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When We Met - EP - 39 (Mission Mia)

Emily's pov:

I was preparing breakfast when Edward came down sleepily, his hairs all ruffled up like a bird nest and he muttered something about how I dragged him away from bed so early.

"Don't mutter like a girl and stuff your ass! We have to hurry!" I slid bowl of hot vegetable soup in front of him and he nodded absent mindedly, still leaning to table sleepily and digging his spoon in table to eat, and not in the real bowl.

Sighing loudly, I grabbed the spoon from his hand and put my hands fully on his cheeks, making him look at me. He tried to open his eyes but fell on my shoulder, snuggling closer to my neck when I felt his soft lips pressing firmly over my hickey. I froze right at the spot, trying to contemplate whether to push him away or pull him closer.

"Mmm. You smell so good, Lily! I want to kiss-" his mouth opened a little to press firmly on my neck, his lips starting to move.

"Edward! It's too late! Time to wake up!" I pushed him roughly away from myself, my heart wanting to touch him again but my brain beating up my desire everytime.

He stumbled a little from my rough force, now finally awake for real. "I am up. I am up! Totally awake!" Shooking his head a little, he slurped his meal and drank his juice.

"I'll be waiting for you outside! Come fast!"

Running outside fast, I fanned my hands over my face, my cheeks flushed with our little encounter. "Woah! That was a close call!"

Ten minutes later, Edward returned all dressed up in black and I would have swooned over him right then and there but I gripped steering wheel tight to control my raging hormones.

"What the hell, lily! Why are you sitting on a driver's seat!? You aren't driving even if you shout and cry in front of me! Michael!"

Michael came running after Edward in a second. "Yes sir!"

"Drive the car! And Emily, leave that seat right now!"

I hugged the steering wheel in my hands,"No! Never! Eddie, this is a great chase and I don't want to miss the fun! Besides, I promise I won't hurt anyone or do accidents!"

"No way! I already broke my leg years ago, trying to teach you driving but since, you insisted so much I tried to teach you anyway! But a big no for all your pleads and Hey! Don't pout! That's a cheating!" He took his phone and clicked a photo of my face, waving the phone in front of me to tease while I tried to take it out of his hands.

I ended up coming out of the seat and Edward took his chance to slid in my place. "I win!" he yelled, sliding his phone in his pocket.

"Hey! What's with you and all your photoshoots!?"

"It's not my fault that you end up making all the expressions of a girl! Just Like a woman!"

We both froze at his statement. Edward never called me a girl, let alone a woman and listening to him calling me a woman, the simple word "woman" coming out of his mouth so naturally made my heart flutter in a most amazing way as possible. I blushed involuntarily while a faint blush adorned his own features. Coughing slowly, Edward started the car," Okay. Hop on. We gotta go!"

I nodded and sat on the passenger seat.

"Sir, I can drive the car! You and mam can sit comfortably and relax the day while I drive you to wherever you may like!"

"And what would happen to me, then!?",came slow intimidating voice behind us.

All our attention turned to see Rose leaning against the car,dressed up beautifully in her red crop top and black short skirt, wearing net leggings and black high heels, looking all bored and uninterested.

She turned a little to point her index finger at Michael. "You are coming with me! In my car!"

"But mam-!"

"Whether you like it or not!"

Michael immediately opened my car door and rushed inside, not even looking at Rose who was fuming with anger at him for disobeying her order. In frustration, she kicked the door and it fell open before she also sat in my car, crushing Michael's lap even though there was more than enough space for the two.

She raised her eyebrows at Michael to mock at him, and popped gum in her mouth, pulling out her phone to do something in it.

Edward started the car and we reached Mia'a house in time to see her closing her house door and hopping in her car.

"For now, just follow her car! 'Cause we don't know where she is going!" Rose told Edward, searching for something in her bag.

I was getting bored following Mia's car and I still didn't know how much far that particular cafe was where she would be meeting with that certain excuse of a male's dick.

Throwing newspaper in boredom after reading it thoroughly, I opened my phone to check my mails when my eyes fell on certain thing sprawled lazily beside my seat. Bending a little, I picked it up.

It was a lipstick. Rogue!

Immediately, I applied it on my lips, putting my phone in my hands to see how I was looking. I actually ended up smearing some of it across my upper lip, but with a little wiping, it disappeared. Tapping a selfie mode, I tried making many faces and all ended up coming as cartoon faces.

Laughing to myself, I turned around Edward. "See here, what I found!"

"What did you found? I don't see anything new!" He replied, glancing at my hands before looking back on the road, focusing on driving.

