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When We Met - EP - 24 (Unexpected Feelings)

Emily's Pov:

Um, what?

Did I hear him right? No. Wait! Maybe I was hallucinating!

"What do you mean?"

He looked at me, maybe contemplating his own words, or maybe preparing to rephrase his sentence.

I expected him to explain. Or elaborate on it. Instead, he left my hands to pay for the dinner leaving me to dig holes into my ear to assure myself if I heard him right.

We were walking silently on the road and Edward was keeping a slow pace behind me, talking something with Michael. I had this sudden enlightenment that maybe I had been walking too much for my first date when we could always travel by car.

I heard some shouting followed by rustling and dangling of keys and I found myself, in a minute, leaning behind some car, peeking to see the cause of the commotion.

A burly looking man dressed in brown and black was harassing a young man, probably in his twenties who was holding his hands up probably to show him that he was disarmed. A small group of that old man, which consisted of five to six men surrounded the poor man who cowered away in fear, though the struggle against his man pride was quite visible on his face.

"What are you doing?" I jumped in surprise at the sudden interruption and was about to scream when someone clamped my mouth shut with their hands.

"Shh. It's me. Edward!"

I relaxed but he was pressed against my back so firmly, I found myself revelling to that delicious feeling of pressing myself back against him, maybe pinning him to the car and then we could continue what he started.


"See, I think they are harassing that man. It's so not good Edward. We have an independent country and a developed police department and still people like that old dog always bark at the weak ones! It's wrong-"

He covered my mouth so fast and tackled me down to the ground, I had no time to realise he was lying above me, his fingers pressing deliciously against my lips. I wanted to lick his hands but restrained myself anyway.

Gross, Emily!

My heart quickened its pace and it could be dancing the galop at that moment. I could feel his cinnamon breath tingling my neck as he shifted his position and now his left leg was resting between my slightly parted thighs. Slight sharpness of pebbles on the ground hurt my back and I squirmed a little to adjust my discomfort when I heard him take a sharp intake of breath.

I froze in place. I didn't dare to look at him.

Maybe touching him there was not such a good idea.

"Lie steady, will you? You'll get both of us dead in the middle of this street!"


"What? Why would I let you get killed? And why are we even hiding? It's not that we can't fight! Well, I can do more than that! I learned a trained martial!"

He sighed with frustration.

"Emi, it's not always about fighting and swinging your legs around. It's diplomacy and we have to keep things calm and composed. One wrong move and everything we love and care will be snatched away from us in a blink!"

His face was now inches from mine, his breath doing wonders to my mind laced with desire.

"But Edward! Somebody needs to step up to protect the ones who need protection!"

"And what makes you think that might be you?"

I didn't like the glint of his eyes. It was as if he were challenging me to prove him wrong!

"I don't think when it comes to my duty and action. I move my hands and legs which doesn't require much thinking if you must know!" I didn't plan on yelling at him but he was provoking me into doing it.

"And that's specifically the reason I am not letting you go there!"

His hands gripped my arms tightly and painfully, pinning me to the hard ground. I struggled against his iron-like grip, cursing myself silently for not practising the moves for the last couple of days.

"Let me go! Edward! This is wrong! You can't tell me what to do! I can't let that man get away with his bad dealings."

I tried to punch him but he caught my other arm too fast to my liking.

"Edward! I am telling you I won't do anything bad. I just want to-" I tried to kick him and he caught my bare thighs with his other hand keeping them fixed, now pinning both of my wrists with his one hand.

Now I was embarrassed. When in the name of all that is holy did he possess such a hulk power?

His hands moved closer and his fingers tread torturously over my bare flesh. I rubbed my thighs subconsciously, leaving his hard smooth hands to rub against my flesh almost with pressure. His hand was caught between my thighs and I blushed at my stupidity.

He coughed slowly, shifting in his position to keep his hands steady and slowly he tried to pull it out. His fingers traced and grazed along my virgin flesh so near to my core and desire. In his attempt to make it slow, his actions felt more like caressing and I could feel his heart quickening against my chest.

Involuntarily my eyes closed to marvel at this feeling of his hands against my skin which was creating awkward heat at the pit of my stomach.

