When We Met - EP - 38 (Old Friends Reunion) books and stories free download online pdf in English

When We Met - EP - 38 (Old Friends Reunion)

So all Jake and Mia lovers, here we go forward with their plot!

Emily's Pov:

Mia! What was she doing here! Did something bad happen!?

"Emily!",she yelled, her eyes filled with tears and her cheeks all puffed up from crying.

"Mia! Why are you crying!? Did something bad happen!? Mia-"

Mia shook her head, throwing her arms around me and started to cry hysterically, her tears not willing to stop. "I don't know ...what to do..anymore... Emily! Help me! I don't want to live anymore! I can't do all of this anymore!"

"Shh.. Mia. Never say never. Let's talk it all out! I'm here! We'll sort out everything! Don't cry!" I brought her inside and offered her a coffee. "Here. Drink it! It'll help you recover from your emotions!"

Mia hesitated a bit, before extending her arm to take the coffee and drank it all up in one shot before wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

"Good!" I patted her head, "Now tell me what happened. Slowly..word by word.!"

Mia nodded meekly before looking at me.

"I am.. getting... married!"


"What! When? Why! How! No no. First tell me this! With whom!? Whom are you going to marry, Mia!?"

"I.. am... going to marry.. James!"

My mouth opened in pure awe to stare at her. "Don't tell me this is the same motherfucker James shit who was so much obsessed with you that he dared to steal your shorts!?"

Mia nodded, tears falling from her eyes yet again. "Yes. I am marrying him. But what else can I do, Emily!? I don't get much choice in it! It's so terrible!"

"Mia! Have you fucking lost your mind? Just because Jake doesn't notice you doesn't mean you'll go and marry off some obsessive shit of a stalker and have your ass fucked off by him every minute of your married life!"

"I don't know what to do Emily! I am fed up with my unrequited love for someone whom I constantly see sucking some other women's face off each time I visit his house! It's killing me inside! It hurts a lot in here, a lot! Seeing him with someone else!" She yelled, her hand on her heart, her continued tears proving her each and every word.

"But Mia! Still... this is too much.!" I said, trying to form words, "What about Jake!? What does he think about it!? Did he agree to all this!?"

Mia glared at me, her eyes all red and puffy with her tears.

"What about him, Huh!? He doesn't care at all! Not even a bit! In fact, he isn't talking to me, acting all angry with me! I don't even know what the hell did I do wrong but he was so fucked up about all this and before I could clear out all this misunderstanding....I saw him making out with Victoria.. in front of me...and so.. I ran out from there!" Mia completed her sentence, breaking out into heavy sobs in between before finally crying her heart out.

I gritted my teeth in frustration and anger. "This boy really had some guts to....ahhh...I would just fry his dick off and sell it in Mars! I would-"

"Do you want me to kill him!? That won't be tough for me! At all!"

I turned around to see Rose standing beside sofa, a black gun twirling smartly in her fingers, while she tilted her head a little to press her question. "Do you?" she asked yet again.

"Rose! My god! When did you return!? Why didn't you tell me!? How are you!?" Mia ran towards Rose, looking at her in pure shock and love before engulfing her in a bear hug. Rose tried to struggle a bit, patting Mia's back.

"Man, I really hate human attachments so much!"Rose muttered to herself, her hands betraying her words and slowly hugging Mia back.

Mia broke the hug to look at her, blinking once "What happened to you, Rose!? You've changed a lot in years! You were the type to always initiates hugs and affections so what happened in these past years!?"

Rose averted her gaze to look at me and then stared at the window, when I saw her eyes water a little before she turned around abruptly to wipe it off fast with her hands.

When she turned around, I saw the usual bored and nonchalant expression ghosting her features. "So, Mia, why don't you continue your interesting story and I would just have my time passed in a most entertaining way as possible! Man, I really can't believe that Jake still can't see your love, Mia. I mean how much a guy can remain ignorant for years! He must wish to have his kidneys crushed by my toes!"

Rose sat on the sofa, placing her legs above the table while I just sat across her, sipping my coffee in nervousness and curiosity.

"I don't know what to do so I came here to ask for your help, Emily!"

"Help? What help! If Jake can't see your love then how can Emily help you!?" Rose asked in confusion.

