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Revenge of the Ghost - 16

Satya was not there. Ravindra screamed his lungs out but no answer. There was no sign of struggle. He checked everywhere and asked people passing by. But no one had seen her. His world collapsed and his heart sank. He was warned multiple times by the ghost, but he did not listen and probably Satya paid the price for that. His entire mind just froze, and he could not think what to do next. He felt something warm on his face and he realised that he was crying. Tears too screaming her name but in their own language which was unknown to humans. A thought came to his mind, ‘Maybe she has gone to her home.’ With a hope, he started the jeep and raced towards her home in a very dangerous manner. His mind was overwhelmed by the thoughts and he was not thinking clearly. He was cursing himself for not believing the warnings and the power of the ghost.

As soon as he reached her home, he jumped out of his jeep and ran towards the main door. The door was open. His heart missed a beat. His stomach churned and he had a very bad feeling about this. He lost his courage for a while to look inside. But then, he pumped courage in every muscle of his body and went inside. He just froze at the entrance as Satya was sitting in the middle of the drawing room. Her face was not visible as her face was covered by her hair and she was looking downwards. Ravindra took a step inside and called her. He immediately felt cold and hot sensation like last time. And then something completely unexpected happened. Satya looked at him and screamed with a very sharp pitch that all the glasses in the windows as well as the things made up of them were shattered to pieces. Her eyes were red just like the ghost. Her face was demonic, blood was dripping through the cracks on her face. Her entire face looked decomposed as if she were dead for a long time. She was missing a chick and her black teeth were visible. It was a face one would never forget. She just jumped from the centre of the room and grasped Ravindra’s neck. Her teeth started to get bigger and it seemed that Ravindra was in the dark clutches of death.

He was unable to breathe. He was a brave man, but he could not hurt Satya. Though the appearance was of the ghost but, deep down his heart he was still positive that she was still the same Satya whom he loved the most. Her grip loosened a bit and with a ghastly voice said, ‘I warned you, but you did not listen and now she will pay the price for the same. I am powerful beyond your imagination and strength. I warned you twice, but you ignored them. I know you will not care about your life, but you would care for hers. Hence, I am going to kill her slowly and extremely painfully. She will pay the price of your sins. You love her right, but can you kiss this face?’ She brought her smelly, demonic face very close to him. The breath coming out of her mouth was disgusting. The smell was so foul that Ravindra was about to vomit his guts out.

Claws started to come out of the fingernails. The ghost pointed a finger towards Ravindra’s chick and scratched the skin. It burned like hell. Ravindra could smell the burning flesh but he kept quiet though his face was in excruciating pain. He was in agony. But he was a warrior, and his love was in tremendous danger. Adrenaline started to pump in every vain of his body and he concentrated all the energy in his body to his hands and pushed the ghost away. The ghost startled as it was not expected and hauled a few steps back. Ravindra pulled a big knife out as his gun was useless. He charged towards the ghost and suddenly Satya appeared. Ravindra stopped and the knife fall from his hand seeing her as she was in pain and asking Ravindra for help. After a few seconds, the ghost reappeared and waved a hand. Ravindra was flung towards the far side of wall and fall. It was a loud thud. Ravindra was feeling powerless as every joint in his body was jolted and shaken to the core.

Ravindra was trying very hard to stand up. After a few tries, he was able to. But then he lost consciousness, and everything turned black. Who will save Satya now? Is Ravindra dead? To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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