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Revenge of the Ghost - 15

Ravindra and Satya stayed that way for some time. Then they both got out of the houses. Ravindra dropped Satya at the library and he went to the police station to iron out a wrinkle. Upon reaching the police station, he called his constable and to bring all the pictures from all the crime scenes. He started to look very minutely at each and every photo. Almost after half an hour, he found what he was looking for. Early in the morning, when he was recreating the crime scenes sequentially, he flashed on something. There was an old man he could recall at almost 3 crime scenes. He checked and he was found in every crime scene standing alone behind the crowd. Ravindra called a constable and ask him to find out the man in the pictures.

On the other side, Satya was going through the books she could find on paranormal activities, ghosts, daemons, etc. There was a huge pile of books at her desk and she was determined to find the answer. She had a notepad with her too in which she was jotting down whatever she could find among those books. She finished two books since morning. She had brought her laptop too in case needed. After a while she got tired of reading and started to look for such events on internet. She could find many references and weird unexplained deaths around the world. One such event caught her eye. The event was about three gruesome deaths and Police could not find the killer. And all the murders were registered under the animal attacks. It was in the news and a reporter wrote a very detailed article about the attack and he was firm that the attack was supernatural. He quoted an astrologer named Pandit Ramnarayan Shashtri.

Satya’s gut feeling was telling her to contact him. She contacted the reporter and got his contact details. He was from a nearby town. She called Panditji, but she could not reach him instead his son picked up the call and said, ‘He is out of town and will be back in a couple of days.’ Meanwhile, the constable came back with a positive answer about that old man who was found in each and every crime scene. His name was Shankarbaba. Ravindra asked where I could find him. The constable said, ‘There is a deserted hut outside the village, behind the Lord Shiva temple. Ravindra quickly picked up the keys of his jeep and started towards that hut.

As soon as he started the jeep, a thought came to his mind and he called Satya. Satya picked up and said, ‘I was about to call you. I found something and we need to discuss that.’ Ravindra said ok but now listen to me, ‘I found an old guy who was present in each and every crime scene and I was going there. Would you like to come with me?’ Satya said yes and asked him to pick her from the library. The city library was in the central part of the village. After reaching there Ravindra called her and she came out. It was almost 5 pm in the evening. Because of the mountainous area, the Sun usually sets early. It was a bit dark dusk on that day. Still Satya was glowing like a fairy and Ravindra just kept on staring her irrespective of place and people. He wanted to hug her, but he could not.

Instantaneously Ravindra felt a burn in his back and he looked back and there was no one there. He could feel that his back was still warm but there was no one. He had goosebumps. Satya immediately understood the situation and she came very close to Ravindra to feel safe. Ravindra was scanning the entire area but he could not find anything. At last he could see the same two red burning eyes on a tree a bit far from the library. Ravindra got chills but he did not allow his fear to overpower his judgement. He almost dragged Satya and tried to start the jeep. To his surprise, jeep did not start. He tried again but same result. He opened the bonnet to check what was wrong. There was a dead rat stuck in the engine and under the hood the threatening message was written, ‘Do not follow me with the blood of the rat.’ A minor and very rare streak of fear just passed through Ravindra’s body. He realised that Satya was with him. He just closed the hood, and he could not believe his eyes. His heart just sank, and he screamed her name so loudly that a flock of birds on a nearby tree just flew away. His love Satya was not there.

Ravindra and Satya both found something. But before they could tell each other in detail, Satya vanished. Where did she go? To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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