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The cursed game... - 5

Noah! Alex! Emma!
They all creeped out from the bed. Jay and Alice were much scared and had cuddled each other.

Clara: it's me Alice, Jay!

They both recognized the voice. And then they also realized that they have cuddled each other so they immediately move away from each other.
Jay: Clara!

Alice: Ghosh..! Not a zombie! Hey Clara are you okay!?

Emma: can I know what's going on?

Noah: so Jay and Alice are friends now!?

Alice and Jay together: no..!

Jay: it's a deal!

Alice immediately changes the subject.

Alice: (on wocky tocky) Aren who is this seventh player?

Aren: according to the game if you are attacked by the zombies you too will become a zombie and attack the other players!

Alice: that's why he told me to ran away! So what shall we do about it how to bring him back?( On wocky tocky)

Aren: first you have to discover about this creepy haunted house! Let me check you can do it how ! You have to cross the levels till level 5 ! Cause in level 5 there is a booster called warlwand!

Jay: warlwand! What's this?(on wocky tocky)

Aren:(on Mike) you will get this in level 5 ! Through this you could convert the players from a zombie to a normal person!

Alex: darn it! 5 levels! we're going to die!

Clara: calm down!

Aren: (on Mike) you guys have a plus point too! In each level you will have 3 lives! But remember after third you could become a zombie or ...


Alex: just see out there!

Noah: we need to go over there!

They started to explore the house and they found some weapons like knife, wooden blocks and then they reached the door and opened it! As soon as they stepped out of the house! The pixels came out and started to join with each other in the sky!
And made a heading of level 1 !
Pixels: level 1 defend the zombies and reach out to the church!

A paper flews out from the sky and lands in Noah's hand!

Noah: it's a map! I found the location of the church! Let's go it's over there!

He points towards the direction of the church. And it was through the forest.

Alice: amazing!(staring at the pixels)

The level starts and the zombies start to appear and move towards them!

Jay: guys run in different directions!

They start to run and the zombies try to chase them! The zombies looked horrible! Decayed skin, both hands swinging in the air and making terrible sounds!

Alex, Noah and Emma run through the forest. While Alice and Jay distract the zombies by throwing stones and wooden blocks!

Jay: Clara leave !

Clara: I can't left you in danger!

Suddenly a zombie comes and kills Clara and then she again comes from the house!

Alice: it's her second live! Clara run there!

All four of them run through the forest while Alice and Jay cope up with the zombies!
Jay stabs a knife in the zombies eye! But nothing worked! They atlast both Alice and Jay run through the forest! After going through the forest they find a bridge and next to it was the church!

All reach the bridge and from the behind the zombies came! The bridge was made up of wooden planks and rope! As soon as they step on the bridge the bridge starts to swing and somehow the move forward on the bridge! As they reach the center the swinging of the bridge stops! They all stand still for a while...

Alex: it's gone finally! (Releasing breath)

Alice: aha... It's the silence of the coming storm!

And suddenly they wooden planks of the bridge starts to break and they all rushed through the bridge and from behind the wooden planks break! And all of them reach but Jay was the last person to reach out but the plank breaks and he fells down!

Clara: Jay!(screaming)

Alice: He will come back!

Alex: he has to start back from the house!

Jay: guys I'm here! Pull me up!

Jay had holded the rope and all of them start to pull up Jay! Finally all of them reach the other side of the bridge! And they reach out to the church!

Pixels: level 1 completed!(forming a heading)

Emma: finally we reached!

Alice: interesting..!

Noah: Alice are you kidding! It's interesting?

Alice: come on ! I love games and I never had such a great adventure in which you enter a game!

Alex: so you wanted to play this game!

Alice: of course!

They all reach the gate of the church...