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Johnson enters his house there was a doll in front of him. So Johnson calls one of his friends who were the father of the church. Then the father tied that doll in a box.
After father buried that box on one cemetery
Johnson remarried to Harry. They also had a son. Whose name was Henry, he was 10 years old. One day a man who was drunk came to the place where the doll was buried. Then he listened someone calling him, so he was following that sound. Then he reached at that place where the doll was buried. Then he takes out that box in which doll was there. He looked at that doll then only one knife came from behind and crossed his stomach.

That night a blast happened in Johnson’s factory. Johnson survived. He went to his house. It was night time. He came home and done dinner and went to his room. He looked through the window of the room, there was a doll below. He realized that the doll was back. He immediately took everyone and went to church. Then he asked father to live in church for a week. Father said yes. They stayed in church where there was a place to stay. “The renovation work is going on in the house so we have to stay for a few days now,” Johnson told his family. Then all stays there. Harry fall asleep at night so she would there she saw a doll at the outside of church. Harry went outside the church. To get the doll, Johnson’s eye suddenly opened and he went outside to see Harry. There he found her dead body.

Johnson immediately calls Father Jules and said this. A long time passed but Father Morris did not come. So Johnson took Henry and gone out to find Father. He saw Father’s car on the road. Johnson was very sad to see it. Henry was walking ahead. Johnson was sitting in front of the car and crying a lot. Henry had come a long way on foot. A hand came from below and pulled Henry inside. So Henry also dead,

Johnson looked around he didn’t found Henry. After he started searching Henry by Searching, Johnson arrived at his farmhouse. He learns that Henry is dead. He sees the farm house and remembers everything before.

That night there was a tantric attached to a doll in a cave saying that the time had come to revenge the insult; Johnson insulted him when he went to his factory to beg he took his life and entered his soul inside this doll. Now he was ready to take revenge with Johnson.

Johnson spends the night at the farm house. In the morning Johnson calls Sam. Sam comes there and takes Johnson to the church but on the way the doll invisibly gets into the car and takes the gun from the car and shoots Father Sam. The car was about to overturn hen Johnson jumped up and went to church.

In church a Johnson on one side and a doll on the other, Johnson catches that cross which he had wear. That doll had catches the knife. Then only Johnson kept that cross on doll’s head. Inside of that doll there was a tantric he came out of that doll and puts that knife in Johnson. But Johnson also kept the cross on the head of that soul. Johnson was killed and the soul was also gone in hell.


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