minute my plans got cancelled as there was some fault,  To be continued


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