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Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 10 - FIRST PROPOSAL


In spite of being nervous, I expressed my inner feelings to Hritisha on February 8, 2015. It was my birthday and she asked me about the gift I desired? I requested a promise from her, never to leave me alone. She assured that she would always be with me. Initially, she thought that it was just a friendly gratitude that I was showing her. However, I accepted that I was in love with her, and I would like to spend my whole life with her. I wanted her to be my better half in future.
Hritisha was quite shocked in the beginning. She laughed and accepted my proposal gladly. I did not know that it would be that easy. I should have expressed my feelings a long time before. This was actually the best birthday gift of my life. Since then we moved further with each other, formal flirting vanished and we both started getting serious day by day. It was my wrong notion that long distance relationships do not last. It is absolutely possible if both trust each other.
After one month of discussion and considering future conditions, we had decided to inform our parents regarding our relationship. I asked Hritisha to send her bio data so that I can forward it to my father and talk to him further about our relationship.
It was March 16, 2015, when Hritisha e-mailed her bio data to me with a weird subject line ‘Socccchhhh Lo’. it was damn funny. I too e-mailed my bio data to her.
When my father saw Hritisha’s bio data and her photos, which I had sent him through WhatsApp, he was satisfied and liked her a lot. He informed my mother about Hritisha and me. My mother was happy but a bit worried as Hritisha and her family belonged to Delhi and we were based in Ahmedabad.
I explained to them how I met Hritisha in Dubai, and we knew each other for last one and half years. I told them that I like her a lot and she feels the same for me. My mother disclosed, what bothered her was the post marriage problem. The problem was Hritisha was Delhi based so after marriage, my parents would not be able to visit my in-law's house now and then. This was the only reason why my parents were about to reject Hritisha. However, I convinced both of them by saying that her family is very kind, and there would not be any problem after marriage. Finally, they got convinced and asked me to arrange a telephonic conversation with her parents.
‘Muuuuaaaah, Muuuaaaah, muuuaaaaaaaaaah!’ I started kissing her over the phone after talking to my parents.
‘Arrey! What happen?’ Hritisha asked.
‘Muaaaah Muaaaaaaaaaah’ I could not stop myself.
‘Stoooooop Sidhhaaannntt’ she shouted.
I stopped.
‘Now tell me what happen? Why are you kissing your phone?’ Hritisha asked surprisingly.
‘Hritisha my jaan, my darling, my baby, I am not kissing my phone. I am kissing you.'
‘Pata Hai pata hai. Now tell me, you had a talk with your parents right?’ she asked.
‘Yes, and they agreed.’ I said
‘That’s why you are so happy haan?’
‘Of course, now no one can stop us.’
‘Yoo my bettu.' replied Hritisha
The first time she called me ‘My Bettu,’ and it became my favorite nickname.
‘Muaaaah Muaaaaah Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ I started again.
‘Stop it Siddhant. Mere stomach me butterflies ho rahe hai jab tum Kiss kar rahe ho. Apna pet pakad ke baith gayi hun.'
‘Ohhhh, Achhaaaa? Muaaah Muaaaaaaaaaah’
‘Stop it or I will disconnect the call.' Hritisha said angrily.
‘No no no, sorry'
‘Hmmm, that’s like my bettu.'
‘Achha listen Hritisha, my dad wants to talk to your parents.’
‘Siddhant. I can convince my mother but to convince my father is like chewing peanuts made of iron.’ Hritisha replied worriedly.
‘It's okay Hritisha, first, convince your mom and later you can convince him.' I said consensually
‘Hmmm. Even I think so’ Hritisha said thoughtfully
‘Wait a minute; you have a dog?’ I asked her when I heard, a dog barking near to her.
‘Yess, I have a pet dog, and his name is Jackson.' Said Hritisha
‘I don’t believe this.'
‘You don’t believe this? Wait, Jackson Shuuuu Shuuu … Siddhant’ Hritisha naughtily said
The dog started barking over the phone, and I was scared.
‘Keep him away Hritisha, I hate dogs.’
‘You got scared haan? Asked Hritisha’
‘Yes. I am.'
‘Now I will marry you only on one condition that you will keep Jackson away from me if I come to your home’ I said.
‘No way, I am going to bring him with me after marriage.' said Hritisha
‘I will not come to the house then.'
‘No worries, pade rehna bahar.' Hritisha said mischievously.
‘Uaaaaaaaaana, Mummmyyyy ….shaadi cancel’ I cried fake.
‘Yeeeehhhh, Happy Independence day Hritisha.'
‘Ha ha ha! Very funny, now go and convince my mother in law.' I said.
‘Ji Bettu’
‘Can I say something?’
‘Yup. Say?’
‘I love you Hritisha’
‘Ha-ha-ha. I love you too bettu’
We disconnected the call and I started smiling because the first time ever in my life I heard the four magical words ‘I love you too’.
I received a message from Hritisha saying ‘Yaar will talk to my mom tomorrow when dad will not be at home. Okay?
‘Okay dear, waste of luck.' I replied
‘I mean Best tough luck.'
‘Bhaaag jaaaaaaa.'
‘Haha. Sorry, a slip of the tongue. Best of luck my Bacchi.'
‘Hehe, thanku bachhe.'
‘No bachhe, only Bettu’
‘Okay, ji, thank you Bettu.'
Day by day, we were stepping forward. We started behaving like husband and wife. I still remember the next day when Hritisha told her mother about our relationship, she was quite upset. She knew that her father would not agree to our marriage. Hritisha tried to convince her a lot. Even Reet, Hritisha’s younger sister, tried to convince her mother. They left no stone unturned to convince them.
Hritisha’s mother said she would agree only if Swamiji would give a green flag to this relationship. Swamiji was called and he asked for few details about me over the phone.
After getting all the information about me, Swamiji closed his eyes, saw me in his mind and said that the boy is very sweet, Hritisha will be happy with him. Hritisha’s mother was partly convinced but she was still scared for her father’s response.

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