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Lifeline - 4

Distancing myself from you was like distancing myself from sunlight.... I am sorry Teja....

Late night chats.. Long calls... Exchanging pics and taking care of each other. It was so magical that the distance of thousands of kilometers was never a barrier. But then one fine day Aavni asks Teja for his address. The day was remarkable since it was the day of the NDA exam. Teja said he will give it to her after exam. Avani had no problem but this was the first thing that stirred arguments into their beautiful love life. During this period she applied for the army hospital for Pharmacist post.
From last two months it was their routine to chat and talk. But the time never came when she could ask about what Tej was actually studying. Aavni was practical with life that everyone deserved their privacy and she would never interfere and ask too much about it all. At evening Aavni ask Teja about how was his day. No reply from other side.
Aavni texted her every single day, morning and night getting no replies from the other side. On the 10th day without listening his voice she was clear that something was strange. In these 10 days she called Teja several times and texted everyday. On 11th day she got a text from an unknown number.
"Miss, I am at my home, as soon as I go to hostel I'll contact you "
After this Aavni felt a mix of emotions. Anger, hate, love.
But it was not in her to argue. Her care never allowed her to ask a single question to Tej. Her view for life was simply to never disturb anyone. Give them their privacy. If they really loved you then time will create opportunities.

With such good and bad ups and downs a year ended in their friendship. Monsoon was going on... Giving beautiful and romantic atmosphere to world. The soothing melody of rainfall and sound of horns from the road. Aavani waiting for Teja to call her. It wasn't like she could not call. But it was Teja's carefree nature that sometimes he never attended the call sometimes he rejected. She started a game. Played two to three solo games. She got a message from Tej. She exits the game and replied him. But while she was replying she got a call from cutipie. Ohh she was waiting for this only. She attends the call.
During the call...

Teja : My biggest wish is..... That book should be published under name : Aavni Tej Pandey... Aavni, I don't know how you feel about me, but I love You So Much.... Will you be my betterhalf?"

Aavani was speechless. Was she hallucinating?
Aavni : I love you too, Teja. But...
But.. Let's take some time. This distance is intolerable.. I want to meet you and hug you. I want to look at you face without blinking my eyes. I want to feel my self in your arms. ..
She spoke everything without listening to the beep sound from call. He had cut the call..
How could he..? She tried calling him to find that he had blocked her. Tried calling from other number but his phone was switched off. Why didn't he allowed her to speak?
That night she cried for his presence. She cried because the distance never allowed her to meet her love.

Next day she got a letter to find her self getting appointed as Pharmacist at army hospital. She had to join in couple of days. She completed resign procedure at her current job. Till afternoon she waited for his call, message. But in vain. Who would have thought that the proposal itself would become their last call.
She joined the new job. Trying to come over those moments which she shared with Tej. Her hard work and attentive nature helped her to get promoted and within an year she was HOD of her department....
It was evening and she was preparing to sign off for the day. Writing down necessary observation and few instructions. She heard a name Air Marcel Tej Pandey...

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