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A Flying Mountain - 1

My motive to write this story is to engage young kids in reading and help them improve their imagination.

A Flying Mountain

Episode 1

Introduction of Sinhalaya

This is about two thousand years ago today. When the world we know did not exist at all. No country, no borders, no rich or poor. Humans lived happily with animals and birds. The life of human beings was very simple and satisfying, there was an abundance of natural treasures on the earth which was enough for the sustenance of every human being, animal or creature. Due to which there was no need for people to leave their village and wander around. Wherever the confluence of mountains and rivers could be seen, there was a small village.

This is the story of a small village situated in the middle of the Saputara range in present day India which people used to call "Sinhalayaya" in those days, which meant the abode of lions. The mountain range of Saputara was very beautiful, the seven high mountains seem to stand tall, tearing one sky and raising their necks to the other. In the foothills formed by the confluence of these seven mountains, Sinhalaya shines like a beautiful comet shining through the darkness of a dark night.

The morning of Sinhalaya begins with the roar of giant lions. The size of the lions can be said to be almost twice the size of the lions we see today. Sharp teeth like spears and strong claws that pierce even an elephant in a single wound. The most powerful and ferocious animal of that time was the Sinhalaya lion. In addition to this, Sinhalaya was adorned with many unbelievable and various kinds of animals and creatures. The natural beauty of Sinhalaya was so wonderful that anyone who crossed the Shivika River and entered Sinhalaya just stayed there. Tall and gigantic trees full of various juicy fruits. When the cool air came touching the trees, the whole Sinhalaya was fragrant with the aroma of the fruits. With that fragrance, when the roaring sound of the flow of water flowing in the beautiful river Shivika was mingled, it was as if a real heaven had descended across this earth.

The river Shivika, which descends from the seven hills of Saputara, is said to have been a real blessing for Sinhalaya as it not only brought drinking water, but also protected Sinhalaya from the cruel and carnivorous animals living on the other side of the river. But the reason why Shivika was revered was the mysterious mango fruit. Usually, the mango fruit is small but it is said that the river Shivika used to pluck the mango fruit from a special flying mountain for the people of Sinhalaya which was about seven to eight feet in size. The peculiarity of such a large mango fruit was that it tasted different every day and provided complete nutrition to the people of Sinhalaya. Not only that, the gutla that came out of this mysterious mango served as food for the huge lions of Sinhalaya so that those lions never harmed the inhabitants of Sinhalaya but instead protected them.

The people of Sinhalaya tried hard but failed to find out where this huge mango fruit grows. All they know is that the river Shivika brings this mysterious fruit with its flow for their daily nourishment and provides enough food for everyone in the village. The ancestors always told them that this fruit grows on a flying mountain where no one has been able to reach till today. And the dead bodies of those who have tried to find the flying mountain have been found floating in the Shivika river. There are so many things that prove that the world on the flying mountain is totally different from our world. Mango fruit is just a glimpse...


More in Episode 2

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