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When We Met - EP - 37 (You Think I'm A Man)

Emily's Pov:

I stared meekly at Rose while she continued to point two guns at two men present on the room, one crawling on the corner and other still in confusion, standing at the door.

"Rose, what are-"

"Does he or does he not?!" She tilted her head to look at me, raising her eyebrows to press her question.

"Well..he does. He cares for me a lot-"

"Oh man. This is tiring!" She cracked her neck to the side, yawning a little while adjusting her guns before opening her mouth to blow the chewing gum balloon.

Edward still stayed as confused as ever, looking at me and then Rose and then again at me to ask what was happening.

I myself didn't know what the hell was happening!

"Rose, this isn't a joke-" Edward started, only to stop when Rose started to press the trigger of the gun.

"Rose, No!" I ran towards Edward abruptly, and flew my arms around him in air, shielding him from her target.

"You can't shoot him, Rose! Are you crazy!? He is our friend!"

Rose looked unaffected, still her slim fingers pressing against dangerous trigger.

"Well then, die both of you love birds!!", She pressed the trigger and I closed my eyes shut, my arms still around Edward, my fingers curling into fists.

But nothing came.

Except for water!

What!? Did she trick me! Us!

I opened my eyes to see Rose laughing to herself," Oh my God, you two! You actually believed I was going to shoot you!? Wow! Some trust you have in a friend like me!"

I glared at her beautiful face, laughing with mirth.

"Rose! That's horrible! You scared the shit out of me! You, Bitch!"

"Oh my my! Real pleasure to scare the devil!"

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Michael relax before he started to walk and bend a little to pick up his gun when Rose raised her other hand with gun, in air and shot the bulb in the corner of the room which burst with a loud sound and fell into pieces, scattering over the carpet.

I stayed still once again to see all smile wiped out from Rose's face which was now glowing with darkness of clouds.

Throwing the water gun in Edward's hands which he caught almost immediately, she pointed her gun once again at Micheal who raised his hands in air, taking fast steps away from her.

"Not you, my dear! You aren't going away alive today!" She told Micheal in a complete tone of disaster.

Michael stared in horror at the gun pointed at him and then at Rose.

"What? You thought I just play with waterguns?! No no sweety! You got it all wrong my dear. I don't point fake guns at my real enemies!"

As if to prove her point, she tilted her gun towards my bedroom window, her fingers curled around the trigger before she shot it fast, glass window broke with a 'clash' into tiny pieces.

I jumped right from my spot to hear loud sound drilling my eardrums, pressing my back on Edward who wrapped his arms around me to pull me closer, his fingers gripped my hands to squeeze them, urging me to calm down.

"Rose, let him go!" I yelled at her, to convince her.

"Rose, Emily is right, let him go!" Edward also tried to convince her.

"No. I can't! He dared to hit a girl like me! I would make sure to castrate him, emasculate him and sell his dick to the stray dogs and cats on the street!"

And I didn't doubt her a little that she wouldn't do all that!

She was always a moody person no one ever wished to cross paths with!

"He just did his duty, Rose! He thought you were a burglar so he kicked you-" Edward yelled at her, heavy with words to molify her anger.

"Do you want your dick as well, to be sold, Edward?! I don't mind having one more item to sell. After all they would give me a heavy price for a billionare's cock!"


Steam rushed out of my ears hearing her words and I saw all colour drained out from Edward's face, who could only cough in response.

"Rose, how about you leave him for now? I'm sure you must be tired! Let's eat, shall we!?I would be happy to talk to you! Tell me how was your day? When did you come back-" I asked, only to be cut down by her quick question.

"Do you keep beers with ice!?" Rose asked, looking at me, raising her eyebrows.

"Yeah! We do! A lot! Infact, we just bought a fresh pack of them yesterday, you know to cheer.. So? Will you join us then!? Huh!?"

"Well then. Okay! I'm tired as well! I might as well as get some hot shower!" She put down her gun, turning the safety on and throwing it towards me, which I caught it almost dropping it a second ago.

"Why are you giving your gun to me?!" I asked, my eyes gleaming with real love to run my fingers along the treacherous weapon.

"It's Edward's! Not mine!" She yelled bending on floor to pick one gun and putting it behind her back before bending again to pick Michael's gun and threw it towards him.

Michael caught the weapon with surprise, his eyes reflecting mild respect and mild admiration.

"You can go for now! But if you kick some girl one more time, I'll make sure to remove your bladder and make you pee in front of whole public next time you dare to do it!"

To my surprise, he just nodded, bowed a little and went outside.

"You have Edward's gun? How!?" I looked at Edward who stood as confused as me.

"Well! I came to your bedroom to surprise all of you, but then I thought I would take Edward's gun and would threaten you into thinking that I am some criminal. So I took his gun but you appeared before I could scare you away!"

"Where exactly did you find the gun, then!?" I asked bitterly, eyeing Edward to show him how much he wouldn't let me have his gun when Rose could easily found and use it.

"Why, In your shoe box, of course!"

"What? In my shoes box!? Why would someone hide it in my shoe box?!" I glared at Edward, asking him in third person.

Rose yawned and started to pick up her discarded clothes on floor. "Because it's the place where you would least expect the gun to be found!"

"You hid the gun in my stuff thinking I would never search my own things for it!?'

Edward merely scratched his head in nervousness.

