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You are my life - episode 10

Ramya was sitting on her bed, the baby was sleeping on her lap as she doesn't want to let her baby down. She was that much panicked of that incident.

Chitra fed her baby after they came up, she compelled her much to eat something but Ramya refused and said, she couldn't eat anything right now as still she feels shivering at her heart. Evidently, her body shudders once in a while, on and off.

Chitra was worried, she knew Ramya won't be able to sleep throughout the night, she definitely needs some food and rest. Food is for the sake of energy as well as sound sleep. Rest and sleep are the one which bring comfort to both body and mind and could stop her shuddering. So she brought a sleeping pill along with a glass full of warm milk and forced Ramya to take the pill and drink the milk.

Ramya started sleeping because of the sleeping dose, chitra switched off the lights, locked the door and left the place.


Next day morning Ramya felt much better, her shivering gone, she found fresh and hopeful after taking a cold water bath. She hugged and kissed her sleeping baby warmly, thanking the God enormously.

Then she started thinking about Vijay, if he wasn't there yesterday means, she can't even think further.... she ordered her mind to think only positive aspects. She remembered that old lady's words. Without much difficult, the thoughts of Vijay come and completely occupied her mind as though it's eagerly waiting for that to happen, along with that she started doing her routine work. She felt it's a happy morning just because of his thoughts. It's much refreshing and soothing for her. So she didn't block them today.

Although a bright sunny day, it's a Sunday, so it went slowly and leisurely. Most of them were talking about the yesterday's event. The workers cleared the crashed light, stage and other decorations set up for the function. Secretary Ragavan sir even suffered from mouth ache after answering the continuous queries from the inmates. Once again it's proved, people always goes on talk and talk about something but do nothing when it's come to action. Talking too much about a problem is more than enough, than executing it's solution, that's what they think. That's the reality.

Ramya didn't bother about all those things, her baby is fine and safe now, that brings inner peace to her mind. Yesterday when she spotted her baby in that situation, for a second she started believing her family curse truly existed, but now she felt relieved as though she was out of that curse. The reason being "him"... She wanted to thank him once again in person.

After finishing lunch, Ramya started doing her school work while her baby is in afternoon nap. Her thoughts were winding round and round about Vijay since morning, she thought it will be better to meet him directly. But how?! When and where?! She doesn't want to meet him at chitra's house. And also till now she didn't even talked with him once. She doesn't even know whether he is available today or gone out some where. She didn't go to chitra's house since morning. Suddenly a thought came to her mind, On that day, that is one Sunday afternoon, he was standing in the terrace, today is also Sunday, may be.......

When the thought came, without further thinking and delay, Ramya started to terrace....

When she approached the terrace door, as she was expecting the door was open. On seeing that, her heart felt something, some unknown feelings, she couldn't decipher what was that?! Whether it's joy, happiness, pleasure, relief or something like that. When she entered the open space hurriedly, her saree pallu got struck with the door hinge and obstructed her forward movement.

She noticed it and pulled it first but it's not coming up, so she turned her attention towards it fully, and slowly released her saree from the hinge, after completing her task, she looked up , moved forward and got struck once again as her eyes reached him, her breath caught, mouth gaped, eyes forgot to blink, got frozen completely as because he was looking at her.....straight away his eyes looking into hers........

To be continued.......

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