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CLIMATE - The Twelve Days Luvstory - 1

As everyone is used to say that Luv is nothing but the force which pulls or tends to pull two living or non-living things towards each other; I would never be or even try to be exception for this. I were just a fellow who wasn't familiar with this quote. Theoretically, I was full of Charm, Warm & rest, 'Kaam'; but practically, was 'girlfriendless'. It is better to describe myself as a 'Girlfriendless' rather than 'Single'; because whenever I tried to get 'close' to them, they better chose to 'close' their doors for me! And hence, though it was odd to be in the college campus without any 'She'; I was not caring. Don't I have any other tasks? girls are not everything, okay? Life doesn't stop for anything. And for a girl, never!!! But I was cheating myself this way. Actually, I had nothing to do. I was progressively getting down in theories & practicals. The graph of my exam results was like a deep valley. I was popular in the college as a 'valley' rather than 'Karan Saxena'. Now tell me, which girl would choose to be miss right of a guy like me? My every failure was taking me towards depression & my fortune was being darker than the darkest. Things would never change; I would never change; If 'She' would never entered my life.

'Angels are abstract; they don't appear in real life.' Many of the people believe it & I was agree to them. But 'She' proved me wrong. I am confused yet if 'She' was a normal girl or someone........ strange!!!

The story starts with a feel; flows with a feel & ends with a feel too! Those days were magical; that 'Climate' was magical; whatever happened in that period, was magical! August 2012! Second year Diploma Mechanical Engineering with five backs out of nine! It was just, as expected! Expectations were killing, emotions were bleeding, when I met her the first time!

It was raining hard for last half litre of my eyedrops. I was crying for my bad luck & there was no need to do so. What the hell was happened? Just one addition in my progress, towards the dark! Every looser has the same story of his career still he cares for it; & I was one of them. I were raining in that heavy rain & I always used to do so! Some people use to walk in the rain such that no one could see them crying! The bench I had sitten on was in the garden behind our hostel. The garden was actually closed & no one had visited it since last century, definitely except me!

So, I was on that bench. My eyes were bloated as a soaked gramme. I was totally out of control & at the same time, my shoulder felt a warm touch. I turned back immediately. What would be your first reaction if you see the Heaven? The Red coloured Salwar suit, rubberbandless free hairs, a waterdrop shaped Bindi between eyebrows, lipstick upto zero level &..... a Chashma on eyes! I was in front of the most pleasant thing in the universe. 'She' was....... awesome! Looking at her, I had forgotten even that my face had become that of 'Shakti Kapoor'.She asked in her 'strawberry' tone,"Kya baat hai, ro rahe ho?" My tounge slipped,"I... I.... I just...." She turned & came in front of me; said,"Actually main market ja rahi thi, tumhein akele dekha, pass aai toh pata chala ke tum ro rahe ho!" I stood up wiping my eyes. Her dress was stuck to her body because of the rain & had given an exotic look to her. I said,"Straight by this way!" indicating that I am not interested in her anyway; still failed at gestures. She smiled & said,"Tumhein Hindi nahin aati?" I exclaimed,"Aati hai, par English ki aadat ho chuki hai." She moved towards the road & I, being the hypnotized one, started following her. She fired a question directly,"Tum ro kyu rahe the?" I said,"Wo...... thoda private hai..." She re-fired,"Mujhe batane mein kya harj hai? Shayad main kuch madad kar saku?" My rude words are not much rude,"Hamari abhi itni pehchan bhi nahi ke...." She applied brakes to her speed. "Toh pehle dosti karte hai!", she said. I stood shocked. It was like offering a dozen of Mangoes to me free of charge! She immediately forwarded her hand & said,"Hi, I am Shruti, Shruti Sinha." 'Shruti!' the coolest name in the world! I forwarded my (vibrating?) hand & held her hand. I forgot for a while that I am the guy who is rejected by every girl in the college! We started trampling the road again & she said,"Hmm!" This meant that I should start vomiting my problems. I started,"Apne padhai ko leker disturbed tha; Results aaye hai, 2nd sem ke. Paanch backlogs hai!" She guessed,"Engineering?" I replied,"Haan. Tumhein kaise pata?" She mocked,"Shirt pe likha hai, tumhare!" & then my observations came to a conclusion about my posture. I had come to the garden directly from the college; hence was in uniform! I felt so guilty. What to say now? I changed the topic immediately,"Um 'Shruti Sinha'....tumhara hometown kya hai?" She adjusted the hairs kissing her face to the back of ears & said,"I am from Rampur, U.P. state! Magar hum abhi Mumbai mein rahte hai." I asked,"Mumbai! Phir yahaan kaise aana hua?" She said,"Actually main papa ke sath aai hu. Unka yahaan project ka kuch kaam tha. He's an Engineer naa!" I said,"Shruti...." She gave an eye contact & asked,"Haan?" I said," aa gaya." & she looked around. We were at a corner of an intersection in the market. She said smiling,"Oh, pata hi nahin chala, nahin?" She herself continued,"Room pe chaloge?" All the good-bad imaginations arrived in the mind were abated by me & I said,"Nahin, phir kabhi? Abhi der ho rahi hai." I just had to leave that place in an instance. I was totally overloaded! Understood naa? She asked,"Kal miloge? Usi garden mein?" I paused. My lips moved,"Kal?" She said,"Barah din hai hum yahaan par. Papa busy hai. Main akeli boar ho jaungi. Tumhein....kuch kaam hai?" Kaam.... only one task was most important at that time. I was about to overflow! "Thik hai, kal isi samay!" I said in single breathe. She smiled & left. Hardly had her back turned towards me, when I ran towards the 'toilet'!

( To Be Continued... )

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