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IN 1900’S
There was one boy named Hari. He was born on middle class family. At age 10 his father and mother died in an accident, from that he was leaving alone and he started doing the work of taking peoples to another country by boat.

One day there was three mans who wants to go London. He takes that man, after he was returning back to India than there was one book which that three man had carried. Then he thought that they forgot it so he had kept that book. That book was of black magic he was reading it daily there was all information of ghost, witch, devils and etc. He was enjoying that book then one day he got an idea that he can test that black magic to dogs. On night he had taken one dog on cave then he made one star at middle he kept that dog, at opposite of that star there was one mirror. He started chanting something than the movements happen in mirror; then he clapped after his clap all candles lighted it means that the ghost was present there. Then he taken one knife and killed that dog and gave dog soul to that ghost, so ghost gave him some powers. Then he gone his home another day also he done same activity, he was becoming powerful day by day. Then he thought that by using his powers he can do the same things with peoples, on that night he possessed one man and taken that man to cave and followed the same things. Day by day peoples were missing no one knows the reason for that. He was become most power full person than he get chance to go hell, in hell he becomes head of all army, he was the right hand of the king of hell.

He also has the power to go inside the brain of persons. One day king of hell was sleeping he had ordered to army that attack the army of king and also he had killed the king of hell, and he become the king of hell. After becoming king he had only a chance to go on earth that chance was that to make a community of 100 peoples and kill 50 peoples. So he had made that community that community had killed 100 peoples so he will enter in our earth. He is very much powerful that he can kill all peoples from earth and he can bring whole hell to earth. He can move to peoples mind this was his main power. He was the worshiper of Ravana and kali, which is the most powerful devils of earth, Ravana is killed but kali is still alive, so he had kept his name Kara.

There was one man named Ajay. He was going to one shop of jewellery and he asked for looking some chain and rings, but he had no savings for that, he had asked to give off but owner said no but at first look he liked those things.

At night Ajay came at that jewellery shop, then he looked there, there was one security guard but he was sleeping. Then he went in that shop after breaking lock. Then he had stolen that ring and that chain but then only he taught that till here he came than he can keep some big hand. So he had taken more things in his bag. When he was moving, the security guard walked up and looked Ajay then he chase Ajay, he reached at Ajay and trying to call police than only Ajay had take out a knife and killed to guard. After Ajay had moved from that place then only Kara came there and started laughing.

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