The Game of Escape - Chapter 2 The Past books and stories free download online pdf in English

The Game of Escape - Chapter 2 The Past

Michael stared at me with confusion. He was about to show me something on instagram when I told him to Fuck off.

"I'm sorry." I said afterwards.

He sat beside me on the floor and pulled me into his chest as he stroked my hair. "I know it's about the management again. I heard you just had a meeting with them an hour ago."

I lifted my head from my comfortable position and faced him. "It's fucking bullshit Michael. They want me to undergo breast augmentation!" I said fisting on his shirt. "Do I really need it?"

"Wait, let me see." he said with a playful smirk.

I slapped his hand when he was about to reach forward into my chest (which is I know he won't go any further). "Hands off Roy."

He chuckles while pulling me again into a tight hug. "Andria, you don't need it. You're sexy and hot enough, no need for those watermelon boobs."

"Exactly. Gosh, when will they be happy for what I am and what I can give them. I already changed myself!" He smiled fondly at me as I know he remembered how I used to before I became a famous popstar like him. He knew I loved eating and that I never enjoyed wearing tight dresses like I always had to wear nowadays.

"For me you're already perfect. Either you're plain and simple or extra hot, you're still yummy." He shrugged, followed by a dimpled smile while wiggling his brows.

I smiled as I leaned into his shoulders. "Thanks Michael."

I was so grateful of Michael being there for me always specially at times like this, and the rest of the boys of course; but most of the times its only Michael. He became so special to me ever since we made a collaboration. We always saw each other every free time.

He was always been very vocal about his feelings for me and I could feel the sincerity in his actions too.

But knowing Michael and his past relationships, it was still hard for me to accept his request of being his girlfriend.

Not until these past few days. I just had this feeling that I couldn't hold back anymore. I loved him, and maybe that was enough for me to gamble..

"Hey.." he nudged me softly.

I lifted my head from his shoulder to meet up with his gaze. "Yes?"

He smiled. "Thought you were already sleeping."

"Oh.. no I'm just thinking about something."

He stared at me; all these time, I was always captivated by his eyes. "You know, forget about what they said and--"

He stopped mid-sentence as I leaned closer, admiring his green eyes as he talked. "Your eyes are beautiful Michael."

He smiled. "You're beautiful Andria. And I love you." Then he pecked into my nose as I giggled.

"Good to know you already forgot about the breast thing." He said crossing his arms on his chest.

I frowned. "Not really."

He pushed some hair at the back of my ears. "Don't do that. It makes me wanna kiss you."

"Let's go somewhere." I grinned. "Come!" I stood up, took his hand and dragged him outside.

He chuckled. "Where are we going? I thought you'd let me kiss you this time!"

"No no.." I shook my head then looked back at him. "Maybe later, who knows?" I said as I continued dragging him.

He waived his forefinger pointing at me as he chuckled. "Ooh, I'm looking forward on that."


He gave me a 'what now' look as soon as we reached the garage.

"Remember the motorcycle that I told you before?" I said quite excitedly.

"The one that the management told you not to use?" I nod in response; biting my lip as I tried to hide my excitement. "What about it?" he asked quite anxiously.

"Let's go for a ride!" I jumped upon saying it.

"Love, you'll be in trouble with the management if we do this."

"Come on Michael, it's been a year! I missed riding on it. And besides, you and the management are the only people who knows I have a motorcycle. None of the others have seen it, and I haven't mentioned it on any interviews." I tried my very best to sound as convincing as ever.

He sighed. "Okay, but you have to make sure we're not going to be recognized."

"Oh sure." I said as I pulled the covers of my brown royal enfield.

His eyes widened, "Wow, isn't this too big for you?" Then he ran his fingers on its seat.

"Well then what are we waiting for? Let's go for a joy ride!"


We were both in black jackets and black tinted helmets; completely unrecognizable. No one could ever tell that I'm a girl.

"I'll drive." I said, pointing to myself.

He stepped back and saluted. "Whatever you say ma' lady."

I hopped into my bike followed by Michael, slipped his arms around my waist and leaned his head on my back like a little girl scared to fall out of the bike. "Mommy I'm scared." he said trying to sound like a little girl but failed to do so.

"Oh you should be." I warned.

We went off the garage and to the place where I wanted to be. The place where I used to be when I felt lonely, or even happy. And I really missed the place.

We easily got through the traffic since I was the best rider alive.

"Can you slow down? Even just a tiny bit?" he said in a muffled sound.


"Slow down a bit! We might get arrested for over speeding." he said as he held on to me tighter as speed o meter crossed 80 kmps.

"Oh we'll be--" I was interrupted by the siren coming from an officer from behind us. "Oh great. Just great." I said as we came to a halt.

"See I told you." he groaned.

The officer approached us with a notepad and a pen stuck into his ear. "Officer Brown, drivers licence and registration please."

A small chuckle escaped from Michael's mouth but managed to suppress it somehow, but still.. "Something funny young man?"

"Take off your helmets or I'll charge another violation."

"Wait. Here's my license and please don't let us take off our helmets, someone might recognize us." He took a glance at my licence.

"Andria Roberts. Andria Roberts!!! Are you kidding? My daughter loves you and your songs! And of course me.. I.. I like you-- I mean your songs and.. and you're pretty hot and--" I cut him. I think it's an opportunity and to take advantage.

"S-sir, if you don't mind. We're kind of.. in a hurry and um.. Can we just settle this?"

"Well let me think." he paused for a while. "Maybe an autograph will do." he said while handing me his notepad.

"Thanks." I took the notepad and teared a page. I scribbled in it and slipped it under my helmet for a kiss mark then hand it back to him. "There you go."

"Thank you Ms. Roberts. Next time, make sure not to violate the traffic law." he said with a wide grin.

"Bye Officer Brown." Michael muttered, still suppressing his laughter.

"Who's this by the way?" the officer asked me, referring to Michael.

"I'm Michael Roy."

His eyes widened. "So the rumors are--"

"Bye Officer Brown!" I said as I sticked the key into the ignition and drove off to our destination.

To where Michael doesn't have to wait any longer to be my boyfriend. ...