PRAYER TO DEATH in English Spiritual Stories by Ajay Amitabh Suman books and stories PDF | Prayer to Death

Prayer to Death

Title of this Poem is prayer to death as it is based on the conversation between the lord of Death, YAMRAJA and a Soul who is longing for a long life.This is a poem about a soul, who always tried to evade death by citing various reasons. Similar kind of story has found place in Mahabharata. There is story about King Yayati, who wanted to live long life and wanted to enjoy worldly pleasure more and more. Even he has borrowed youth from his son and lived long. Though King Yayati Lived long but his desires were never satiated. At last he understood that the desires can never be satiated. This Poem is also inspired from the said story. Right from the time, soul entered the womb, the Lord of death kept on chasing the soul.At the time of birth, childhood, teenage, youth, married one, retired one , the old age,Death visited the soul , but each time the soul cited various excuses and prayed for some more time. However at the very end of his life, the soul realized this truth of life that there is no any end of desires. The Poem ends with this ultimate confession of Soul, that the same never want to die. Thus at the very end of his life, the Soul understood this lesson that desires can never be satisfied. Then having realized this fact, the Soul surrendered before the death and confessed that chain of desires are unending and now he is ready to go along with the death.


Limbs are yet to grow,
am just in the womb,
Eyes are, but without brow,
and heart is yet to pump.
O Death,you must be having ,
other things to occupy.


Am such a little kid,
just attempting to walk,
still stutter in uttering,
am striving to talk.
O Death, come later,
i won’t defy.


My friends are few ,
more have to be made,
Books are left unread,
games are to be played.
O Death, hold on,
not the time yet to reply.


Have fallen in love,
with gorgeous wife,
Heart is singing and,
joy has come to life.
O Death, give me some time,
& I will comply.


Children, to be taken care of,
elders to be protected,
Ethics in society shaken,
needs to be corrected,
O Death, time is still not ripe,
to tell the life a good bye.


Though money I have made,
but no time to spend,
Erred in life many times,
still left ways to amend.
O Death, time is still not ripe,
please do not pry.


Yes my hairs have fallen,
and I have grown old,
But still Life is a mystery,
which I have to unfold.
O Death, come next time,
I won’t deny.


The more I desire, the more I pray,
Lust turning hunter and me its prey,
Still frustrated, still un-sated
Craving for life, swinging midway .
O Death, the truth is that,
I do not want to die,I never want to die.