"Well, Rose, Mia is marrying James-"

"You mean that person who calls himself a man after licking some woman's shorts and who dared to distribute your future wedding invitations involving him as a fucking groom!?" Rose yelled, her anger rising the temperature of the room.

Mia fiddled with her fingers in some disguised fear, "Well. If you put it all that way, then yes! But I don't want to. I swear. I don't want to marry him at all! I never liked him a bit of an inch. But he has kinda invaded my parent's mind with his fake kind behaviour by sending them gifts and flowers and he also dared to tell them that he is my soon-to-be-husband!"

Rose glared at her,"So, what did they say now?"

"They want me to marry him no matter what! They're saying I couldn't go on this weak hearted by crushing on some guy for years who doesn't even look at my way! They want me to marry and live happily ever after with James!" Mia completed her sentence with a loud sigh before sipping her second cup of coffee in sadness and loneliness.

"Should I go and shoot this James guy and we can just dump his body in your backyard until his missing report goes off the minds of police while they search desperately for him around the whole globe when in reality, his body would be busy getting eaten by famous bacterias and then we can shift his body respectfully in some cemetery!?" Rose told us, in a casual tone, her fingers gripping her gun to prove her point.

"And why do you think Rose, that what we would do to him would be the right thing to do!? I enquired cockily to her, while Rose shrugged nonchalantly.

"He called me an hour ago to meet with him tomorrow morning when I texted him saying its too early to get married! He said he wanted to talk to me! But I know he would do more! I'm scared, Rose! He would threaten me with my family like he threatened me to meet with him with my feelings for Jake! He said, he would tell Jake about my love for him if I didn't meet with him!"

"Woahhh! He's a pscycopath. Don't meet him, Mia. Just don't-!" I yelled in shock.

"On the contrary, go and sleep tightly in your bed now. Wake up in the morning to dress yourself like a better woman and meet him like he wants you to! Don't give him the reason to crush you! Make him believe you are starting to like him and would marry him willingly, like the woman he had been dreaming of his whole life!!" Rose told in a casual manner.

"But why would she do all that, Rose!? Isn't-"

"Don't worry a bit, Emily! I've got her back!"

"But how-"

Rose stood up abruptly from her seat to grab Mia's hands and pulled her up from the sofa.

"What are you-"

"Just come with me, will you!"

Rose took Mia to the front door, before opening it up and pushing her outside. She pushed her hands inside her pocket to pull out a little thing from it before placing it on Mia's hands who stood as confused as me myself.

"What's this?" Mia flipped the thing on her hands and her eyes widened,"Oh my god! Is it a knife!?"

Rose cupped Mia's cheeks, slightly pushing her up to look at her. "Look here, Mia! The situtaion you are in requires attention and prudence, not your panic and troubled heart! So take this knife and," Rose pulled her towards her car, opened the door and stuffed her in, "..and protect yourself until tomorrow. Trust us and you'll be fine! Take care!"

I ran towards the car "Wait, Mia!" Opening the car door, I put some fresh dinner I packed up for her. "Take this and eat it all. And don't you dare to go on stupid diets again! You lost so much weight! Have you seen the dark circles under your pretty eyes!? I would just crush his balls the next time I meet this James dog!"

Mia stared at me for some time before she came out of the car to hug me tightly,"I missed you so much Emily!"
I hugged her back, crushing her body with my arms. I caressed her back to calm her crying face. She broke the hug only to turn around to hug Rose tighly, "You really have changed a lot, you fool!" Rose smiled tiredly before patting her head, caressing her hair.

Hopping on the car, putting on her seatbelt, Mia started the car and went off while I waved behind her. When she was out of sight, I stopped waving and glared at Rose, "What plan do you have?!"

Rose smiled beautifully at me and whispered something in my ear while I could just nod in satisfaction at her words, slow grin forming in my lips.


Next day, I woke up early after sleeping in Rose's room with her, only to run up to the bedroom to wake up Edward who was curled up in his blanket like a mouse. Slapping across my urge to kiss him hard right then and there, I pulled up the blanket harshly letting Edward landed on his butt on the floor.

I heard him groan loudly "Oww. Lily, are you crazy-"

"Get ready in ten minutes. We have somewhere to go!"

Edward tried to open his eyes which were dropping from heavy sleep "Where?!"

I grinned widely at him, raising my hands up in air," We're going for a crazy hunt!"


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