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One Night Stand - 3

Chapter- 3

‘One-night stand’ listening to these three words Rumi’s face turns red with anger and she abruptly stands and feels like throwing the cup of coffee on his face. Seeing her reaction Alex understands her anger and asks her to sit and listen him to the end. Miss Johnson, I feel that you are a person who exaggerates and becomes judgemental at once. First listen to the whole story and then react. I want you to pretend that we were together for a night. You will be there in my room but I will not even touch you. You just have to make my fiancée believe that I spent the night with you and that’s all. Alex says in a breath.

You want to use me to betray your fiancée, Rumi says in a cropped tone. No, I am telling you the solution to pay back your debt, that’s it. Alex replies. But, why me? She asks angrily. I am sure you must have plenty of girls around you and can ask anyone to do this for you but why me? She asks repeatedly. Miss Johnson, it’s true that for me it is not difficult to get any girl on my bed. But the thing is June is a cunning girl. She has connections and will understand that this is a plan set to break relationship with her and she will not spare me for this at any cost but you are an unknown to her. When she will see you in my room, she would believe that I am in a relationship with you and will break up with me and I will be free from her forever. Alex explains in a very calm way.

Your plan is good but I am not ready for it. I will pay your money in instalments. Rumi says calmly. Miss Johnson, I am not interested in this instalment business, if you want, I can even pay you some extra money only as help, don’t get me wrong it will be only a little help. Alex says while drinking his coffee. You are such a pig! Mr. Alexzander. Alright, I will arrange money to pay you back and asks for some time. Rumi says angrily. You have one-week Miss Johnson and your fifteen minutes are over. Take the bank details from my secretary and transfer the money and now leave, Alex says working on his laptop. Rumi leaves and closes the door with a thud.

After two days Rumi cries in front of her friend named Ryma. What will I do? That rich bastard thinks that his name is Alexzander that means he can conquer anything, including me. How will I pay the money? What I earn is spent on my family and even I can’t tell this to mother as she is having heart problem. Rumi, even if you tell your mother what she can do for you. If you don’t pay the money, he will inform police and your mother won’t be able to bear the shock. I think you should accept his offer. He said that it is just a matter of one night and totally a business deal. Ryma says. Ryma, its ‘One-night stand’ How can I do this? What if mother comes to know about it? These business men are very shrewd and you are not his type. Ryma laughs. I can’t do this I am leaving and will talk to my boss Mr. Joseph maybe he can help. Rumi says and leaves.

Same night her mother had a pain in heart and was taken to hospital. Rumi calls Joseph to ask for money for her mother’s treatment but he was in Alaska. Doctor asks her to pay the bills because her mother has to undergo a surgery. Listening to this her brother Jimmy starts crying, she hugs him and asks him to be calm and assures that she will handle everything. Now, she has no other choice except to call Alex. Phone rings but nobody picks up the call. She calls thrice. Alex was exercising in gym and after the shower he sees his phone, he calls back. Who is this? Asks Alex. Rumi, your secretary gave your number and I am ready for the offer that you made. What, you mean. .one night... before Alex completes Rumi says,

Yes ‘One-night Stand’ and tears rolled down in her eyes.

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