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You are my life - episode 9

Whole apartment was celebrating the foundation day happily. The children were playing around the big spot light, as security scolded them, all of them were gone except Adhira, she was playing alone sitting in the ground exactly below the light. Security man has gone in search of Ramya to inform that, the baby is sitting alone here.

The stake in which the light was secured, buried under the ground, had come out almost already, when a naughty boy came and tried to swung on it , the stake came out as a whole, the big light lost its one side support , so it started falling by pulling out the other side stake also.

As for as Ramya is concerned , after she sent her child along with that 'make up doll' Nina, she felt a constant instinct in her heart, something is going to happen, but she ignored it. While collecting food in the stalls along with chitra, she was having the same feeling, getting more and more intensified, so she handed her half filled plate to chitra, and started searching for her baby and Nina.

She was shocked when she found Nina was laughing out loud at her peer group and the baby wasn't there, frightened she hurried towards her. On her way the security guard met her and informed her, the baby was playing alone. He showed the big spot light area in which her baby was playing happily without knowing the upcoming danger.

Startled by the news that her baby is alone, Ramya was walking towards her baby with quick steps. With full of guilty feeling occupied her mind, she cursed herself for sending her baby along with that 'inveterate liar' Nina. When she spotted her baby, she also noticed that the big light was about to fall on her.


Ramya shouted from deep down her stomach, and the whole world around her started rotating, her feet lost its strength and balance both at the same time, she fell down and went unconscious.

Just before all this happening, Vijay was simply watching the playing children, as he didn't find any interest in boy's group ongoing topic about girls, and also he just wanted to divert his mind from his new unknown feelings about Ramya. To his surprise, his little angel cutie pie entered into the children group, she was found alone without her mother. He started towards her at once he spotted her.

He watched the whole thing already happened there, the security shouting the children from a distance, he understood the problem immediately and started running towards her, almost reached her before the light started falling, with a single dive he covered her and took her into his arm, because of this sudden quick movement, he somersaulted on the ground along with the baby to the nearby area. While rolling, he precautionarly planted his elbow firmly on the ground, so as to taken care of the baby, from his whole weight falling and compressing on her. Both of them landed safely in a distance from the big light which fell down on the empty ground with a crushing noise.

The glass particles were scattered all around, luckily no one was around, except Vijay and Adhira, as Vijay was hovering the baby like a duvet, she was secured completely, only he got some minor injuries here and there. By God's grace there's no short circuit also, as the light pulled it's plug in from the main board while falling.

Everybody was shocked for a second, then they started shouting and running towards the spot. Within a minute the area filled with screaming confusion, as everyone wanted to ensure their beloved one's safety, parents searching for their babies and settled after they found them. Noises started getting down when they found no one get hurt, but it settled as murmur among them.

Some of them were scolding themselves about the people who placed this light here is responsible for this tragedy, some of them were blaming security guard not taking care of all these things, some criticized secretary and the committee for not looking after things properly.

The crowd started dispersing, and the secretary also announced after climbing the stage, "All are safe, no confusion and no worries, I apologise for the unexpected issue, you can disperse after getting your dinner, the committee will take care of the further proceedings and that will be decided in our next meeting, by the way I appreciate the young guy Vijay's effort in saving the baby", when he finished, the crowd applauded for Vijay.

Vijay was checking the baby whether she got any injuries while comforting her from the frightening she was having due to the stunt, the situation and the noises. She didn't cry but appeared a bit scared, she held her small arms tightly around his neck and doesn't move an inch away from him. He thought, 'her mother's lap could do better than mine' , so he started searching for Ramya.

Chitra and 2, 3 women were trying to wake her up by sprinkling water over her face, chitra gently tapped her cheeks, calling her name.

"Ramya.... Ramya wake up... Your baby is fine!! Adhira is fine... Vijay saved the baby.... nothing happened to her, she is fine.... she doesn't get hurt, she is all right now..." After telling so many times, Ramya showed some response, 'her daughter's name and the news that she is fine' reached inside her mind, returning her from shocked state, she tried to open her eyes, at the same time Vijay also came there bringing Adhira, on seeing her mother, Adhira jumped down from him and shifted to her mother's lap and hugged her. Ramya opened her eyes, hugged her baby back tightly, was speechless, her eyes started pouring tears.

People around them also felt sad by looking at them like this, as they know very well that only two of them present in their family, Ramya has got only her baby and the baby has only her mother.

They started consoling Ramya, an old lady said, "Don't cry girl, today God showed 'His' extraordinary power and kindness towards you, 'He' has come in the form of 'that boy Vijay' to save your baby, thank him, thank the Almighty for showing His enormous blessings"....

Ramya opened her eyes, saw Vijay standing there, at that moment, at the peak of her emotional status, she found him as though God has come down to earth to save her baby's life in the form of him, she folded and joined her hands in front of him, in her half knelt down position along with her baby, thanking him enormously through her eyes as her voice got arrested temporarily, she couldn't say anything but cried aloud....

Vijay was shocked and totally moved by her gesture, his head automatically nodded like ' it's not needed', as he become speechless. Thanksgivings are not new to him, he faced many already from the people because of his social services, but this one shook his heart, he became emotionally touched and stunned at the moment...

Some body brought water, chitra made both Ramya and the baby drank some water, they both felt better after drinking it. She led them towards their house, Ramya lifted her baby up, steadied her still shivering legs, gained All of her courage and walked towards her house surrounded by some of the women.

To be continued......

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