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Easy way to learn - For students

Learning, education, exam, viva etc are like a monster to the students
Do you know why ?????
Just because you are fearful of it......
You go away from them

Let me recite a story to you
There were twin children of very small age in a house, one was fearful one and other was brave.....
Once a boy who was elder than both came and took a showl of black color put it on head and told " It's a monster "
One who was brave told "you are not telling true, my dad told that hanumanji will fight with them and don't allow them to come to us"
But Other kid got frightened , everyday that boy make him frightened once in a day and laugh at him.....

It's same thing your brain is really really strong to take everything in it just you have to give the information in proper way......

Also make it interesting
Let me tell you few tips to make interesting

1 . You don't remember difference between W and M
Everytime you make each other change

Trick - orally kid knows W for water
So tell him whenever you want to write water don't write start with W not M as if you will writen W water will be stored in it draw a blue colur shade in it , show if you write M water will be flow out.......

2. If you don't remember name of types of plants like aquatic, terristial, dessert ....

Trick - Make your own acronyms or shortform
Like ATD or DAT or daily annalysis test
Or a funny short form related to your
Friends , pet, relative etc.....
Ex Dates Are Tuf to remember
( DAT)

3 . If you don't remember any Social science chapters like of history

Trick - Read it once concert it in form of story by giving name of your friends to
Once you understand a story, by your
Tell it whole to your mother, father, or
Any other
If you explain it to others you will remember every thing

These are few tricks here, there are many more it depends on student to student or kid to kid
Be dynamic in thinking as a teacher also, kid also
Correlation is many thing by which you can learn very fast
The best way to learn is to understand
And to make it a fun

Make your education a fun, a game , enjoy it
You will learn

Ex learn addition, sub, multiple , divide by board games like make a boxes connect lines of question to many answers . ..
Play game and give points.....

Or make a live demo if possible....

Also for a studying science make your kid combine lemon and baking soda at home to teach acid base reaction.
And many more tricks I have for other topics

For commerce studies also it is essential
Like you may teach it by showing incoming outgoing, expenses of the things....
So there are many such things by which you can explain it. .
Or kids can learn it . ..

There are trick for many topics....
Think it be dynamic.

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