He pushed his hands into his pocket, leaving my thighs and pulled out his phone. I heard him talk to his bodyguard about the situation we were in.

No. No. Not about him straddling me. Or the opposite!

He explained about the guys pestering that man and how he couldn't help but help the man when turned to glare at me. I grinned at him. He asked Michael to cover up the situation quickly and as clean as possible.

Adjusting again, he put his head beside mine, his hands crawling on the ground to balance his weight over me. His hair tickled the side of my face, my cheeks and ears.

"Now stay low. I asked Michael to cover for your justice campaign!" His lips grazed my earlobe. A delicious shiver ran down my spine and my eyelids drooped to the overwhelming sensation. I resisted the urge to close my eyes.

Ten minutes later, I heard the screeching of the car, bolting of the door and I the clatter of feet of men followed by shouting and silent whispers of argument and agreement.

Everything was silent for a while and Edward scooped me closer in his arms when the sound of footsteps approaching was heard again. I put my arms around him to assure him of our safety and he snuggled close to my neck.

We lay like that for a while and while I tried to ignore the fact that his head was almost pressing against my chest, his chin digging in my soft flesh, I didn't shift. Because I knew that would only entangle us in a more uncomfortable position.

It was the first time a man had ever gotten this close to me. Though I had my own fair share of admirers ogling at me, I never allowed them to cross the line which only one man was ever allowed to. And that's why I was glad somehow that Edward was lying above me, and not some stupid brainless beast ready to eat my soul!

Michael came a moment after to inform us that the matter was carefully resolved. Edward nodded and waved at him to leave, and I was so much grateful that we had been lying in a less compromising position then since it was turning hot and awkward lying there any longer!

And no! Not that kind of hot!

At least not for him.

But yes, it was for me.

It took every ounce of my pocket money to control myself from gripping his neck and smashing my and lips and tongue against him. I caught him glancing at my face and lips many times. I disregarded it thinking he was just checking if I were having any problem with him lying on top of me.

No. I didn't have any problem!

But I couldn't tell him I was enjoying it either!

I didn't dare to look at his lips again, afraid of losing my dignified sanity!

But partly, it was because I had never kissed anyone before. Hell, I had never even been to proper date before. And so I didn't know what to do or how to kiss a person!

And I realised I never needed to learn this art of kissing probably because the man I want to kiss is in love with someone else and I am just his fake wife!

And his best friend!

As if I would reach to the moon, proving this title to anyone!

We were just walking across the street again when I heard a man call to us.

"Mister! Miss!"

Turning around, I saw the same man we rescued running to us like a sad heroine of those romance movies who was running to greet her husband after he returned alive from a country battle!

He stopped and took Edward's hands in his in a forced handshake. His eyes were full of appreciation, nobleness and humanity.

"You saved my life, sir! I am extremely grateful to you, sir! Let me offer you my courtesy to you!"

Courtesy? What was he? A girl of the Victorian era?

"No. No. We just performed our duty of humanity! I am glad you're all okay, sir!" I sang along him.

He turned to look at me. Raising his eyebrows, he took the liberty to trace every line of my body and that was when I realised it did no good to talk to a stranger wearing a low cut dress. I felt coat slide up my shoulders and a pair of hands were around me in an instant.

"If you must know, we are on a date. So we really don't have any time to receive any courtesies from a stranger. But if you want, take this and visit my office at my leisure!"

I was surprised by Edward's authoritative voice. He gave the man his business card or more like shoved it roughly in his hand. The man complied but not before he took my hand and kissed my knuckles, his wet kiss grossing out all my horrors. I retracted my hand quickly to wipe it on my dress.

"What's the name of this pretty lady here?"

"Emily Will-"

"Mrs Emily Jones." Edward offered my name with an urgent gesture.

"My wife," he added immediately and gripped my shoulders to turn me around.

"Now let's go, my dear. It's time to spend some little time in our raw bedroom. We didn't get to have our little hot moment there under the car completed, now did we?"


Was it my horribly delicious imagination or did he just shout it out for the whole world to hear?


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