The cursed game... - 3 books and stories free download online pdf in English

The cursed game... - 3

Jay had practiced and later he headed back to school to start the project . He reached to school and saw that Alice was all alone doing the project and the other two classmate weren't there. Jay approached to Alice and asked....

Jay: where are they?

Alice: much busy so they left and now we are left for finishing the project.

Jay: excuse me! What do you mean ?we have to submit the project tomorrow!

Alice: don't worry I have been completed half of the project .

Jay: and you know what is the time? It's already 7.

Alice: Do you also wanna leave? Please go !

Jay : oh come on! Fine! I'll be here with you until we figure out the project!

Alice: as your wish!

They both started completing the project and at last they finished it by 10 'o clock in the night. They were all alone in the school and just the staff in the school with a complete silence around the corridors. They went along by the stairs. Suddenly Jay asked..

Jay: well, you fight good!
Alice: thanks!
Jay:can I ask you something?!
Alice: what?
Jay :why does your nose bleed even that guy didn't punched you?
Alice: anger problem, whenever my anger goes beyond the limit and I couldn't control it then my nose bleeds!

As Soon as they were passing through the stair case those bad guys came again. They attacked Jay and Alice from the back with a knife hopefully Jay stopped the knife and throwed the knife away. They turned behind and through the co- ordination they banged up the guys! Both of them were injured ...

Alice: you're hand is bleeding!(taking a Hankey and tied in Jay's hand)

Jay: wiredo!

Alice: talking to you is much wired!

Jay: I think you should come with me ... cause my house is nearer...


Jay: .. cause you're bleeding too.

Alice: I'm fine!

Alice takes a step forward but she falls as her leg was injured.

Jay: told you!

Jay holds Alice and helps to make her stand and they move along the way.

Alice: why are you helping me? You're my enemy and you even don't like me or even see my face!

Jay: cause of you ,me any my innocent sis have a great fight! So better you come with me!

They both reach Jay's home. Alice glanced at his home. And she was quite for a moment.
Jay took her in and found that there was no one in the house. Jay gave a phone call to his mom...

Mom: sorry dear your grandma is I'll so I'm with your dad and we are about to reach there, hope clara and you will manage the house work!

Jay: and when you'll be back?

Mom: it will take some days please you guys manage out!

The phone gets cut! Jay then brings medicine . Jay goes to Alice and holds his leg .

Alice: stop it! What are you doing?

Jay : (holding her leg) calm down! It's just a sprain don't worry! I can fix it!

Jay holds her leg and counts...
Jay: 1...2...3...and ..(he twisted her leg)

Alice: (screams) ouch....!
After a while she watches her leg!

Alice: (looking at her leg) amazing!
Now show me your hand!

She then cleans the blood in Jay's hand and bandaged it.
Jay: thanks!

Alice: no need!

Alice: well, where is your sister? Isn't she home!

Jay : maybe! But she planned to do the project at home!

Jay goes to Clara's room but nobody was there but their bags were there!

Jay : Were they could be? They should be here!
Clara.......! Alex....! Noah...! Emma....!

A sound comes from the bed..!

Jay: the game...!

As soon as Jay holds the game a zombies hand comes up and tries to drag Jay in the game! Jay screams! Alice rushed to the room and found the zombies dragging Jay from the computer screen..! She immediately takes a knife and stabs at the zombies hand!
The hand gets back to the screen and disappears. Jay holds his neck and coughs! Alice brings water to Jay. From the game Clara , Alex, Emma and Noah screamed!

Jay: Clara..! They're in the game. We have to bring them out of the game..!