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A Flying Mountain - 2

My motive behind writing this story is to help young kids improve their imagination power

A Flying Mountain

Episode 2


Today was a special day for the people of Sinhalaya. It is said that every year on this day the moon descends from the sky and comes to bathe in the river Shivika. On this day the whole world is darkened at night and the Sinhalese are illuminated by the white light of the moon. The event is celebrated by the people of Sinhalaya as the Light Festival. Preparations for the lunar light festival were in full swing. The people of Sinhalaya used to collect different types of fruits and juices to enjoy the festival. Boys and girls who were fond of dancing and singing made high quality instruments. The instruments sounded so good that anyone listening to them would forget their own existence and just become engrossed in the world of music. At that time there were no clothes like now but people used to make their own clothes from their favourite bird feathers, leaves of trees and vines. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest loved to celebrate this festival. Every member of Sinhalaya celebrated this festival diligently and with great enthusiasm.

But this festival can be just as awful as it is enjoyable if the rules set by the ancestors are broken. This night the people of Sinhalaya are strictly forbidden to call the moon, to have direct contact with the moon or to touch it. Violation of this rule can lead to catastrophic consequences. And if this festival is celebrated well without breaking any rules, then every property of Sinhalayaya gets wonderful benefits. That close exposure to the moon's rays doubles the effectiveness of plants, as well as increases the power of animals, birds and everyone in Sinhalaya.

Everyone in the Sinhalaya village has some supernatural power which they are getting to know at some point in their life. Some people find out about their power early; some people find it too late. There are five such friends out of which four friends are aware of the supernatural powers that reside in them but one has not yet found his own power or maybe never will.

These five friends are very naughty and inquisitive. They are always on the lookout for something new and ever since they found out about the flying mountain, they have decided to get there at any cost. Different conspiracies are hatched every day to get there but it comes to the notice of the elders of the village so everything comes to a standstill. They get together every day and just imagine what life would be like on a flying mountain and explore new ways to get there. But today they have found something new. They have learned that the moon light festival is going on and tonight the real moon will also attend the festival.

They think that such an opportunity would be a little too often in life. So out of their curiosity and their natural instinct they plans something very nasty that could be bring horrible problems for them and for the other inhabitants of Sinhalaya. Today, when the villagers are busy celebrating the festival, we will catch the moon and tie it to the big banyan tree at the end of our village. So that the night in our village never gets dark and in the future the night life of the whole village becomes happy. All five agree on this idea and where the whole village is preparing for the festival, they start preparing to catch the moon...

But will they be able to catch the moon? And if caught, what will be the result?

Will they ever be able to reach the flying mountain? And what would the world be like there if they got there?

For the answer to each such question, see the next part

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