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The cursed game... - 4

Jay: (heavily breathing) we have to bring them out!

Alice: first calm down! I want the keys of your house!

Jay : what?

Alice: keys!

Jay then gives her the keys and Alice rushes to the terrace and there was a room locked,she opened it and went in and brought some tools Jay also rushed behind her and helped her to get the tools.

Jay : how did you know?
(Arranging the tools)

Alice: do you want my answer or your sister?

Jay: fine!

Alice checked the game and found the pattern and description of the game. She finds out that what the game contains and she tried to get in to the settings but nothing happened , she immediately called Aren . Jay helped her and both of them made a tool a thing which could observe the game and Aren reached there .Alice and Jay decided to move in the game.

Aren: Alice it's risky!

Alice: but Clara and rest of them are stuck in there! You will give information about the game and we will observe and find some way to get out of there. Take this mike and we have two wocky tocky ,one is for you Jay, get ready!

Aren: okay so I have connected to the game screen and I will get the images, so I could alert you!

So , Jay and Alice enter the game and find themselves in a hallway and a little darkness shattered all around, suddenly a horrible zombie comes in front of them and it screamed right on their faces and they screamed too and both were terrified . They both were so scared that they didn't wanted to even open their eyes!

Alice: is it gone?

Jay : I don't know! I think it's gone! Is it gone?

Alice: my eyes are closed !

Jay: same here!

Alice: let me try!
She opened her eyes and she saw that the zombie was gone!

Alice: gross...! It's gone.( Releasing breath)

She touches Jay to open and look.

Jay:(screaming) ahhhhhhhhhhh.....!

Alice: calm down it's me! Let's find there!

Jay: No, not there , the other side!

Alice: fine ! You go there and I will go my way!

Jay: don't you trust me?

Alice: no, not never!

Jay: then fine!

They both move on in different directions. After walking some steps Alice asks Aren to give some information about the players.
Aren says there are total 7 players in the game . Alice counts...

Alice: Clara, Alex, Noah,Emma,Jay and me . Then who's the seventh player?

Aren:(on microphone) the seventh player is on the right direction of the hallway.

Alice: let me check!

She moves to the direction and when she reaches there....

Alice: Aren.... It's a zombie!

Zombie: run..........! (In his ugly voice)

Jay also heard the conversation in the wocky tocky and he rushed to Alice . Alice ranned away but there was no way further ,she was trapped , behind the walls and in front the zombie . Jay reached out there and saw Alice trapped . He immediately found a block of wood and hit the zombie but nothing worked but the zombie was distracted!

Jay:!(breathing heavily)

They both run as fast as they could at one point Jay stops Alice as further there were more zombies. So, they found a room through the hallway and shut themselves inside the room. The zombie banged the door and then he went away.

Jay and Alice:(breathing heavily)

Jay: damn ....!what was that?

Alice: Aren said it was the seventh player!

Jay: a zombie! Seriously!

Alice: now?

Jay: we can't do this alone we both have to coordinate and trust each other!

Alice looked at other side showing that she disagreed.

Jay : just to find Clara and others!Deal!

Alice: deal! Just for Clara!

They both shake their hands and accept the deal. Suddenly something starts banging from the bed . A hand comes out, beneath the bed! Alice and Jay scream and... there they find.....