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Revenge of the ghost - 14

Ravindra was a man of science. So, his mind was still trying to find a possible explanation what he experienced in last couple of days. He was partially convinced that it might be the ghost, but he needed something more. And that is the reason, he wanted to do more research and inquiries around the village to have a concrete idea about what is going on in the village. Who is actually behind all these gruesome murders? He was convinced a couple of days back that ghosts do exist. And now after a long thought, he was having second thoughts about it. Ravindra has a way to deal with confusion. He generally goes near a lake or a mountain top. In Vikramnagar there was no lake. But there were plenty of mountains. He chose the highest one and climbed up there before the sunrise. As soon as he reached the pick, he searched for a place to sit and think quietly. He used to call this place the ‘Kingdom of Solace’.

Ravindra sat there with his eyes closed and the Sun rose. It was a spectacular site. The Sun bloomed on the horizon and its rays were reaching to the mother Earth looking like golden petals. It was a mixed feeling, there was cold but there was warmth too. The warmth of the brightest flower in the universe. A new day was about to begin on the Earth and the mother Earth welcomed her beloved guest the Sun. The cover of darkness was being fade away slowly and the blue was being filled with orange. The golden petals were touching the feet of the Earth and slowly awakening the entire nature. The rays of the Sun were touching Ravindra too and creating a shape around his body. Ravindra was feeling very calm and relaxed. He was having a déjà vu of those incidents from past two to three weeks. His eyeballs were rolling very rapidly even with closed eyes. Half an hour passed. Now the dust has settled, and water is crystal clear again.

Ravindra got a clue to whom to talk as per their plan. It was almost 7 O’clock and he remembered Satya. He decided to call and then cancelled his thought and decided again to pay her a visit to give her a surprise. Ravindra drove carefully and reached to her home. He was about to ring the bell and his heart wanted to have a peep from the key whole. It was not a gentleman’s thing to do, but love can not be stopped by rules. He looked in and his heart stopped for a while. Satya was coming out of her bathroom and trying to clear the remaining water from her hair. Tiny water droplets were rolling down from her chicks, forehead and from her neck too. None of the droplets were ready to leave the beautiful skin of Satya’s body. But they were forced to, and they cursed gravity for the same. It was their tears which was leaving a wet trail on their path to their end. The Sun’s rays were entering Satya’s room from behind and every ray touching Satya’s body was filtered thorough the droplets creating the most picturesque scene for Ravindra. There was a silent war going on between the rays and the droplets. Rays were able to touch and stay there on her body while water droplets were losing the war and forced to leave the most perfect human body. Satya was looking like a princess made up of golden petals. Her face was glowing with freshness. Her milky white face, her determined forehead was making her look like a warrior princess who was about to take her leap into the war.

Ravindra forgot to blink and perhaps even to breathe. Somehow Satya felt something and looked at the door. Ravindra tumbled and fell on his knees because of the sudden movement. Satya rushed and opened the door, and she could not stop laughing at the scene. Ravindra blushed and he joined Satya’s hysteric laugh. They laughed after a long time due to past events. Satya offered help and Ravindra held her hand and stood up. Both went in. Satya did not ask any questions, but her eyes were asking a ton of questions. Ravindra now started to understand the language of silence between them and told, ‘I went to my kingdom of solace in the morning. I think I found a clue and just rushed to share that information with you.’ Satya was rolling her eyes and naughtily asked, ‘Was that the only reason? You did not want to see me after having bath.’

Ravindra’s face turned red due to embarrassment. He smiled and said, ‘that too.’ Then he just gave a tight hug to Satya and whispered in her ears, ‘I missed you Satu.’

Romance was in the air. Ravindra was talking about which clue which was completely unknown to everyone till this time. To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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