Adopted Servant



Arbind has been spent 20 years of his life in the less caring maroon-colored house of the last street.

He never complained or never cared for the words of those rigid people of the house.

What he did sincerely was obeying orders of the housing member for long years without any hesitation or any oppose.

Arbind was like the most important but useless person for them, but alas he never unhappy even after knowing this bitter truth.

Now, who is Arbind?

To know him, you have to travel for long years back.

In late 1970 a child born to a very poor family on the backward village of southern Odisha.

Though everyone was aware of the economy of Odisha at that phase of time was not too good and most of the families were poor including Arbind's family.

After the birth, on the second day, his mother went to work as she had to feed the newborn child anyhow despite the drought economy she too was facing off.

She had to let the newborn baby sleep under the oak tree of her work area as she cannot carry while working on the stone field.

This cruel situation of the poor conditioned mother Arbind could feel even though he didn’t get his sixth sense then.

Like that...after some years when Arbind became a four and half year child he almost being taught the ways of living alone by society.

Gradually Arbind adopted the rough or you can say the very worst way of living on the slum day by day.

When Arbind became Seven years old a gentleman came to his village that in later Arbind came to know the reason behind the coat-wearing gentlemen's visit.

The gentleman grabbed Arbind’s hand and with a pitiful smile he said to Arbind’s mother:

“He is now enough big for staying in the nearest town, how much for him?”

Arbind could not understand all those buttery activities of the gentleman.

“As you consider Sahib(Respectful way of calling a gentleman).”

Mother said to the gentleman with tearful eyes.

“Okay, keep it.”

The gentleman gave a bulk of new Indian currency note on to the mother's hand.

Then he left.

The scene was quite unfamiliar to Arbind but not to the atmosphere he was living in.

After the unpredictable incident,

The next evening his mother came to Arbind when he returned home with a lot of sweat and tiredness after playing almost a whole afternoon.

Arbind and his mother sat on the broken black sofa that the mother bought from a garbage holder with little exchange of money.

Arbind saw to the mother’s face, she had cried a lot Arbind thought as her eyes were so wet and dark circled.

“You are tired Arbind?”

The mother started the conversation.

Arbind shook his head.

"Do you like this environment these pale and ugly people?"

Mother asked again.

"Yes, I do."

Arbind replied in favor of the society, as the long seven years of his childhood has been spent well on that environment the mother was talking of.

Now Arbind was getting the things.

“Are you going to send me far away from your love mother?”

Arbind asked as he had listened to the morning conversation between his mother and aunty.

“No, I am not going to that.”

Mother replied cuddling his chick.

Of course, she was crying at that moment.

“You know the situation of our family I cannot even arrange a good education for you.”

Mother said looking straight to Arbind's eyes.

Now things are clear to Arbind as the crystal clear water drops of the cold and pure Himalaya.

The whole spent life is now screening on the wet eyes of Arbind.

“The gentleman you saw last evening came for you.

He wants to offer you a better life.”

Mother said.

“I will have to stay with him?”

Arbind asked in a confusion face arrange.

"Yes, you have to it’s an opportunity not everyone gets."

Mother said.

After listened to the mother Arbind questioned with tearful eyes:

“So I have to be apart from your love mother?”

Mother didn’t reply then, just somehow she was trying to control the overflowing emotions of her heart.

I mean how it will be bearable for a mother to stay away from her only son?

With all that, the night passed somehow.

The next morning the gentleman came with his new big car.

Arbind was wake up very before the usual time and hidden on behind the last door,

In fact last night he couldn’t sleep properly.

Mama opened the door and with a smile she said Arbind to get ready as the man waiting outside.

Just imagine the situation,

I mean what Arbind can do at that moment he just blames the god for the unwanted separation from the mother whom he loves very much from the day he started knowing the world.

Finally, Arbind came out o the house with eyes full of tears and hands full of nothing but the most expensive emotions he gathered.

He sat on the car and never looked back.

As you guys are now quite familiar to the less important character, let's move forward.

Mr. Sudarshan Dhir the head member of the house was the man or you can say the reason behind the unwanted migration of Arbind to a totally unknown family.

Parvati Devi the wife of Mr. Dhir was a kind-hearted lady and a god believer woman.

One day when Sudhakar came from the office being tired he noticed that Parvati Devi was sitting alone on the terrace with an upset mood,

When being asked by Mr. Dhir Parvati said: 

"I am feeling alone in the house, as after, you went to the office none is here with me."

Mr. Dhir realized the pain of Parvati as he has always been busy with his textile business and unable to give time to her.

He decided to bring a child to the house so the situation may get normal.

As of than Parvati had no children Mr. Dhir thought of that plan.

Mr. Sudhakar appointed a broker and as a result, Arbind came to the house with the help of some money and a broken poor family.

