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One Night Stand - 2

Wednesday morning Mary tells Alex that a young girl is asking for you. Can I send her in? Who is she? Asks Alex. She answers that yesterday her brother broke the mirror of your car and you asked him to send his sister to talk to you. Mary Sends her in while Alex remembers yesterday’s incident. After few minutes a young girl enters his room and says Excuse me sir! Alex turns his chair and she is gawking at his face, a young handsome having shade of grey and blue eyes as deep like an ocean, his smile with a dimple who is the CEO of the Bruke holding. He asks her name. Rumi Johnson, she answers. Do you remember that Yesterday your brother broke the mirror of my favourite car and I want to know who is going to pay for it?

Sir, my brother didn’t do it intentionally and I am very sorry. Tell me the amount of money that I need to pay. I know it is an expensive car so I can pay money in instalments as soon as I can. Rumi replies. Alex laughs and says Miss Johnson it is not a joke and your apology cannot fix the situation and paying the damage would take many years because the cost is five thousand dollars. Now tell me in how many years will you pay? When she hears the amount, she is startled and stares at the ceiling in silence. After few minutes she gathers words and says whether she can pay the money in instalments because it is a huge debt for her. Alex refuses and says that there is another solution if she agrees.

Look Miss Johnson I have a huge business to manage and can’t keep the record of your instalments and threatens her that he would file a complaint against her, Alex says in a harsh tone. Rumi starts crying and says that she is the only one for her family and cannot get involved in such things. Alex thinks for a minute and asks her to leave her number. Rumi leaves and gives her number to his secretary.

Fifteen days passed Rumi got busy in her studies and her work as an event planner. One day, she receives a call from Alex office and she was again standing in front of Alex. He asks her to sit and tell his secretary to send coffee. After few minutes when his secretary comes with a cup of coffee, he tells her not to disturb him for another 15 minutes. Alright, Miss Johnson, I have found a solution as you said. After a week my fiancée will come to New York for some meeting and it is obvious that she will come to meet me too. The point is that I want to get rid of the engagement business and I need you for this. Alex stops and looks at Rumi’s face who is listening carefully with a childlike innocence. Alex continues his conversation. I want ‘One Night Stand’ from you.

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