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The Game of Escape - Chapter 1 The Present

Chapter 1 : The Present

Some horror films could come true. Michael Roy and Andria Roberts discovered this when they went for a little joyride. Before the sun sets, they were on her brown royal enfield , completely unrecognizable by the Fans of their that were constantly following their moves, one wrong move that would lead to a perfect destruction.

But by midnight, they were already held captive by five men, all were in masks and armed with guns.

All because Andria needed a little break from all her problems and stress that she decided to drag Michael along with her in an old place she used to be when she was younger. But who would have thought there were someone watching them. Waiting for a right time.


I woke up from this dark and smelly room again. My neck was hurting because of sleeping in this chair, my hands tied behind my back and my feet were tied together as well. I used my shoulder as I slowly shook Michael, who was sleeping beside me. I didn't care if my shoulder hurted like hell. But I was not sure if he was sleeping or unconscious after what happened,

But what really happened?

His tousled hair was still wet with sweat, blood and tears as his head leaned on my shoulders.

"Michael...wake up ..Michael"

He groaned, slightly moving from his uncomfortable position.

"A-are you alright?" I felt tears starting to brim in my eyes, but I held them back.

He lifted his head to look at me.

The tears that I had been trying to hold back earlier were now flowing freely on my cheeks upon seeing him. Multiple bruises filled his beautiful face, his eyes were nearly close and there was a cut on his right cheekbone. Then I remembered the man holding a baseball bat.

"Michael." I muttered.

"Andria, listen." he coughed then inhaled deeply, probably having a hard time to breathe. "..If there is any chance that you could escape, do it. Do not worry about me; I can handle the pain, unlike you. And I don't want to see them hurting you again." tears were forming in his now dull eyes. It breaked my heart seeing him like this, weak and defenseless.

I shook my head. "I'll never leave you Michael."

"No Andria, promise me you will go. Run as fast as you can... don't look back and ask for help."

Then I remembered the last time I refused to run through the woods, it only lead to this.

"Michael... don't say that. This is my entire fault. We can get out of here together. We can make it. Those men are--"

"I love you Andria. Don't ever forget that." he closed his eyes, tears rolled down his cheeks.

"You are the cutest person I have ever met." he said with a small smile formed on his chapped lips. How I wish I could reach him right now and kiss those lips.

"I love you Michael....I always will."

We both scared when a door was slammed open by someone.

The same man who almost killed us last night still was in the same dress & ugly blood stained mask over his face.....

Why we were here? What they wanted from us?....