Parvati Devi was so kind and excited too that he arranged a lot for the welcome of Arbind on that day.

When both the broker and Arbind came to the house Parvati Devi took Arbind from the broker and hug him like he was her own child.

At that moment the upset child for some moment forgets his mother only for the affection of Parvati Devi.

The next morning when Mr. Dhir got out for the office Parvati Devi said him to bring some sweet, chocolate and some toys for the new member of the house.

The time was passing like a happy note on the whole music arrangement.

Arbind now partially forgot about the old miserable life he had once.

Now he is the king of this roadside white bungalow with his expensive toys and air conditioning room that he got only by the grace of the rice hearted couple.

For a moment also Parvati Devi didn't separate Arbind from her.

Mr. Sudhakar also got attached to the emotional bond of Arbind.

With all these attachments and affections time passed day by day.

One Evening while on the sightseeing for the new project Mr. Sudhakar got a call from the servant.

Servant said “Madam unconsciously fall down you come quickly”

Leaving all Mr. Sudhakar ran to a home on the way e took the family doctor with him.

After examining all doctor said to Dhir: “Nothing to worry about and congratulation you Mr. Dhir, you are going to be a father”

Mr. Dhir just got happy after listening to the most awaited news.

He hugged the doctor and on the next day, he arranged a grand party for the celebration of last night's news.

 All the important and well-positioned officers including the collector had joined the party and enjoy a lot.

While returning all asked the same question to the couple

“Who is this child?”

And somehow trickily the couple managed by not saying the original identity.

But in sudden the realized about the future of their upcoming child of them

While going to bed on that ceremonial night Parvati was not happy and sem to ask something.

Looking at her face Mr. Dhir asked:

“you want to ask something?”

Parvati Devi started saying

“Now we are going to have our own child and I think..”

“What you think now?”

Mr. Dhir asked.

"Arbind should now stay at the locked guest house because I can't answer people from now what he is should be visible to the outer people.

After all, he is not our child, like people think of."

Parvati Devi replied.


Mr. Dhir agreed and tried to sleep.

The next morning as usual Arbind came to Mr. Dhir and Parvati Devi.

Mr. Dhir smiled and wished him a good morning.

But as of Parvati Devi, she ignored him completely like he is now an unknown for her.

All the behavior of Parvati was out of Arbind’s thought.

Before he could ask something to his second mother Mr. Dhir said him to go out for fresh and to eat breakfast.

At the breakfast table, Arbind was waiting for Parvati Devi as before he never ate on his own.

Considering the whole situation that morning Mr. Dhir said to Arbind to eat breakfast on his own.

In the afternoon Arbind went to Parvati Devi’s room to know broadly about the situation.

But as like the morning, his Second mother ignored him brutally.

Arbind failed to know the behind scene and he came back to his room he just starts reminding the last line his mother told him while leaving this brittle hut.

“From now they are your master never hurt them in any way”.

How he could not obey the mother's words he thought as the whole afternoon.

In the evening when Mr. Dhir came home Arbind suddenly went to him.

With the tearful eyes Arbind looked up and with eye contact, he asked Mr. Dhir:

"Did I did something wrong for what the mother is not talking with me properly?"

"No, you don't dear."

Mr. Dhir replied to him with controlling himself.

What else he could tell the little boy who just left his house.

"I will obey all of her orders, please tell the mother to talk with me"

Arbind again requested.

Now he is crying.

Mr. Dhir went up from there and directly went to Parvati.

"I am planning to send Arbind to his home"

Dhir said to Parvati Devi.

"No don't do that we are going to welcome a new member to our house we will have more work to do so let him stay here he will help the workers."

Parvati Devi said in reply to him.

Mr. Dhir stood up from there and went to his room.

The situation on the house was getting worse for Arbind.

The recently created parent fed up a second mother forgets him and all.

Now Arbind being shifted his worth and importance from being the sun of the house to the regular employee.

Time has flown.

It’s been long 20 years since he is working as a servant at Mr. Dhir's house.

Lola the only son of Mr. Dhir and Parvati Devi is now a young boy.

The total view of the house changed.

Arbind is now taking orders from everyone including Lola.

To Lola, Arbind is just a servant like others of the house so he treats Arbind like he shouldn’t exist in the world.

According to Lola servants are born to be tortured and they are partially untouchable goods rather the human being like him.

Despite all Arbind was always trying to fulfill the desire of the family members without giving any chance of mistake.

Though they degraded Arbind's position still he has never any upset or demand from the house.

After all, he has been given a new life here in the house he sustained himself by the grace of the house members like this and all.

Arbind’s day starts from taking the orders starting from Mr. Dhir to ending at Lola.

He is treated like a machine sometimes not like a human being.

But after all, Karma is the supreme way according to Arbind that he got learns from the 20year long life.

Somehow in this way,

“A going to be son ended up being a regular servant.”