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Trapped in fantasy - 2

Trapped in fantasy - 2

Soon after Aleema gets the note she decides to wait for a few days to see if something else happens. Several days pass by and nothing happens, but one day Aleema meets someone, her name is Anam. “Hello there, are you new?” says Aleema, “No, I was here for 7 years” replies Anam, “and I’m going to leave soon!” Cried Anam, “wait what! You are going to kill the prince?!” Says Aleema, “No! What, why would I do that!” Says Anam, “But then how are you going to leave?” Asks Aleema, “I’m going to figure out what “help” means!” Says Anam “Ohhh! I thought you were going to kill the prince!” says Aleema.

Narrator- then they hear a loud bang from a room. Aleema and Anam rush to find what happened and when they get there what they find scares them

“Hello ladies”, “who are you!?” Shouts Anam.

Narrator- you find a man with a knife in his hands pointing at a little innocent girl.

“If you want the girl to live you will never escape out of this fantasy world, if you let her die you can escape and you will never return here! So what’s your choice?” Says the man, “I don’t know… can you give us a week? Please” says Aleema, “Yeah! We can’t decide just like that! Please give us a week” says Anam, “A week!? Your luck I’m in a good mood, I’ll give you 5 days, if you don’t decide after that, you will never escape and the girl dies!” Exclaims the man,

Narrotor- And after that the man disappears in thin air.

“Okay now what do we do!?” Says Aleema, “I don’t know” says Anam, “Oh god! I have to think of everything!” Says Aleema, “Wait, let’s ask the girl! About the “help” thing!” Says Anam, “Uhm, why don’t u go and ask! I need some work done!!” Says Aleema, “Ok fine!” Says Anam

Narrotor- after Anam asks the little girl the girl says “the “help” thing was just to distract you, I’m sorry I can’t say anything else you need to ask the prince, but please save me!” After that Anam asks the prince and he says “ To escape you have to kill the girl or.. you need to get rid of me..” after that the prince disappears in thin air.

“Anam! Anam wake up quick! Look at this!” Shouts Aleema, “What!? It’s 4 in the morning!!” Says anam, “It says there’s a secret portal here in the “Fantasy world” somewhere underground! We should go there and see if we can find a way to get out of here!” Says Aleema, “But what about the little girl?” Says Anam, “We’ll take her with us!” Says Aleema, “And the prince?” Says Anam, “He lives here! He can’t come with us!” Says Aleema, “I don’t know I’m scared

What if we get in trouble” says Anam, “No we won’t!! Why are you so scared!?” Says Aleema, “Fine but if anything happens it’s all your fault!” Says Anam.

What will happen?

Will Anam and Aleema be able to go find the underground portal before the 4 days?