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Revenge of the Ghost - 13

Ravindra wrote the first encounter with all the possible details he could remember from last night. He wrote every minute detail. The first encounter suggested that the ghost wanted to terrify him so that he could not pursue the case. The accident, the message written on the glass were ways to send that message loud and clear. But then why the second warning the same night??? What could be the reason for the same? Why did the ghost warn him twice? He sat on the chair again and started to relive the entire event happened at Satya’s house. The ghost appeared but this time it had a face. A lady face but highly deformed. The voice was definitely feminine. Both were thrown into different corners to be killed. Ravindra opened his eyes and asked himself, ‘She wanted to kill us??? Why?’ If that is the case, why two warnings in the same night. And why not just kill us.

Does that mean, the second warning was not a warning and something else. Ravindra put too much pressure on his mind but could not find anything useful. He developed many theories and discarded those too. He wanted a second opinion. He immediately called Satya. Satya picked up the phone and said, ‘Yes Sir. How may I help you?’ Ravindra said, ‘How are you now? What are you doing?’ Satya said, ‘I am fine and remembering the beautiful and rare moments of this morning. Don’t you. I am still in trans Ravindra. Please say I love you one more time. Please...’ Ravindra said, ‘I am in office Satu. I will say once I am home. Now if you are not doing anything, can you come to the station today? I know I am putting you in danger, but I can not trust anyone else with this so. Can you come?’

Satya said, ‘No problems. I will come as I am on leave today. So, I can be there for the rest of the day without any issues.’ Satya reached to the station after a while. Ravindra already ordered a nice lunch from a nearby hotel so both ate without much talking. Satya forced Ravindra to eat a morsel from her hand. Ravindra could not deny though he was in his office. After the lunch, both sat in front of the whiteboard to find the answers or any clues which can lead them to the answers to their questions. Ravindra asked, ‘Can you think of any reason, why the ghost warned us twice?’ One warning was enough. But she chased us to the home and warned us again. Satya said, ‘Maybe she wanted to terrify us more so that you drop the case and do not pursue.’

Ravindra said, ‘It could be the reason. But I do not think so. There is something which doesn’t meet the eye. One thing is sure though. She is very powerful and can kill anyone without even touching them. She can come and go as she pleases. But what is meaning of that sentence? Many more will die. How many are going to die at the hands of this ghost? Satya said, ‘I think this is not going to end soon. She will kill many more. But we need to stop her. The question is how? We can stop a human criminal by all the possible known ways. But how to fight a ghost? This is the skillset we don’t have Ravindra.’ We needed to talk to someone who could guide us in this matter. Ravindra agreed. But before that we had to find a clue or a common link in all these victims. My hunch was never wrong in the past.

He stood up and went to the first white board and said, ‘The first victim was Hemantbhai who was a driver of SurajSinh. The second victim was SurjaS

inh and the third victim was Gayatri maa. The fourth victim was Bhupsinh. So, the only common link among all four victims was SurajSinh as Hemantbhai was his driver and Gayatri Maa used to work for him. But he is dead now. So, we can not question him. According to the villagers, he was a good man and a devotee of the God. He used to donate to each and everyone who seeks help from him. Now the question is why would somebody want to kill such a person? Or the there is something else.’ He tapped his temple and looked at Satya. Satya was in some deep thoughts and responded after a while. She said, ‘You are right Ravindra. I think we need to dig up a little more about this SurajSinh to get an idea about this whole mess. But apart from that we need to find a way to fight the ghost too. So, do you have anything in mind? How are we going to do that?’

Ravindra denied but he said, ‘The best place to do any kind of research is either the library or talk to the oldest person in the village. So, you go to the library and I will find the oldest man/woman who can shed some light on this chain of events.’

What will happen next? What will Satya find at the library? What information will Ravindra get? To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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