"Guilty!? But it's for your own sake, lily! I didn't want you to get hurt or anything. That's why!"

"My my. Such a young love in such a tender age. God pardon me if I happen to curse such true love unconsciuosly cause I was never a believer of love, soul mates or partners. I'm going to take a shower now! Continue you two!"


Covering with lid, I placed the last food container on dining table before placing spoons and folks around the plates. Miranda helped me carry all those as she still thought I was weak with all those late night sleeps. I requested her to go sleep early as she did work all day and she could be sick anytime the way she was pushing herself considering her tender age. So I was glad for once that she complied and went to her room to rest.

Rose was still taking shower, while Michael stood beside Edward, giving him report of whole day and the recent heartrending incident. His views about Rose made me think he was visualising her as some convicted criminal or serial killer affiliated with some dangerous Mafia.

"Sir, I still think it wouldn't be very good keeping that woman in this house!"

I smiled. "But Micheal, she's my friend. A friend of your Sir as well! So I assure you she's more of a kind-hearted person in real life than some serial killer you are speculating her to be!"

"But, mam, if you could just order me once, I could find her the best apartment in the whole city! Just One order and the peace of this whole house will be conserved for eternity! Mam!"

Edward chuckled lightly before picking up a spoon to eat. "You are worrying too much Michael. She's a real sweet girl we knew back from our college days! She isn't a threat!"

"But Sir, didn't you see how casually she pointed guns at you and me!? She ended up destroying your bedroom, breaking things in just one day!! She's more of a man than any women I have ever seen in my whole life!'

I chuckled, pouring a glass of water, "Oh dear! You're worrying over nothing. Drink some water and calm yourself!"

He nodded and started to drink it when suddenly, I saw him splurt out water, coughing violently, covering his mouth while staring directly behind me, his eyes widening to see whatever it was.

I followed his gaze in confusion to see Rose standing right behind me.

In nothing but a towel.

Very short towel at that!

Her wet hairs were sticking to her cheekbone, some of them sticking beautifully on her forehead and her long legs stood perfectly in view to anyone who dared to gawk at her.

Quickly my eyes averted towards Edward who was not on his seat anymore, and I found he was nowhere to be found. My phone blinked with text and I opened it fast.

Had some urgent work to do! Will eat when we'll have less audience!
~Your Edward!

"Rose, what the hell are you doing here?" My eyes bored holes at her short fluffy towel," like this!"

"Oh me!? I was just going to take my suitcase!"

"And where is that, might I ask?!"

"Why dear, behind the bushes of course! I forgot to bring it over in hurry but now I need it urgently to cover myself in some elegant clothes!"

Thank Godd of beautiful Goddess, she wasn't planning to roam around my pious house like this!

"No. You won't go outside like this! What would my neighbours and people passing by, think of you!? No. Hell no! Michael!"

"Ye.... Yes Mam!"

He stuttered!?

"Go bring her suitcase to her. Now!"

"Yes Mam!" And he fled outside in hurry, as if his legs flew like a rocket to the moon.

Almost two minutes later, he returned with a large red suitcase, slumping it on floor, not even daring to look at Rose who was now sitting on dining table with her legs crossed and her arms across her chest, pushing her generous cleavage to his wild view.

But Michael continued to look at the floor," Here is your suitcase,... Rose...mam!"

He bowed a little to her, turning around to leave.

"So you think I am a man!?"

Michael stopped dead in his tracks, not making any effort to turn around and look at her.

"I.. di.. I'm sorry Mam!"

But Rose stood on the floor, walking towards him slowly, and placed her hand on his shoulder. Michael stiffened with alarm as Rose pressed herself against him, water dripping from her body and wetting my favourite carpet.

I was about to lecture her to do romantic movie walks next time wearing some dry clothes when to my absolute surprise, she put her arms around Michael's neck and tilted her head a little, to kiss him fully on his lips.

Michael stood still like a rock, his eyes
remained open like a fish to gape at her while she continued to kiss him, devouring the poor guy's lips without his will.

My hands flew to my mouth to stop a gasp when her hands roamed over his shoulders, torso, waist and to his
belt buckle where she put her full hand over his pants, cupping him over the cloth and pressing her palm against it, while still kissing him.

Oh my god! What the hell was she doing!?

And why the hell was I still standing there, seeing her do all that!?

After a minute, Rose broke the kiss, with slight harshness and my hands flew to my eyes to cover them after seeing a big bulge in Michael's pants.

Oh dear, he had been raped in front of me!

By my own friend!

And worst of it was that I totally enjoyed the show they gave me, for free!

"I think someone is coming! Emily, could you get the door please!" Rose shouted, before removing her arms around Michael, giving him a quick peck on lips and picking up her suitcase.

"I'm sure your all doubts about me being a man must be removed by now!" She said, pointing her index finger at his obvious erection and then looked up again at him," But if you still have more doubts left, you know where to find me!" She winked at him, walking above the stairs.

My thoughts about this whole new Rose were cut down when I heard a doorbell. Michael attempted to move only to stumble back into a kitchen counter, his legs betraying him and his head hung low in shame while I just pitied the poor guy who had such a pride for a male, but was so easily distracted by a half-naked woman.

They say right that the half-naked woman is more scary for a man than any woman armed with the scariest weapons of the world!

Shooking my head at Michael, I walked towards the door and opened it. My eyes widened a little to see who it was!



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