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Talk Of Indian Cinema – Part -1 – 26th January 2020

Hello Guys, How are you? All fine. Yeah. How’s the josh obviously today our national day (Republic Day) so Josh is already high. I warm welcome to all my fans , friends & family before start today’s talk. As you guys already know I Announce on my official blog and social media accounts that on 2020 every Sunday I m coming with new story and new genre. As we followed since last 3 Sunday today its 4th Sunday and on 4th Sunday we talk about our Indian cinema. Before start about first part of Indian cinema I want to clarify that many People Of out Of India are join me and my team for reading this article. Its really Good thing for me and my fans. Out of all 4 stories this one single story which can I write in many language based on talk . Today we start from English later on may be some write up will be in Hindi or Gujarati cause Indian cinema is not a just single thing its collaboration of many languages even india Is known for multi-language country. Let’s start today’s talk.

Many people know Indian cinema as Bollywood but no its not and Bollywood its completely an Indian cinema. Indian cinema its like parents and All other Bollywood, Dhollywood , Kollywood are children of Indian Cinema. For other countries Indian cinema is only Bollywood and its general because we also identify USA & UK countries movie as Hollywood movies so its common to identify but now people also become an alert and know such things that Indian cinema is not just a single cinema or Bollywood. There are many people don’t know or many of guys are excited to know that how the our Indian cinema has started and which one of the first film. I don’t know how many knows that Raja Harischandra was first Indian film. This film released on 21st April 1913. Yes this day is historical day of Indian cinema. This day our first film and Indian film industry got the public screening. It was first film and historical day for Indian Film Industry. This film was Directed By Late Shree Dada Saheb Phalke. He was also Producer and write screenplay of the film. This was first film and made in 2 languages which are Hindi , Marathi and English. Hindi cause as our national language and on that time we are not independent we had British Government so made in English. One of the reason for write first blog in English is that our first film which start from English so I also write first blog in English. I just know that Raja Harischandra was our first film but I was shocked when I know more about this film and I beat you that you guys also shocked to know that. The shocking thing was this is not a feature film its short film and second thing was its silent film. Though its short film still its consider many times that it’s a first full length Indian feature film. The length of this film 40 minutes. Yes its true. Now you have a question comes in mind that film is silent than how can be a its understanding or many of guys interested to know or wants to see this film. Yes I had the same thing happen when I was do research for one of the my project. This film is silent but its represent through the intertitles. This films is an feature First Artist of Indian Cinema Dattatraya Damodar Dabke, Anna Salunke, Bhalchandra Phalke, and Gajanan Vasudev Sane and is based on the legend of Harischandra. Dada Saheb got this thought after seen The Life Of Christ and he got the London to learn film making technique and import related hardware to making a film. After such a long hardwork finally he premiered to this on Olympia Theatre on 21st April 1913 and theatrical release on 3rd may 1913. After the success of this film not economically but its commercially success cause its introduce Indian cinema in all over the world. This film has remake in 1917 and shoot in Calcutta. This film has length of approx 2 hrs. This remake was the first remake film of Indian Cinema and directed by Rustomji Dhotiwala. But one more shocking thing is that film was remake but still its language and length change from the original film. Language of remake film is Bangali and length is 2 hrs. This remake was also an Silent film visualize and representing through interfiles. After this journey has started and in 1916 first silent film Keechaka Vadham a silent tamil film was made by R.Nataraja Mudaliar. After this Raghupathi Venkaia Naidu who was an Indian artist who build his own cinema in Madras and credited as father of Telugu Cinema. In 1931. H.M.Reddy direct and Ardeshier Irani Produced First South Film Kalidas. Which is made in Tamil & Telugu and First South and biographical film. This film was released in 1931 October 31st. Ardeshier Irani who also a filmmaker who made Film Alam-Ara in 1931 Hindi and Urdu Language Film which was first talkie film of Indian Cinema. After the grand success of this film he produce film Kalidas and again got the success. Alam-Ara was Massive hit cause its budget was 390 Million INR. But its total box office collection was 2.89 Billion INR. Meanwhile in Bangali Jamai Shashthi released which was first talkie film of Bangal. Which is directed by Amar Chaudhari who also played a role in this film. In 1932 Bengali Film Industry renamed as Tollywood from the name Hollywood. Than Indian film industry divided and hindi film industry known as bollywood. Now this was become and large and all other parts of India people engage to Indian Cinema. In 1920 Gujarati Film Also come which was Narisnh Mehta which was First Silent Gujarati Film, its song Vaishnav Jan To Rock in the People mind and First Film Of Gujarati film industry massive success but on next year new film came which was Bhakta Vidur but it was banned by british council but on the next year . It’s Really great epic history of our Indian Cinema but Its too large like our india. For Today we talk such on next we will talk later. We also discuss our great artist, singer, and many more films of the india. At the last for conclude today’s part I would like to thank all of you guys. I heartily thanks to my Media Partner Team for Promoting this and my fans who read all the articles. Guys I m waiting For your Reply and comments for this article. I hope you all enjoy and know some new things of our industry. We have many more journey for this. You can contact me anytime for any topic or discussion. Contact me via my social media and blogs. Me or my team will revert you soon. For Further discussion I m sharing my Social Media Links to you.

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