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Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 14 - JUST A FEW HOURS TO GO


July 28, 2015
I reached the airport three hours before. After finishing all the airport formalities, I received Hritisha’s text at Marhaba Lounge. Just to give her the surprise I had told her that I would be visiting Abu Dhabi for an official meeting and would not be able to receive her call.
She called me to ask whether I reached the airport safely or not. I cracked a joke saying I did not reach Abu Dhabi via flight.
'I just came out from the shower, and I am nude too. Still, you want to see me?' I replied her when she asked me to send my photos, just to verify where I was.
'Yes, I don't mind. Send me your nude pic.' Hritisha said while giggling.
'Shut up, gandi ladki.'
'Wait, Reet wants to talk to you.' Hritisha said.
She handed over the phone to Reet. Although I knew Reet but it was for the first time we were interacting. Reet informed me that Hritisha was crying because; the tailor ruined her dress, which she was supposed to wear in a family meeting. Now she will have to wear something, which she really did not want to wear. I suggested Reet to ask Hritisha to wear a lovely red saree for the meet so that my parents would say yes to the relationship instantly when they would see Hritisha is so beautiful.
I knew Hritisha never liked wearing saree. The first time she wore saree was during her school days and she never wore after that.
As expected Hritisha refused to wear saree as she never liked it. Suddenly she interrogated me by asking whether I had a talk with Shruti or not. I straightly denied.
‘Shruti advised me to wear something beautiful for the family meeting and asked me not to go to the office on that day with my Jhalli look. Therefore, now it has confirmed that something is cooking between you and Shruti. You both are planning something, am I right?’ Hritisha said.
‘No! What plan? Why do I have to plan with Shruti? Whatever you are thinking is not correct.’ I lied to her again.
‘Swear to me and say,’ Hritisha forcibly stated
‘Okay bye, I have to go to the toilet,’ I said Hritisha just to ignore the topic.
Just when I disconnected the call, she texted me saying that she would kill me if I reach Delhi and stand in front of her a day before the actual date of arrival. I did not give her any reply and deactivated mobile data so that I did not have to lie to her further.
Lying to her made me feel guilty and ashamed, but I was not doing something wrong. I just wanted to surprise her anyhow.
While waiting for the flight I tuned into some music and started making plans for the next four days. I wanted to make those four days the most memorable days of my life and for Hritisha also.

( To Be Continued... )

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Shree Radhe Krishna

not complete novel. its irritate when it left in between.


Twinkal 3 years ago

Novel is not completed....

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ritu patel 3 years ago

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kumkum bisht 3 years ago

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