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CLIMATE - The Twelve Days Luvstory - 2

Judging a thing without experiencing it, is null. It is same in case of 'Luv'. Only person who has fallen in luv can understand the madness in it; the fun in it; bug in it. My initial stage had started. Whole the day, my presence in lectures was just physical. Though it was general my case, now the matter was different.I was unable to move my eyes from the clock; I was unable to mix up in friends. Even I got excluded from the class; still didn't come to sense! That 'Chashma' was not ready to leave my mind anyway. In addition to this, a girl is called 'Shruti' by me! Say!!! That & such many things happened all day made me think,"Whatever happened yesterday was just a nightmare. You are an immature adult & hence having such misconceptions. Stop this nonsense & pick up the SOM textbook. You have to turn your 'Valley' into a 'Mountain'! Persuaded - persuaded - persuaded persuaded & I went into room. The clock clocked '6:00' & I ran in double speed, towards the garden!
The most inviting moment for lovers is their meeting. This moment is very malaisely awaited by them.Kissing eyes to eyes seems pleasant for them. Even somebodies can stay hours & hours like this! 'Visibility' of whole world in 'her' eyes or 'Invisibility' of surrounding in 'her' eyes; it was my turn to experience it. I, the haggard one, as soon as reached the garden, 'She' stood up from that bench. She had dressed a Purple coloured Salwar suit. Rest look was as the day before. Hairs were looking silky because of lack of rain. She smiled & my exhaustion exhausted from me! We sat on that bench. Looking at me, 'She' asked,"Yeh kya, bhagkar aaye ho?" I said,"Nahi wo bas aise hi! Jyada chalta hu to ho jata hai." Dammed!!! Couldn't I say anything else? I asked,"So, how was the day today?" She answered,"Kuch khas nahin, phone pe thi aaj." Phone.... Should I ask her for her number? But how? She asked,"Tumhara toh dinbhar Mann nahin laga hoga?" Dammed it!!! How did she know? I behaved like an innocent,"Why?" She commented,"Result tumhara! Paanch back hai naa!" Saali!!! Tere kya kabhi gaye nahi kya? Bloody looser fellow! I unsettled my glance at her & said,"I have some work today, assignments are to be written." She asked,"Assignments, huh?" Seemed she got me. She started laughing. I looked daggers at her. What's the point to laugh? Was I looking a Joker? At least at that very moment I was hating her a lot. She controlled her laugh & said,"Okay, sorry! Tum tension mat lo. Assignments likhe bagair tumhein neend nahin aayegi." I enquired,"Tum Jyotishvidya padhti ho?" She replied,"Nahin, 1 arts!" I nodded my head.
Next thirteen & half seconds went in a deep silence. I was unable to remove my eyes from her still was unable to look continuously at her. Her expressions & my emotions together were forcing me to hug her directly. Further will be seen further. I looked at her. Seemed she had been looking at me. Said,"Bolo naa!" I contemplated for a while & asked,"Shruti, tum to market ja rahi thi naa, phir is garden mein kaise aayi? Matlab sirf mujhe rote dekh, impossible naa?" She said,"Boli thi na rasta bhool gayi thi!" I asked,"Idhar kahan aayi thi?" She replied immediately,"Papa ke sath site par! Aur ab kuch aur baat karein?" Perhaps she didn't want to describe herself! She asked,"Tumhare dost nahin aate yahaan?" I said,"Nahin, yahaan koi nahin aata. Kam se kam din mein toh nahin." & she started laughing. I also smiled. A bud on a steam or a bud on the chick, I luv both. She asked,"Tumhari koi Girlfriend nahin hai?" & my smile went down. I said in a lower scale,"Nahin!" Suddenly my tube light glowed. I looked up to ask her & she changed the topic,"Tumhare subjects rahne ki vajah? Tumhein inme interest nahin hai?" & the lecture started. Next half hour went into prof. Miss. Shruti Sinha's inspirational class. When my patience crossed all the limits, I said,"Shruti, tumhein kuch batana hai." She asked,"Kya?" I said,"Um, kal batau?" She smiled & asked,"Yeh kal milne ka bahana hai?" I fall in confusion. She said,"Thik hai, kal milte hai." We stood up. I said,"Chalo tumhein chhod du...." She hastened,"Nahin shukriya. Main chali jaungi." Why? Let me come on the room today? The day before was being forced to come? I said,"Okay!" She took a step back saying,"Aur.. assignments complete karna. Bye!" I beamed.

( To Be Continued... )

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