Problem solving technique..- 8 in English Fiction Stories by Anuja Kulkarni books and stories PDF | Problem solving technique..- 8

Problem solving technique..- 8

Problem solving technique..- 8

Eshan was happy to help Anika and Anika's mood also was changing.

'Yea Eshan...I wrote the points. Very important points you told me.. '

'Read it twice, thrice in a day.. We are yet to finish it but just reminded you..'

'I will Eshan..'

'Ok.. And 3rd point, learn let go... It helps a lot. It's my experience that if something goes against our will, let go always works. It calms down..Nothing can affect the inner peace...Nothing can affect you..' Eshan laughed, 'am I too much philosophical?' Eshan inquired.

'No no Eshan... these are very important points to be remembered. You continue.. Actually, I am feeling good after hearing to you..'

'You are feeling good Anika? Wow.. That is a good news...' Eshan said delightedly

'I have a question to ask Eshan.. All this what you have told me is very helpful but...'

'What but?' Eshan inquired.

'How my problems which occured can be solved by this? The wounds are very very deep.. and it's not I have only 1 problem. Right now, I am surrounded by many many problems.. What about that? How can I find solution for what had happened in my life? It is not that simple to follow let go.. And other things.'

'Huh..' Eshan sighed.. 'True that.. The points which I told can be helpful for the life after these points can't solve your problems..And I am aware, following let go is not simple when life has many problems.. Did I say this correctly?'

'Yeah yeah.. now you got my point! Actually, I had tried a few things but when realized that there is no solution for my problems. When there is 1 problem, the answer can be found but when there is series of problems, it's difficult to accept and go ahead Eshan...' Anika again became sad.. Eshan also started wondering, what can be done to change Anika's thinking. Now he was aware that something solid is needed to make Anika believe that all problems can be solved.. No matter how tough life is, the life has solution for every question. But at the same time, he didn't want Anika to get upset again. He didn't want Anika to get traped in negative thoughts again. Now it was Eshan's exam. And he wanted to pass the exam with flying colours. He understood, it is difficult to change Anika's views but he was not going to give up in any case. He wanted her friend to be normal as soon as possible. He laughed but again serious.

'Anika, don't worry.. I would not leave unless you get to normal.. Only stop getting upset. You need to keep your mood fresh and you should trust this Magic man.. ' Eshan laughed..

'Keep trying Eshan. And I didn't become negative. It was my query..And now I think, you too agreed my doubt and now you must have understood why I am like this today. It is very difficult when life changes and everything goes against us.'

'Who said I agreed with you. I was thinking so you might have thought that. Please 1 more cup of coffee Anika.' Eshan said confidently. After listening to Eshan Anika nodded her head and she went to make a cup of coffee...

The time was tough. Eshan was continuously thinking. He was missing some important point which can help to solve the problems. But suddenly his eyes shined. He remembered his college days when he was doing is MBA. He wondered, how the main point was missed by him. But after remembering that, Eshan became very happy.

'Yeah.. ' Eshan shouted.. 'This is what I wanted. Now Anika has to agree good things, Anika will change her thinking.. ' Eshan laughed loudly. Anika heard that and she came in the hall running,

'What happened Eshan? Why are you laughing out loud?'

'Nothing Anika. I remembered something and could not stop laughing.. By the way, where is my coffee?'

'The coffee is getting ready.. give me 2 minutes,Eshan'

Anika went in kitchen and came back with 2 cups of coffee..

'Are wah.. you got coffee for yourself too? nice.. ' Eshan smiled,

'I too need a cup of coffee..Listening and grasping is a bit tiring you know..'

'Don't worry Anika, now no more philosophical thoughts. I will tell something which will surely help you to change your views. '

'Oh nice.. I am not too much into philosophy so thanks you are making it simple..' Anika also sighed..

'Yes.. this willl be my masterstroke.. Masterstroke by the magic man... Yeah! And now you too would agree, I am a magic man....'

'Let's see Eshan... You start now..'

'Yes.. but wait for a moment.. let me enjoy the coffee...'

Eshan started drinking coffee and at the same time he started talking to Anika,

'Tell me Anika, you have done MBA.. right?'

'Yea.. MBA in finance..'

'Wow.. MBA in finance is really gr8.. You must have studied everything in deep... right? ' Eshan inquired...

'Obviously Eshan... I completed my MBA with distinction.. I was a topper... ' Anika's face was glowing..

'That's nice.. what you studied in MBA only can help you to come out of your problems..' Eshan said happily..

'How?? How can that help me to come out of my problems? I am not getting you Eshan...' Anika inquired..

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