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Lifeline - 5 - last part

Lifeline for lifetime...

I love the way we met,
I love the way you hold me,
I love the way you looked into my eyes.....
Yes, I love you.

(present day)
Few minutes passed. None of them could speak... Aavni looking at Teja's face. Still wondering what was so special about this person that made her to decide not to marry. She was wondering what was so special about this person that she could not resist to migrate miles and joined Army Hospital. Aavni had no clue where Teja was for last 6 years. She just wished that once in this lifetime she wants to meet this person.. With With this thought Aavni could not hold her tears.... She cried holding his hand... She cried for a few minutes... Teja didn't stoped her... He caressed her hair until she stopped crying... Teja asked Aavni to sit beside him on patient bed.... Everything was like dream for these lovers....
Aavni took her phone and informed her roommate that she's not coming to room for night.. Aavni was caressing Teja's head...

Knock knock...
Aavni looks at door. A nurse was there to change IV Fluids. Nurse was shock, How come the strict and rude HOD of pharmacy department sitting over here!!!!! And was she dreaming ? Why is she crying... Nurse was about to faint because of this view. But she maintained the emotions ,changed the fluid and asked the patient about health, took notes and leaves. Aavni took a deep breath and looked at Teja... He was about to sleep due to effect of medicine... She caressed his head and was about to stand up....

Teja holds her hand tightly... Aavni could sense that he was insecure about her.. Teja on other side, under the effect of medicine.. He felt like Aavni was leaving him again.
Yes, that was Aavni who decided to not contact him. That was Aavni who decided to not meet him during this period.. This lady who stopped everything... But why didn't he tried to contact her? Teja closed his eyes thinking about past...

The first game..
An Ace player started game and selected squad with automatching mode. Soon he finds that the fourth player of team is not speaking at all.. He thought it might be a bot... And soon the player named Aimsy got killed. He took this all so lightly... After that game he found a request from Aimsy and accepted it. Got a message saying : hey there, may I know your name. Aavni here.
A girl???? Playing battlefield game? Teja was shock. He replied : Hey there, Tej here.
They chatted for a while and started another game, this time Aavni started talking via voice chat. Teja felt the soothing and beautiful voice with innocence at other side....

(present time) Ayan was outside the room sleeping soundly on bench... In this silent atmosphere Aavni also slept resting her head on bed rest...

Next morning was a new life for both of them. Nurse came to check Teja's condition and informed him that doctor will come and approve his discharge from hospital. Aavni looks at Teja, hint of worry was visible on her face. In just few hours of last night Aavni was so happy that she wished that those moments never get end.
Teja came near her... So near.. they were an inch away from each other. Teja hugged Aavni and whispered in her ears: "Aavni, let's get married... "
Aavni knew what does that mean. A lifetime bond with her Cutipie.. She looked in his eyes.. Said : Teja, you took so long to ask this. "Yes..." Teja again hugged her... Thinking in mind.. "How lucky he really was.. This lady whom he never asked to wait for him, whom he never promised to meet... Was ready to marry him without asking a single question.."
He smiled.. Kissed Aavni on head.
Teja took one step back. Hold Aavni hend and started singing her favourite song. Aavni could feel his voice trembling.. She could sense the insecurity in his eyes. She could see that this Cutipie of her was now a mature man taking the best decision... They heard knock on door, Teja looked at door Ayan was there. Standing at door holding two bags of takeouts from canteen. Teja took it. Gave bags to Aavni. Aavni felt overwhelmed... It was like dream. She's serving breakfast to her hero...

The End.

Here I am concluding this story. Thank you everyone who waited for these chapters and supported in this journey. Your suggestions are invited.

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