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Revenge of the Ghost - 12

After some time, the door was opened automatically and the shadow with red eyes appeared in the room. The shadow was a deformed human figure but without the body and hollow appearance, it looked like a shadow of smoke. It looked very very angry. It said, ‘I told you to stop. But you did not. Now pay the price.’ The ghostly hollow body targeted Satya and started to suffocate Satya. Satya was coughing and a torrent of tears was there from both her eyes. Her entire face turned red and she was dying. Her throat was fiercely being strangled by an unseen force. She was not able to breathe. Her eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. Ravindra was screaming his lungs out but he could not move from his place. He gathered the strength from every muscle of his body, but no use. He could not see as tears were coming down his eyes and he kept on screaming and said to the smoky shadow, ‘Leave her please leave her. What do you want from her? What has she done to you? She is an innocent girl. Kill me instead of her please.’ It looked at him and screamed no.

Satya collapsed and died of strangling. The ghost turned towards Ravindra and said, ‘She paid the price of your sins. Now stay away from me.’ And then it disappeared. Ravindra was free and ran towards Satya. He took her head in his lap and said, ‘Please open your eyes Satya. Please open your eyes. Please. I love you more than myself Satya. Please do not leave me. Please do not leave me. What would I do without you? Suddenly Satya hold Ravindra’s hand and he was taken aback. Satya opened her eyes and said, ‘it is too late now Ravindra. I love you but it is my time to leave. Bye.’ Then she closed her eyes and her hand fell. Ravindra screamed with all his lungs and try to hold Satya as hard as he can as if he were not ready to let her go. He was still screaming, ‘Do not leave me please. Do not leave me please.’

Satya came running to the bedroom where Ravindra was sleeping and said, ‘Ravindra. It is a dream. Please wake up. It is a dream. I am here. I am here. I have not gone anywhere. Please wake up.’ Ravindra opened his eyes and came back to his senses. He held Satya’s hand and asked, ‘Are you ok? Are you alright?’ Satya smiled and nodded. Satya said with a naughty smile on his face, ‘You were telling me something in the dream. What was it???’ Ravindra blushed and said nothing I was trying to save you. Satya giggled and looked away. Satya added a layer of romance in her voice and said with all the love she had for him, ‘Now is the right time to reply Ravindra.’ Ravindra was sure about it now and said, ‘I love you too. I can not live without you. I can not expect life without you. You are the centre of my universe.’ After saying this he pulled her towards him and hugged her tightly and thanked her for being in his life.’

They stayed like that for a while enjoying every moment of that golden time. Then Ravindra slowly pushed Satya away and said, ‘Madam, I need to go to Police Station. Let me go to my house and get ready.’ Satya agreed but her face disagreed. She offered a cup of coffee to him. Ravindra was still thinking about the events of last night. The two worst encounters of his life. His beloved Satya was put into danger. He decided something and started to leave. Satya came to the main door to see off, but she could barely do that. She just hugged him again and was not allowing him to leave. Ravindra said with tenderness, ‘Please Satya, let me go. Please.’ Satya distanced herself from him and she was crying. Ravindra wipes those tears and said, ‘Satu, I am just going to the station and nothing else. Why are you crying? Show me your world-famous smile please.’

She smiled and he left for his home to get ready. After an hour Ravindra reached to the Police station. The entire station was in a terrible shock. Nobody was talking to anyone. There was a pin drop silence in the entire station. Nobody was able to forget last night’s encounter with the ghost. It was supernatural. Ravindra entered and everybody greeted him without any sort of energy. Ravindra already knew the reason, so he went to his cabin without uttering a word. He sat on the chair and started to recall the entire chain of events. He called a constable to put up a new whiteboard. The constable put a new one and Ravindra started to jot down the events sequentially.

What will happen next? Is Satya dead??? To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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