"No! Here! See! On my lips!" He sighed loudly, turning a little to look at my face and then at my lips.

Abruptly, tyres screeched and car came to a sudden halt and I saw his shoes pressed firmly over brakes of the car. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion to see him staring intently at my lips, not even blinking a once.


He continued to stare.

"Edward? Are you okay!?"

Hell, it was just a lipstick. Why was he behaving like this!?

Gently, I touched his arm and he flinched a little before coming out of his long reverie.

"What happened!?"

He shook his head, "Nothing!"

Someone coughed and suddenly I became aware that we two weren't the only ones in the car.

There were Rose and Michael as well.

"Shit! I lost her! I can't see Mia's car!"

I panicked,"What?! What should we do now!? Should I call her!?"

"No!! That way she would become too obvious to show James that we are guarding her back!" Rose yelled.

"Then what should we do! I don't trust that James shit!"

Rolling her eyes at my words, Rose pulled out red laptop from her bag and clicked something in it. "Turn around left from this corner!"

"How did you know-"

"Just do it already!"

Edward nodded and started the car but my curiousity was busy killing my cat.

"How did you know, Rose! How did you know the direction!?"

Rose shrugged. "Well. I kinda might have planted tracker on the knife I gave her yesterday. It was a back up plan but I didn't know we would end up using it so soon!"


When we reached the cafe, Rose was sleeping like a bull, tired from her late night travelling from New York. She didn't even took four hour sleep at night, too busy in emptying her suitcase in her closet.

I smiled to see her cuddling like a ball on Michael's shoulder who was trying his very best to stay calm and composed. Rose laid her one leg over his lap, practically sitting on him while Michael shifted a little to get away from her.

"Don't worry. I'll wake her up now!"

"No! Mam. It's better to let her sleep on me than have my throat encircled by her! She is kinda less...intimidating ..this way", he grabbed her legs to put them away when she put both of her bare legs over his lap and now laid comfortably on car seat. He sighed loudly, shooking his head in pity.

Removing his coat from his shoulders, he put them gently over her exposed legs, pressing it tightly around her body while lifting her head from over the car door to put her gently over the seat. Not soon after, her head once again fell on his shoulder, soft snores coming from her nose.

Just what the hell did she even eat to sleep like this!?

"We'll take leads from here! Take care of Rose for me, Michael!"

"But mam-"

"Don't worry. If anything happens, we'll call for you two!"


Black shining models of car were laid in queue in front of the cafe as Edward and I went forward to take a little stroll in the cafe.

So this donkey James is a gang man, now!?

My eyes fell on a familiar grey car, parked strangly on alley but Edward pulled me inside before I could even go and check it.

When we opened the door of cafe, big queue of people clad in black presented us a threatning stares. I spotted James who was facing Mia but I was suddenly aware of those cold look his men were throwing it us.

Unconsciously I shifted a little behind Edward who wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer and glaring hotly at those men, silently warning them not to cross paths with us otherwise consequences might not be in their interest and favour.

We took our coffee and sat beside the table of Mia who was listening to something whatever weired James was blabbering.

I pretended to talk something, slightly leaning a little to hear their conversation properly while Edward was busy monitoring angles at which his men were standing, armed with weapons.

"So you don't want to go according to my plan then!?" James said, munching loudly on some biscuit.

"Well. Look here James-"

"I am willing to look more than you want!"

My fingers curled into fists.

"I am getting married to you for a reason and I want you to respect my privacy!", Mia said, sighing to herself.

"There is no privacy between husband and wife babes!"

"Yes, I know. But if you'll give me some time then maybe-"

"Then maybe I can always tell that playboy Jake about that love letter you wrote to him on Valentines in your high school but ended up tearing it into pieces because you saw him kissing some other girl!? Right? Should I do that!?"

"No! Never! I told you to throw away that piece of paper! This is a pure blackmail! You-"

"Feisty much, are we?! I ought to blow out your nerves by banging myself against you sooner or later! That little mouth of yours would drop down to my knees to suck off my cock in pure bliss while I would take my whole time to fuck your brains off!"

I saw his legs crawling slowly over Mia's thighs and my fists started to bleed as my nails dug deeper into my palm when I felt two pair of hands cover them around mine. I saw Edward coaxing me with his eyes, urging me to calm down.

Releasing my one hand, I slipped it into my pocket, pulling out a gun.

"What!? When did you get my gun!?" Edward hissed in my ears, with mild anger.

"When you were sleeping soundly on your bed!?"

