Trapped In Fantasy - 1 books and stories free download online pdf in English

Trapped In Fantasy - 1

Trapped In Fantasy

A normal day, but something tragic happens…

1) Anam

2) Khan

3) Aleema

"Khan! Are you done with playing your FIFA!?" Asks Aleema, "Ok ok! Fine.. you can have it but what are you playing?" Asks Khan, "oh I'm playing Minecraft, much better than FIFA!" Says Aleema, "I guess it is, ok you can play I need to do work" says Khan, "thanks Khan!" Says Aleema


"*Yawns* I'm tired..." says Aleema, "I'll just sleep here…" says Aleema

Narrator- Soon when your fast asleep, suddenly your gaming PC turn white and green, suddenly a pair of hand appear and pull you inside the PC! When you wake up you feel comfortable and what you see shocks you! You see a huge castle, and there are people wearing knight costumes!

“Oh my god… w-what is this!? Where am I!?” Says Aleema, “But it is beautiful!” Cry’s Aleema!

Narrator- soon a prince comes up to you and says “Hello there princess!”, you don’t know what to even say! You say “Princess!? I’m no princess!” The prince replies to you “Hahah! Your funny jokes never get old!” You pretend to laugh and run away, then you see a big room with a puzzle saying “H_ _ _” you look around some more rooms but all you find is some big heavy metallic boxes, you go and ask the prince what the puzzle means and he says “E” and disappears in thin air, you know that this code or puzzle will get you out of this fantasy world. “I miss Khan…” says Aleema,

Narrator- the next morning you go back to the room but while going you slip and fine a note which says “L” you get confused and think it was nothing, soon another day passes and the next day you go up to the prince and ask him why he said “E” the prince says “E, E, E!!!” You get worried and go away from him, few months later you find a blue light pen and a note saying “prince” after a few days you figure out what it means, so you rush to the prince with the blue light pen and point it on his forehead and the letter says “P” you then go back to the very first letter and then the last the word you make is “help” you get confused and search for more clues, soon a year passes by and you get to a place with the prince which says a note for the princess you open it and see a knife and a note saying “prince” you don’t know what to do, everyday the same note comes for you but one fine day you see the prince sitting with his eyes wide open, then a paper plane flys to you saying “Kill prince” with a pointy knife, you get extremely worried and don’t know what to do! You know that you need to kill the prince, but you heart says “dont do it”

Will Aleema kill the prince and get back home?

Will she even get ho,e by killing the prince?