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The Mysterious Call - 3

“The Mysterious Call”

Part - 3

A car braked hard near the parking lot below the huge building. Nikhil got out of the car. He handed the car key to Watchmen and gestured to park in the parking lot. Nikhil started climbing the steps of the office.

"Yeah Nikhil, you look great today. Are you engaged now?" Payal, an office colleague, asked Nikhil as he was coming down the stairs. Nikhil stared at her for 10 seconds. He kept going without answering her. Payal wondered, "Nikhil never goes without answering like this. Why didn't Nikhil answer today, something must have happened." - The thought was running through Payal's mind. She ignored it and left.

This side Nikhil went to his cabin. Put the bag down and went to the water cooler to drink water. Filling a glass of water, he sat down in his chair and drank a sip of water. Then he put the glass aside and sat comfortably on the chair. Even though he did not have any idea in his mind, he managed to handle the files by himself.

He didn't like it either, so he knocked the files on the table and left the cabin. He went to the basement of the office and started smoking. Suddenly the basement phone rang. Suddenly the bell rang and Nikhil got a little scared. There was no one in the basement except Nikhil so he had to pick up the phone.

"Hello," he said in a panicked voice.
"Nikhil, I told you, I'm not kidding you. You have to take me seriously and play the game. Otherwise I'll make your condition so bad that you don't understand yourself." - The same stranger on the phone was very angry.
"This is a man from the office. Because this phone is intercalling." - Such thoughts started running in Nikhil's mind. But Nikhil had so much fear in his mind that he could not dare to complain to anyone.

He was terrified. Didn't understand what to do. He dropped the phone without thinking. He was sweating profusely. Frightened, he was walking towards the office, there ....
"Hey Nikhil .... what are you doing here?" Nikhil's boss Mr. Divetia met him on the way up from the basement and asked Nikhil.
"A... a... nothing sir, just came here in the basement to smoke a cigarette." Nikhil spoke in amazement and fear.
"Hey ... hey ... why are you scared? Let's go to my cabin. I have a little work for you." - The boss said. Nikhil nodded and said yes and they went to Mr. Divetia's cabin.

"So Nikhil, listen to me carefully. First of all, you quit cigarettes, alcohol and all the other bad addictions. All this has a bad effect on your brain. You don't get enough sleep and your temper also becomes irritable." The boss was explaining to him like a father.

Hearing all this was having an adverse effect on Nikhil's mind. He was nowhere to be found. Suddenly he stood up and walked away without saying a word. The boss was also surprised. He got a little angry, but he knew Nikhil's nature so he didn't say anything.

Nikhil went straight to his cabin. Took a bottle of whiskey from his fridge. I took a glass from the side and took a little whiskey from it. Pour two pieces of ice from the bowl lying on the side into the glass. Take a small sip. He put the glass on the table. And laid his hands on his head and sat quietly on his chair.

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