His grip on my hand tightened, trying to snatch away the gun but I wasn't willing to let it go anytime soon.

I wanted to puke right then and there seeing James eyeing Mia's body up and down and when he gripped her hands roughly, I almost lost my control and would have shot him right then and there if Edward didn't grip my hands tightly.

"Emi, Don't do crazy careless things here! All these men around here would never let you go alive after that!"

"So what should I do? Open my eyes wider to see Mia getting raped in front my eyes!?"

"You're overthinking. He wouldn't-"

Just then I heard Mia's scream echo the whole cafe as I saw James gripping Mia's arm and dragging her to the kitchen.

"Let's have a pre-wedidng night, shall we!?"

"You scumbag! Leave me alone! You-"
Mia tried to kick him which he dodged easily, now dragging her completely.

"That useless piece of shit! How dare he manhandle her! Edward! Leave my hand right now! I am born to commit a murder! Brutal murder of Theo James!"

"Just wait, Emi! You shouldn't-"

A loud clash of crockeries made me turn my head abruptly and my eyes widened in shock to see James lying on ground, a huge punch mark growing on his left cheek. A man was standing above him, heaving slightly, white cloth wrapped around his fist and his other hand gripped Mia's arm firmly, pushing her behind his back.

I moved a little to see who it was and my hands flew to my face in pure shock.

It was Jake.

Mia was crying now, tears flowing from her eyes. Without looking, Jake pulled out a white handkerchief and placed it on her hands before resuming to glare at the man lying on the ground.

James wiped blood from the corner of his lips, suddenly laughing to himself.

"So your knight in shining armour is here already!? But I don't see any armour in his hands now! This is bad cause I have more men ready here than your little Prince has brain cells in his innocent head!"

James attempted to stand up, when a sudden kick on his stomach pushed him on the floor again and when he looked up again, he was surprised to see cold metal barrel pointing at his skull.

"Now that your desired weapon is here, how about we have a little conversation?!" Jake asked James in a most slow and threatening way as possible.

Sweat of fear and shock trickled down James's throat as Jake lifted his gun to load it one by one, staring at him intently while doing it.

"So for each and every pain you gave to Mia, should I put one one bullet in your heart for it or you would prefer something more interesting like humiliating brutal beating in the middle of the street!?"

All the men pointed their guns at Jake but he didn't waver.

"Shoot any of you and I'll put all six of my bullets in his heart, right now!?"

James laughed in disguised fear.

In a blink, he was toppled once again in the floor earning himself a hard blow from Jake.

Jake put sole of his shoe over James' hands, glaring at him angrily before pressing it tightly.

"Ahhh...you dumb ahhh!"

James shrieked loudly while Jake continued to crush his hands."This is for touching her with your dirty hands!"

Kneeling on the floor, he pulled James by the collar up to his eye level, punching him hard before running his thumb beside James' lips to take a smear of his blood and showing it to him.

"Next time dare to cross her path even by accident and I will show you just how much my fists crave your bloody face!"

Standing up, he turned towards Mia while still pointing his gun at James.
Mia looked at Jake with tears in her eyes, her mouth curling in a slight pout. But Jake gripped Mia's hands and started to pull her with him.

"Jake listen-"

"Don't speak a word and just come with me!"

Mia staggered a bit, looking down to see her heels broken apart and then looked at Jake to see him staring at her.

He sighed loudly. In a blink, his hands wrapped around her waist to pull her closer before he plopped her over his shoulder, taking her with him and dumping her roughly in his car.
He removed her jacket and threw it over Mia, shutting the car door on her face.

Not soon after, he came again with his gun pointed at his men and then at James to kick him hard on his legs. James winced and groaned loudly.

"This is for treating her like a whore!"

When Jake raised his hand to punch him again, James spread his palm at
him to shield himself, his eyes reflecting fear and remorse.

"Learn a lesson and treat women with respect! They are not your bloody toys!"

With this, Jake pushed James on the floor, walking out of the cafe in silence.

I finally released the breath I was holding to look at Edward who looked calm and composed for a man who should be excited looking at something like this.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"You knew all along that Jake would come for Mia, right!? That's why you didn't let me go there!?"

Edward shrugged nonchalantly.

"Well I didn't knew from the start. I just guessed seeing Jake's car parked outside! I anticipated him to come here sooner or later! Anyway! Let's go. Mission Mia is completed successfully!"

I nodded, still in shock thinking if things really were going to be okay between them after all this time ?

Did Jake also like Mia?

Or did he just come here to rescue her as a friend !?

What would be do now!

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