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Revenge of the Ghost - 17

Ravindra felt heavy pain on his chest. He felt like someone was sitting on his chest and his ribs were being crushed and he could hear the crackling sound. He was trying to breathe, and his heart was pounding like a racehorse. Every cell in his body was trying to fight the battle of life as every passing second, the life was being drained out of him. He was near his flashpoint and he applied all the remaining force, and he clasped the neck of the attacker. Suddenly the entire room was filled by a loud sharp noise. The nurse was yelling on the top of her lungs to save her life. Her throat was being strangled by Ravindra and he was pressing so hard that her eyeballs were about to be popped out. Her eyes turned red as blood rushed to her eyes because of strangling.

On duty doctors and some nurses immediately rushed to the room and they were all trying to loosen the death grip on the nurse’s neck. Everybody was shouting Ravindra’s name and the next moment Ravindra collapsed. An experienced doctor used his senses and gave him an injection quickly to calm him down and made him sleep. After a while Ravindra woke up with a scream “Satyaaaaaaaaaa”. Everyone on that hospital floor heard that scream and rushed in the corridor to find out the origin of the scream. Ravindra’s doctors rushed in but this time he was strapped to the bed, so he was in no position to harm himself or anyone else. He was bemused and was unable to locate the place. He just kept asking the doctor, ‘Where is Satya? How is she?’ The doctor calmed him down by introducing himself and his team and told him that he was brought to the hospital by one of the constables from his police station and his entire staff was waiting outside for an update.

Ravindra heard but could not process and still was confused by the situation. He again asked, ‘Where is Satya? And why am I tied up?’ Doctor said, ‘Satya is in the other room and safe. Do not worry about her. You attacked one of the nurses, so you are tied up. Please let me check you up first.’ Ravindra just heard the word safe and the thoughts firing up all the neurons in his brain were calmed down. He came back to his senses. He asked who brought us here. Neighbours called your station and they brought both of you here. Ravindra was trying very hard to recall the incidences of last night. He could only recall when he was thrown away on the side wall by the ghost. Then everything turned black. He said, ‘I want to see Satya.’ He pulled out the needle from his arm and tried to stand up in a hurry. He blacked out for a second or two because of the concussion. Doctors supported him but they knew that he had to see Satya. So, they took him to Satya’s room.

He saw Satya. Her face was pale white as if the life force were sucked out of her. Her eyes were motionless. She did not even notice Satya or the doctors in the room. She was just staring in vain. Ravindra took her hand in his hand and called her with soft voice. She blinked but did not look at him. He called her many times and put his hand over her shoulder and tried hard. But no effect. Then he took her face in his hand and pulled her face towards him. Eyes made contact and a torrent of tears started to flow from both her eyes. She wanted to speak but words did not come out of her mouth. She panicked and hold Ravindra’s hand even more tightly. Ravindra was horrified. A storm of questions started to rummage his mind. Did the ghost take her voice? Did the ghost damage her voice? Did she lose her voice forever? He looked at the doctor to find some answers. Doctor asked everyone to wait outside the room.

Doctor started to check her and after a thorough exam could not find anything and he was bewildered too. Doctor came out and every eye penetrated the doctor with every possible question but there was no sound. Only Ravindra asked, ‘Is she alright. Could she speak?’ Doctor said, ‘there is nothing wrong with her physically, so she can. But she is under some tremendous mental duress. She is here with us, but she is not. I have never seen such a case in my life. I think we need to consult a psychiatrist.’ Ravindra could not bare that and just fell on the floor. He was taken back to his room. After a few minutes, Ravindra was conscious. Doctor was still there, and he told, ‘Ravindra you are not going anywhere now. This is my order. You need to rest. Every joint in your body felt some sort of electric shock and the only way a body can heal is rest. So, please rest. I will keep you updated about Satya’s condition. I have already pinged our on call psychiatrist and he will check her in the evening.’ A ward boy came in with some things and Satya’s phone and he put all those things on the side table. Satya’s phone rang.

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