The love is blind - chapter 1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

The love is blind - chapter 1

Chapter 1

Anish rushed to the hospital sweating with tension. He never wanted this, he was forced to leave Shreya under his mothrr's pressure. He went the reception to ask about shreya"Excuse me ma'am can you please tell me the room number of Shreya Dasgupta. ". A middle aged lady asked" What relation do you have with her? "He answered impatiently" I am her husband "The lady looked through the computer for sometimes then replied" Room number 101 Third floor to the left "he thanked her and left quickly. As he neared the room he saw Shreaya's father pecing up and the corridor impetiently and Shreaya's mother was crying. He went near them" How Shreya is now uncle " Shreaya's looked him up and down with fury and disgust" How dare you come here get of here you bloody rascal! "he knew this reaction as he is responsible for Shreaya's condition. He looked apologisticaly at her father" I know I am responsible stleast pl let me see her for once ". Her father blocked his path" You have no right to see my
daughter "Anish did not say anything but eent away from that place . He knew he was responsible for the way he was treated today. He still remembered those days when Shreya's parents loved him more than her. How they pampered him. But everything changed in few years just for him. And shreya she was devoted to him but it was he who went astray to enjoy his time outside with gun floriks. His mother supported him did utter a word when he arrived late from party. Shreya used to cry silently enduring all the pains without a word. His mother mentally tortured her everyday seeing all these he remained silent always sided with his parents. He sat on empty bench in a deserted bus stand regretting every moment. He only had a wish to bring back Shreya and love her fulfil all her dreams. As he entered home he heard his mother running towards him concerned " Where did you go beta I was so worried see your phone I called you so many times?" He looked at his mother with disgust "Leave me alone why don't you die so I can lead a peaceful life" His mother was taken aback tears filled her eyes he went on saying "For you witch my Shreya is dying today you hated right? You will be happy to see her dead but I will not spare you" saying this he stormed into his room and locked. His mother sat there for some times and was shocked how her son spoke to her for first time in his life. She really hated Shreya never wanted to share her son. Even wanted her dead sometimes cursed so many times. She lost count now, she lost her son. Who hated her now. But still Shreya's pain was not disturbing her but her son's behaviour. She broke down in tears crying for her son to come back to her.