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The Mysterious Call - 4

“The Mysterious Call”

Part - 4

"How are you Nikhil?", A 7 feet tall man entered Nikhil's cabin. He was wearing an overcoat. He wore a hunter-like hat on his head. He had a pistol in his hand. Had a long beard and mustache. He was wearing black glasses which made it difficult to recognize his face. This guy looked so scary. Nikhil got a little scared and he pushed his chair back and said,

"Who are you? And who allowed you to entered in my cabin?"

The man laughed and said, "I don't need anyone's permission to meet you Nikhil." After saying this, he started laughing more. Nikhil immediately remembered that this was the same person who was talking on the phone.

"I told you, Nikhil, if you ignore me, you will have to suffer terrible consequences. You are bringing your death today. If you had played with me, this day would not have come." The man hurriedly loaded his pistol and spoke.

"Nikhil now you have no choice, you have to die. It is said that the last wish of the dying person should be fulfilled ..... tell me ...... do you have any last wish?"

Nikhil was terrified. He had no idea. Yet he used a little intellect. He saw a paperweight lying next to him. Suddenly he picked up the paperweight and threw it at the stranger. The man was very clever. He immediately caught the paperweight in the air with his hand.

"You don't have to use any tricks, Nikhil. My strong intellect starts from where your thinking ends. Silently say your last wish." Said the stranger.

"Forgive me, please forgive me. I am ready to do whatever you say. Please forgive me." Nikhil grabs the stranger's legs and apologizes.

"There is no point in apologizing, Nikhil. Your apology has no value. You have no chance." The stranger pointed a gun at Nikhil's forehead and said, "Good bye, you also lost the chance to fulfill your last wish." Saying this, the stranger fired a shot from a gun and killed him.

Hearing the sound of the bullet, Nikhil suddenly got up from his chair in panic, the glass of whiskey in his hand also fell down and broke.

"What was this ?? ... a dream ..... I had a dream? ... I was in a dream ..... oh my god ... I have to talk to that person now. I apologize to him, I have to play the game with him. But what kind of game would that guy want to play with me? And why would he want to play with me? " All these questions were running through Nikhil's mind.

After having such a nightmare, Nikhil decided to talk to the stranger. He thought of turning on his phone. Then he thought, "Not now, I'll go home and turn on the phone overthere."

Nikhil was very scared. He went to the boss again and took leave, reporting that he was in poor health. Immediately got down to go to the parking lot. But suddenly the thought came to mind that there would be no one in the parking lot. He afraid. So he called the security and sent him to fetch the vehicle from the parking lot.

Security bring out the car from the parking lot and Nikhil took the car and left to go home. Thoughts were running through his mind. "I must now play a game with this stranger to save my life. This is my life-and-death test. Whatever happens, I will play the game."

Thinking so much, he reached home. Parked the car in the parking lot of the building and went to the elevator. There was fear in his mind as he was about to press the elevator button. The saliva is not swallowed. He decided to go through the steps. He reached his flat. He opens the door. Turn on the light-fan and sit quietly on the sofa. Remember to turn on the phone. He pulled the phone out of his pocket, and switched it on.

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