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When We Met - EP - 23 (Date Plan Gone To Hell)

Emily's Pov:


I felt a slight tug at my fingers, which brought me out of my reverie. I realized the situation I was in, where I would be caught like a snare in a trap any minute I let down my guard. I looked up to see him staring at me, his eyes held a usual expression of concern.

For a friend.

Yes. That's what he would always feel for me!



As if I never deserved anything else.

I smiled at him, my lips curling up longer than I had expected them to, considering nobody in their right mind would like to be in my sleeves. He looked at me as if I had lost my brain a long time ago and he just had gotten time to realise it.


"Yes, Eddie?"

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Well, I am more than okay if we put aside the fact that my bladder has been killing me for more than two hours and I wasn't able to blurt it out to you!"

"What! Why didn't you tell me before?"

I shrugged.

"Well, I was fifty per cent embarrassed and fifty per cent uncomfortable for imagining myself peeing behind the bushes of this park in this already short dress while you watch me behind my back!"

"Woah! What gave you that fucking idea?"

"What? That you'll watch me secretly while I pee? "

He chuckled.

"No. That I'll let you zip down your shorts in the middle of this park and would allow you to sit on this dirty mud to leak your bladders while half of the male population gawks at you?"

I laughed at his punny reference.

"Are you sure you won't be joining hands with that 'male population' gawking at me?"

He made face like a distorted cow thrown into the horse stable.

"Nah! I'll rather join my hands to break their faces and their future for exploiting my best friend's butt! Now let's get you to the washroom if we happen to find it in here in time, of course!"

He hooked my arm with his and started to tread along the grass, once again continuing his usual blabber about his work and his day.

Sometimes, I was glad he was such an influential person. He always got distracted easily from the topics. But I did know one thing, that I couldn't avoid questions about my feelings forever. And that one day or another, they'd cost me my twenty years of friendship with him, which I treasured more than anything in my life.

I didn't actually feel like peeing. It was a clear white lie spoken with such casualness that I knew nobody would dare to detect a hint of urgency in it.So when we reached the washroom, I took my time to get fresh while Edward waited for me outside, talking something about dinner and decorations with Michael.

Michael was Edward's bodyguard, assigned to him by his parents, forced by me. I knew he was a powerful and rich man, always busy in deals and work. He had so many enemies without him knowing it. Though he just happened to have the best nature in the world, it didn't mean he would be so eager to let anyone cross his way of success in a threatening way.

The Edward I knew was friendly, supportive and cooperative with his friends and family but was fierce, narcissistic, diplomatic, conservative and intelligent in his way of dealing with office works and his employees.

I really loved and appreciated how he always segregated his personal and professional life so cleverly and that was the reason he always had time for Lara, his family and me.

Lawfully I was his supposed wife and so his mother continuously nagged me about being a wailing wife who couldn't survive a day without her husband's touch.

Even if I were his real wife, I would never have allowed him to ditch his work only to spend time with me or whatever because I knew we both worked a lot in his company's development and letting it fall apart due to our animalistic desires would not be such a credible reason whatsoever!

I found Edward waiting for me, his hair all ruffled up due to a slightly strong breeze. He extended his arms forward and pulled me to his side.

"Tell me you didn't wet your shorts and we can continue strolling this park!" he said it so nonchalantly for a second I thought he still thought of me as a five-year girl who couldn't control her raging bladder!

And no! I never peed in my pants even when I was five years old!

"On the contrary, I am not wearing any shorts to wet them, in the first place!"

I smiled at him brightly and he froze in the place.

"You aren't?"

"Nope." I looked at my nails, blowing soft air over them. I was laughing hysterically in my mind though.

"Not even a piece of cloth?"

He was being dramatic now!

"No! Shorts and a piece of cloth don't go with this dress. Or that's what I am told!" I twirled once, to show him how comfortable I was in that particular piece of clothing.

He covered his mouth with his hand, shaking his head in despair and walked two steps away from me. His eyes were now focused on my bare thighs which were tingling from his hot stares and he bent a little maybe to peak when he raised almost immediately to look at me.

"Don't tell me you've been walking naked in your- all this time. Emi, there are men all around. How can you-"

"I am not naked. And I know you'll protect me."

