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KARA (THE DEVIL) - 3 - (The last chapter)

(The last chapter)

In 2000's
(Present time)

Ankit was investigating that case, he was in home then the door bell sound came, so Ankit has opened the door, in door there was prakash. Hi, prakash told. Hi how I can help you, Ankit replied. Not for help, actually I came for helping you, prakash told. Sorry but I not need any help, Ankit replied. But I want to help you in case because it cannot handle by one person, prakash told. Ok you can help me, Ankit replied.

They were finding killers then the news came that the two people had died in that cave. So prakash reached in that cave. In that place there was two dead bodies was marked. Prakash called doctor for post mortem. Doctor had done post mortem. In report that two men was died by fighting, so why they were fighting? The question came in Ankit’s mind. Then in his mind some things happened. But it was like some shock. Then he went at home at home and moved at room in room there were some red eyes and red scratches after looking this he scared and switch on the lights, there was nothing he thought that it is nothing. Then he sleeps.

Then there was one man named Anil he was moving in one street. That street was empty, and then one man came who wear a monster mask and black jacket. That man had killed Anil and wrote Kara. Than that man gone to that cave, in that cave there was more than hundreds mans was there who had wear mask of monster and black jacket. Then Kara came in front of them and said that till now your target was to bring me in earth from hell, but now we have to include earth as our kingdom means I want to be an only king of this earth. So we have to do something that the people became ready to be our servant and who will not be then he will be killed. All 100 man shouted Kara, Kara and Kara.

Ankit heard the news of the jewellery shop in that shop one murder of security guard happened. He reaches that place, Prakash was there. Why you not said about this murder why? Ankit questioned. Because you can move your focus on Kara’s case, Prakash answered. Okay now say what happened, Ankit told. One man had killed him, Prakash told (by figuring the body of security guard). So we have to find the killer right, Ankit told. You not need to find this I will manage this case, Prakash replied. Okay solves it, Ankit told. Then both moved.

Ankit has no evidence, proof and eye witness for those killers. Then Ankit had opened the news channel. In the channel the news was going on that look at this, this is the dead body of one man who is died.

After looking this Ankit had directly moved to that place. The police was there in that place. Prakash was standing there. What happened? Ankit asked. There is one body died by high blood pressure because he was in anger, Prakash replied. How he became angry what is the particular reason, Ankit questioned. That I don’t know, Prakash replied. What happening this nowadays first there was the case of Kara, and now there is getting dead bodies. What is happening all this? Ankit questioned. I don’t know what this is, Prakash told. So there is not any evidence, proof and eye witness. What should do, Ankit told. Nothing just closes the case, Prakash told. And also what we can do it now, Ankit replied.

Both had done handshake and moved on. Ankit was going in car then one temple was there in his route so he decides to go in that temple. He went on that temple for worshiping god. After he was going back at his car then one monk was saying to one man that there will be the end, devil will be the king of this earth. Ankit moved.

Whole world was become the kingdom of Kara the devil. All his followers were waiting for Kara to sit in his throne. Prakash was there in that hotel where the Kara was sitting in throne. Then he came out side. Then suddenly the body of Prakash changed to one black body and his eyes changed to red and in that body there was some scratches coloured red, he gone in the place where the followers of Kara was waiting for Kara. After looking Prakash all seen Prakash and started shouting Kara, Kara and Kara. Then Prakash sit on that throne and he said that all peoples please be silent. Then he said that now I am the king of whole world for becoming the king all my followers had done lot of hard work, who wants to not join the community that man is killed by our peoples and today whole world is in our community so now I am the king of hell as well as the earth.

This means that the Prakash was the Kara, means he was only the devil.


Some theories which some readers not understand.

1. The history of Kara was the only things which peoples were talking.
2. Kara has the power to go inside the mind of all peoples so he was controlling those peoples which death was happened by anger.
3. Kara had killed Ankit.

4. Kara was controlling that body in which anger is produced in all body.
5. Kara had killed those people which rejected to join community.
6. Prakash was the demon Kara.

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great suspense

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superb suspense.