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Easy way to learn - Chemistry make fun

Chemistry the most boring subject ever for a student..........
Remembering the 1 to 20 atomic number
It's configurations valency etc.......

Make this a fun
I being a teacher make my students learn it
With one example.....

Like considering a hostel rooms having
Capacity of 2 bed, 8 bed, 8 bed, 18 bed

Filling rules
First person to go in first room then second in same
Then and then other room is opened
So if 19 students
2 to first room
8 to second
8 to third
1 to last

And number of student In last room is valency
It will determine how pairing will be done for 1 bed.

As in 1 bed 2 students have to sleep

Then make it corelate with the electron
Thus we can determine how to learn

There are technique for rememberiing
A atomic number elements in series
Like it's short Form
Which you can get form google to
Short form of atomic number 1 to 20

Also for reachtivity series it's available
Thus short form, acronyms are best to learn

Also see the 3D images on YouTube
They are free ....
Use it
It will enter in brain
As visual memories are stored for long time

Also just memorizing don't give you a great grade, it's important how and when to use it.
Mostly all students know the formula but all don't get 90 mark as they don't know when to use...
These is problem with most of students... If I am not wrong

So to do it understand when to use formula
For eg in given sum most important thing is to write the given
Just analyze in which formula it gets set, or
if in that 2 things are given try to find the First unknown by other formula of its
This I know is very basic
But most important things

Also do spaced repetation
For example scientifically when you learn it gets stored in brain but after 1 hr it gets reduced almost by one forth
So for a short term memory you need to revise it after 40 minute almost,
Then after 2-3 hours
Then again after 8-10 hours
And again after 24 hours

This repetations don't get much time of yours used up
Actually it talkes less time then previous
But long term result is best

Also my way if remebering was once I learn any short note like Rutherford atomic model
I used to make points and form a story like
Like first who is there in story like Rutherford with atoms as accessories part
Then what he did
Then what he find out from his experiment
And last one was all doing trust on his stories in science language did his diagram was proved

Lastly I used to write it in very bad handwitting very fast like skipping last few words as if we do in last question of exams
Actually once I wrote it
I can't even read it........
But it always used to work in every subject.....

So that's a way to learn
Here I am not to learn chemistry to you
But way to learn it.

Written by - Khyati jobanputra

YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK3D9Z1-8XHoXQPsE51hsfg

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