"You're not naked? But you just said-"

I raised my hand.

"Edward, I am wearing underwear for your not so kind information."

I can't believe I was having my undergarment-related talks with him?!

I never knew such kind of talks even existed!

"But you-" I covered his mouth with the back of my hand.

"Let's go. I am hungry."

He nodded reluctantly, joining me in the walk outside the park.

Can I just say that the family I was born into was not luxurious or prestigious so I really felt bad about sitting in the enormous chair carved with beautiful designs with a table full of meal which I never even knew I wanted to taste before until that moment?

There were things which I had eaten before, I realised, but now they were modified into such delicacies I was surprised how they could melt so easily in my mouth. I was in pure bliss, swallowing the best the cook had to offer.

"Mmm. This is the best, so delicious!"

I heard Edward chuckle before he raised himself from his chair a little to wipe the corner of my mouth with a napkin.

"Clean yourself, you elephant! You made a complete mess on the table!"

I looked at the table and yeah, it was true. I had everything toppled over as if I had eaten like some ape-man which apparently, I did. It also was practically so humiliating I couldn't admit it aloud!

"This is not my fault! It's all so good. Here! Try this chocolate cake! It's so tasty!" I extended my arm, the piece of cake dangling loosely in my fingers, signalling him to open his mouth.

He obliged almost willingly, opening his mouth and I found myself wishing him to eat my lips instead when I felt the slight touch of his tongue against my fingers.

And maybe eat me more. Everything I had to offer.

I killed myself mentally for thinking such vulgar things.

I put another piece of bacon in my mouth, opening one eye to look at Edward who was looking at me as if he hadn't seen anyone eating bacon before.


He waved. "Nothing. I just realised I never knew how much I missed a woman eating like you in front of me! I always met women who eat like birds and flop like a kangaroo in front of men but watching you always gives me hope for humanity!"

Did he just insult me?

No, wait!

It was a compliment!

Did he just insult me in a complimentary way?!

"In normal circumstances, I would've liked to drill a hole into your little brain but just out of curiosity, do you know that woman sitting at the corner of that table? She's been staring at us for probably one hour!" I pointed at the nearby table where a blonde woman of near twenties was sitting rather roughly, drinking coffee which was unusual as it was just one hour to midnight!

Edward turned to look at her. He snapped his head towards me so fast I swallowed my cake with the speed of light.

"What the-" his mouth was open with awe. He looked at the table, his thoughts somewhere else.

"What, Edward?"

He looked at me with urgency in his eyes.

"Lily, it's Linda!" he whisper-shouted.

Who? His secretary? His ex? No, Lara was his first! His other mother? No Emi. You're crazy as shit! His stalker maybe? Yes. That's it!

"Who, again?"

"Its Linda, mom's secretary's sister!"

"You know your mother's secretary's sister? How so?"

He narrowed his eyes at me, and I giggled nervously.

"Okay. So we somehow establish the fact that you happen to know that bank-vault headed lady at the corner though I get this sudden feeling she is not sitting there just by a coincidence. Now, why do you sound somehow... afraid of it?" I finished, struggling to find correct words to point his emotion.

"Lily, my mom sent her. It's urgent-"

"Oh. So she is here to meet her date. But why isn't the man her yet? Man, these males are never gonna grow up the head-" I looked around to search for her date.


That snapped me out of my short search.

"Sit! She sent her to spy on us. I knew she was suspicious about all this marriage thing and maybe she is planning something mischievous as well. Oh man, this is-"

"So. What do we do? Do we escape now? Like really! Do you have the black uniforms to disguise us? Wait, we can always buy them anywhere!Oh yeah! I am getting so excited!"

I looked up to see him staring at me with what looked like concern and then... anger?

"Emi, this is not your stupid spy stuff! This is serious. We might get in trouble if she found out the truth about our fake wedding."

I saw the naked truth in his eyes. I nodded in approval.

"Okay. So what do we do?"

He took my hand, covering them with his own. He ran the pads of his fingers over my knuckles and I shivered with the intensity of his gaze. Nevertheless, I didn't break our contact.

"For now, how about pretending to be a real husband and wife?"


Their little game is gonna bite them back, you wait guys. Lol, thank you very much for reading.