Problem solving technique...-7 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Problem solving technique...-7

Problem solving technique...-7

Eshan came back from washroom. Now he had decided something solid to help Anika.

' Now listen carefully Anika. First of all, you need to stop thinking that without sleeping tablets you can't sleep. Mind is the main culprit.. So always keep saying or thinking good things...'

'It's difficult Eshan...'

'Before trying how can you say it's difficult Anika? Give it a try.. I am glad, today you haven't taken sleeping tablets so from today you can start a new routine.. Your routine is disturbed and that's what we want to change Anika.'

Anika asked with curiosity...

'Is it really possible? My life and my routine is disturbed so much! Now there is no hope of improving my life. I was calm in the beginning but after that my life started becoming worse and worse.' Anika continued talking negatively. But this time, Eshan was annoyed. He shouted,

'Shut up Anika.. Don't make me angry now... Stop saying same thing again and again.. ' then he was back to normal, 'Now you need to start afresh!! Try to find positive from every situation. Start with positive self talk with yourself. Trust me that helps alot!!'

"Ohk.. sorry I will try to be positive.. So tell me Magic man, What am I supposed to talk to myself? And if I talk to myself, won't I look mad?' Anika inquired.

'Oh my God... You are living alone and who is gong to watch if you talk to yourself? and if you continue self talk in front of all, sometimes it's nothing to worry! Now you understand one thing, you need to change your life and stop giving too much importance to anyone. I mean, stop being affected by any external thing... we are not living our lives to please anyone.. It's your life, and you are free to live according to your own inner light... Follow that.. By the way, don't change the topic Anika.. I was telling about positive self talk..'

'Ok but I asked my doubt... But now I will follow what you say.. Actuallly, what you told is so true.. Why disturb our life unnecessarily?.. I would sure follow it. And yes, my life.. Why should I live it in burden.. 1st point accepted, Sir!!' Anika was a bit delighted.

'Wow.. that's gr8!! I told you you can do anything you wish! Once you accept, you get the power to change it. Now listen.. keep telling yourself that your life is good, you are strong and you can face every situation!! Stop negative self talk. And no arguments Anika.. Follow what I am telling you.. ' Eshan raised his voice..

'Oh my God! You are serious, I think! So I have no other choice than listening to you...Seems, you really won't go without changing my mood.. my negative thoughts.'

"Obviously I won't leave before you change your thinking.... Don't underestimate this magic man... And now I want you to follow all my instuctions! I hope, it's clear to you. I don't want a single negative word.. Now onwards, you should follow that. ok? ' Eshan ordered Anika.

'Yeah yeah!! Got it...but don't get angry Eshan. You want to help me so you need to tolerate with me..And don't shout on me.'

Eshan smiled.

'I am not Shouting Anika. I am trying to stress my points.. so that you won't forget the important points. By the way, do you have a pen and paper? If yes, please get it..'

'Obviously I have pen and paper.. wait I would get it. But what are you going to write?' Anika inquired.

After listening to Anika, Eshan laughed... 'I won't write anything, you have to make points. And after I am done, will stick that paper on the walls..'

'What Eshan?' Anika was surprised, 'You want me to make points and write it on the paper? And you will stick it on the wall.. Are you crazy?'

'Yea.. I am crazy. I always am! I will have to leave in sometime but after that I would want you to keep reading good things. '

'!' Anika appreciated Eshan and she went in her room to get pen and paper...'So tell me, what I am supposed to write on the paper? Wow.. I remembered old days.. when we used to study together..Tat time also you used to shout on me.. You are the same Eshan.. That time also you were very keen in taking notes and now also you insisting that...' Anika was happy but she avoided to laugh,

'Stop praising me Anika and start making your notes. Make it that you would fel like reading it..' Eshan poked her..

'Yes yes... I am writing! 1. Negative thoughts, 2. Postitive self talk- in the morning after getting up and before sleeping. Am I correct Eshan? I know, if I make any mistake you would start shouting on me.. You are very strict in that.. By the way Eshan.. thank you so much! You are taking so much efforts to get me back to the normal..'

'Correct,Anika! You were always a bright student.. But please don't start your thanksgiving.. I told you, I would take something big sometimes later.. And don't think, I will leave you just like that....' Eshan had a good laugh. He was happy to help Anika.